How to Remove Seeds From a Pomegranate + Make Pomegranate Punch

It seems as though pomegranate juice has been all the rage for several years, although it may now be surpassed by the marketing of the benefits of the acai berry.  I hope these unique fruits aren’t forgotten any time soon because they’re absolutely delicious and so beneficial to health, as they are full antioxidants and excellent for heart health.


They can be a bit messy, though.  Believe me, I’ve been known to squirt this beautiful red juice all over myself and my white kitchen counters and cabinets. Good thing it’s a pretty color…

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What Exactly is a Persimmon?

If you’re wondering whether a persimmon is some type of tomato or if it’s even a fruit or a vegetable, let me tell you that the most I know is it’s a fruit that grows and is consumed widely in Mediterranean climates during the winter, although it’s also consumed widely in Asia, too.

nice angle of persimmon

Hachiya Persimmon Fruit 

As Mediterranean blooded as I am, I have never tried a single persimmon. 

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