Cheese Platters for Your Next Party

Every year that Ramadan comes around, I find myself looking for new ways to experience the Iftar (breaking of the fast meal). I want to enjoy what’s seasonal, make things look beautiful and taste fresh and delicious. That’s what I love and I know my guests will enjoy and appreciate the vibrant colors and seriously good food as a result- making everyone at the table happy!

Flowers for Cheese Platter

This year, I scoured my garden for inspiration. I planted a French style potager garden where I incorporate veggies and herbs growing with colorful flowers like roses, zinnia, lavender, marigolds, Indian strawberries and so much more. I need to take pictures of that and share here…

Rosemary for Cheese Plate

One of the ideas I had this year was to offer a cheese plate with crackers, crudités and decorate with garden goodness when I had guests for Iftar. It turned out so beautiful that I’ve even been doing this just for myself, too! What a great way to make the Iftar special, even if you’re doing it alone.

DSC_7155 (2)

The full platter I’ve been making contains a variety of cheeses. To make sure they’re halal, simply look for a halal label or look for microbial enzymes and microbial rennet or a vegetarian cheese

DSC_7166 (1)

To prepare a platter similar to what I’ve done here, pick some fresh garden herbs and edible flowers as decor. Dice each of the cheese varieties; plate the chips or crackers, add crudités (raw veggies) and serve. If serving at a later time, simply cover the entire platter in plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve. 

DSC_7162 (2)

Bismillah and Bon Appetit! 

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