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Breakfast at Kingsbury Cafe Chicago | My Halal Kitchen

restaurant Sunday morning is a great time to have breakfast out with the family, but some places actually offer wonderful breakfast menu items during the middle of the week, too.

I was recently invited for breakfast at a place I’d never heard of before, Kingsbury Street Cafe, in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.

My directions were that it’s situated right across the street from Whole Foods, so it really can’t be missed. Well, this particular Whole Foods store is so big that it has a parking garage and escalators for shoppers to arrive into the store looking down at all the wholesome glory inside the store. They even have foods from local Chicago vendors not found at other Whole Foods Markets in the city.

I spent a little time there before my breakfast.

Kingsbury Street Cafe looks small from the outside, but once you walk in to the bright and airy dining area, the whole space seems to open up. It has the aura of healthy food and even smelled of eggs and potatoes sauteeing, something I love to have at home for breakfast.

They have a lovely menu, though chit-chatting with my friend and fellow-diner prevented us from really studying the menu. We ordered what caught our eyes and what we had a taste for.

Though I have no pictures of it, I ordered  a hot Vietnamese coffee and she a cold one. Mine came with sweetened condensed milk at the bottom which I didn’t notice and when I asked the waiter for cream, he politely gestured that he’d be happy to bring me more if the one-inch mass of condensed milk wasn’t enough.

Ok, those weren’t his exact words, but how could I have missed that?

She craved something sweet, but not too sweet and I something savory. We would split them so we could both try the entrees.

I chose the build-an-omelette option in which I got mushrooms, gruyere and roasted peppers, which came with a side of gorgeous roasted potatoes and roasted tomatoes as well as beautifully-cut multigrain bread.

She ordered the lemon pancakes with creme anglaise, lemon sauce, fresh blueberries and fresh lemon zest on top.

Both were scrumptuous, light and actually went quite well together for sharing.

I hope you’ll try this cafe for breakfast, though they also serve lunch. It’s casual, but posh. Wear your Italian leather boots and pashmina…

What’s your favorite breakfast spot in your town or city?

Kingsbury Street Cafe

1523 North Kingsbury Street

Chicago, IL 60642


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  1. AoA,

    Was this place Halal, I mean was the grill ( most restaurant have a big flat grill which they use to for everything including bacon etc) used in making your food.

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