Amish Country: Holmes County, Ohio

I had an incredible time visiting my family this summer in Ohio. Among those fond memories was a visit to Holmes County, home to one of the largest populations of Amish in the world.

animals in holmes county

holmes county chicken coup

Although I had never really visited the heart of Amish Country, I feel as though I’ve known the culture, craftsmanship and food all my life.

happily coexisting

As a young girl, I plopped into the backseat of my parents’ silver Oldsmobile and looked forward to strolling around the local Saturday flea market with them. They appreciated every bit of what the Amish vendors brought of their baked goods: homemade apple turnovers, zucchini breads, oatmeal cookies, kettle corn, and more. To this day, whenever I go home for a visit, mom always has something ‘Amish’ for us to take back.

chickens and goatshy white goat

This trip was somewhat different: I was taking mom and her friend and neighbor on an unforgettable outing- a day full of finding local, seasonal and naturally organic produce while at the same time experiencing the lives of an interesting and rich culture within the culture of Ohio. We were going into their world- and a different, peaceful world it was.

amish buggy no driver

About two hours from Cleveland from flat urban roads to hilly, bucolic small town America, the drive itself was my favorite part. You just know you’re in Amish country when you see overalls hanging in the sun to dry and freshly-painted wooden signs advertising handmade wooden furniture for sale.

Upon arrival we immediately began looking for places to shop. The Amish are known for their sturdy handmade baskets, simple quilts and fantastic woodwork. They’re also known for their jams, jellies, pies, cookies and pickling every garden vegetable available in the region. Needless to say, the Amish grocery store was one of our first stops. I think we were there for well over an hour…

amish country sign

For lunch, we ate at the beautiful Chalet in the Valley restaurant, a Swiss owned and run family gathering place that actually was made to feel as though one really is in the small European nation. We were, after all, up in the hills.

swiss tower in dark sky

At the Chalet, we ate some of the best home-cooked restaurant food anyone could ask for. Great Lakes Walleye (fish), home cooked potato hash browns and silky dumplings alongside fresh summer greens were on my plate. The owner, an elderly Swiss woman with a heavy accent, came to our table to talk to us about our food and our experience. With no room for dessert, we sang our praises and thanked her for even asking.

swiss chaletGuggisberg Cheese Shop Where You Can See How Cheese is Made

Right outside the restaurant, we noticed a young girl selling baskets and an elderly man selling just a couple bottles of honey. I headed first for the baskets to talk to the young girl who told me her entire family has been making and selling baskets for generations. Amazing.

handmade amish baskets Amish Family Baskets for Sale

amish buggy

Baskets Among the Family Buggy

On to buy some honey…

I wanted to assume the honey was local, but just to be sure I had the facts, I asked anyway. Much to my dismay, the farmer told us with sad eyes that the honey this year came from Michigan because all of the bees in the area had died this year. “What? Not all?” I asked. “Yes, it’s true. Something’s going on with them and we don’t quite know what it is.”

honey seller and horse

It seemed rather poetic that a huge thunderstorm rolled in during those very moments. Dark skies overhead decided our day in Amish Country would be coming to a close. One last stop for fresh produce and we would zip right past all those buggies to get home, back to our country, which seemed now like a world away…


For more information:

All about Amish Country Ohio

Chalet in the Valley Restaurant

5060 Ohio 557
Millersburg, OH 44654-9483

Walnut Creek Cheese and Amish Grocer– check out their website for free recipes

2641 SR 39

Walnut Creek, OH 44687


Toll Free: 877.852.2888


5562 N. Market St.

Berlin, OH 44610


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  1. Great post! As a child growing up in Northwest Ohio we were always going to Amish Country. We used to rent out this small house and on Sunday morning you could hear the click clack of the horse and buggy’s going by on their way to church. Some of my favorite places are Heinis Cheese, Lehman Hardware Store, Yoder’s Farm and Der Dutchman (I love their peanut butter pie…delicious!). I have not been there in a while but I really need to get back. Seeing your pictures makes me think how much I miss it.

  2. Why things have to change so much? We used to have kitchens with full of love and comfort . I love and respect Amish people so much because of the way they preserve themselves. When I lived in PA ,
    I used to go to the farmers market , where I was able to shop from Amish farmers. As a Muslim I feel close to them some how, the way women cover the men are with the beard , so modest so pure. Thank you so much for posting. I wish I was there with you guys.

  3. I am astounded at what you managed to capture on film in the third pic from the top: it’s a zorse!!! In Amish country!!! Who would have thought…

    1. @caraboska- thanks for your comments. It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery. The camera was able to capture that but all the right elements were in place for beautiful snapshots. I’m so glad you and other readers have been able to enjoy them so much!

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