I’m incredibly humbled to be on this list curated by Ummah Wide and in the company of so many other wonderful Muslims in our ummah (community) whom I believe are incredibly creative, inspiring, smart, resilient, positive and who simply make me want to do more, do better and reach a level of ihsan (perfection) that they do. 

Ummah Wide Top 40

Among the people I do know personally or am acquainted with somehow, I want to send a very special congratulations: Noor Kids, Launch Good, Alchemiya, Zilzar, Creative Ummah, Shahed Amanullah‘s new company Affinis Labs. To all the rest, I hope to meet you soon, insha’Allah.

My Halal Kitchen- Ummah Wide Top 40 Global Innovative Muslim Startups


There are others who weren’t on this list, but are incredibly innovative, creative, and inspiring, too.  I’m sure you know who they are and I’m more than excited to see what’s in store for them next. 

Thank you so much for all your love, support, well wishes and heartfelt du’as (prayers). Please…keep them coming!

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  1. MashaAllah! Always do all good deeds for Allah's sake and remember Allah wherever you are :) May Allah the Most Merciful bless you and your family and guide you to Him always by His Mercy. Ameen. Wasalaam from the Philippines/Saudi Arabia, JustSharingIslam.blogspot.com

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