Cooking Classes

Sometimes, girls just wanna have fun…alone.  A girls’ night. Or afternoon. A reason to gather.  Food is a great reason.  Learning is another, even greater reason to gather.

MHK Cooking Classes by Yvonne Maffei

In the comfort of your home, I bring to you my expertise and clear explanation of how to do what you’ve always wanted to in the kitchen.  We can do classes with you and your friends, or even one on one– just you and me*.
MHK Cooking Classes by Yvonne Maffei
For example, you’re not Mexican, but love a good burrito? Can’t eat them too often at restaurants because you’re not sure if they’re halal, right?  You can learn to make them yourself!  Same goes for a good lasagna or authentic Italian spaghetti sauce. Your kids love pizza and you don’t want to feed them sauce from a jar? Learn to make pizza at home and how to involve your kids, too.

Invite me over! I’ve got a lot to share with you…

Benefits of In-Home Cooking Classes

  • You can feel comfortable, surrounded by people you know and who you want to have a fun experience with.
  • You (as a host) don’t have to travel. I come to you.
  • No mess to clean up. We clean as we work.
  • It’s a fun way to socialize with others while learning something practical, beneficial and immediately applicable to your life.

What’s Included?

  • food tasting related to the menus taught
  • class instruction and notes
  • free MHK Custom-Embroidered Apron for hostess
  • discounts for future class participation

Here’s are some examples of what we can do together, in your home:  (Have any other ideas? Let me know and insha’allah, it can be easily arranged.)

Cooking for One

Cooking for Two

Culinary Basics: Cooking 101

‘Eid & Special Occasion Desserts

Farmers’ Market Cooking (includes tour of your local market)

Finnicky Kids: Easy Halal Meals for Picky Eaters

Halal Substitutes in Cooking

How to Stock Your Halal Pantry

Homemade Pizza: Dough, Sauce and Healthy, Halal Toppings

Italian Dinner: Real Italian Sauces, Pasta and Meatballs or Lasagna

Mexican Fiesta: How to Make Guacamole, Frijoles (beans), Tacos and Burritos

Quick, Healthy and Halal: Meals for Every Night of the Week

Quick Breakfasts and Brunches

Preparing for a (stress-free) Party: Recipe Ideas and Helpful Tips

Spices 101: What You Need to Make Really Flavorful (not too hot) Food


Sounds fun & exciting, right?  Here’s What You Need to Know to Make a Reservation:

As of right now, I’m easily able to teach in the greater Chicagoland area. I can also teach in the greater Cleveland area (with a 30-day advance notice). For all other geographic locations, please feel free to contact me to work out the details. 773.392.6798

For a fully-detailed brochure that includes prices, please send an email to contact@myhalalkitchen.com and write “cooking classes” in the subject line.

Thank you for your interest!