How to Build a Meaty Appetizer Plate [Sponsored]

If you’re having a small gathering for New Year’s Eve or Day, I have another tasty suggestion for entertaining with delicious and healthy foods.

Making a table or buffet full of a variety of finger foods, both sweet and savory, is not only delicious but can be so beautiful, too. We do eat with our eyes, after all…

I use the most delicious Halal and healthy deli meats by Deli Halal to form the basis of my platter. The meats are nitrite and nitrite-free, hormone free and come from humanely-raised sources. You can find the meats in stores around the U.S. (see store locator), and online on their website.

The varieties I use for my platter are the Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast, the Beef Pastrami, and the Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast, rolled up or folded because my platter was small. I’ve filled it up so all of the other ingredients are nice and cozy together.

I’ve added pistachios, fresh and creamy mini mozzarella balls, fresh rosemary, pecans, blueberries, naan crackers and tiny blueberries alongside triple cream Cambozola cheese (with microbial rennet and enzymes).

Off to the side, I offer things like olives, basil pesto, tomato pesto, dates, fig jam, and even roasted red peppers and ciabatta bread.

Guests can make their own mini sandwiches or pair crackers with cheese. By the way, cheese + dates are so delicious together, try it some day.

You can purchase the meat packets in bulk and then freeze them. I do this and pull the packet out of the freezer the night or two before I’m’ going to use them.

Have a happy New Year, everyone!

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