5 of My Favorite Things This Ramadan

It takes a lot for me to find things I really love. I’m not only picky about what comes into my home, but I’ve come to a point in my life where I only want to surround myself with things that I absolutely love. It’s quality over quantity and it helps me to simplify everything from household goods to what I stock in my pantry and fridge. Everything can get messy, overwhelming and too much to manage, especially when your work is focused on food the way mine is. I am blessed to have the option of taking a look at halal products and testing them out, but I only share what I find to be of value and benefit to my life so that it can be to yours as well, insha’allah. 

That said, I’ve had some time all month to really take a look at a few edible and non-edible things I’ve been able to try and see if they were worthy of your inbox and your time. I’ve narrowed it down to a select few that I’d have again next year and incorporate into my Eid table spread and/or decor this year, if possible. There is still time…


1. Medjool Dates and Date Rolls by Natural Delights

Natural Delights logo

I have tried so many different dates and I’m definitely swayed by the Medjool variety, but I never expected to taste such soft and delicious ones as I did with this high quality California variety. They were silky and smooth and sweet. I actually wouldn’t use them to stuff with nuts, but as-is for an Iftar starter or for use in baking. Natural Delights MEDJOOLThere’s another surprise product variety by this company- their date rolls. Wow, were they delicious. Most date rolls are dry and use really dry coconut on top, but these were so soft and chewy that even a small box would suffice for a hostess gift or small gathering because just one roll is so satisfying. The pistachio rolls are amazing, too.. all that California goodness rolled into one roll.

Natural Delights Rolls family

2. Cake & Cookie Stencils from MuslimZon.com

These stencils make cake and cookie decorating so easy!

cake stencil

The large one in the picture below is for sheet cakes, but I used a half sheet cake here and decorated it to just say “Ramadan” and sprinkle in the stars and moon.

ramadan cake

You can also get an Arabic version, too.

Cake Stencils at MuslimZon.com

They also have small stencils for cupcakes, cookies and custards. So smart and easy to store, making it something any cook can keep in the kitchen or stow away with other Ramadan decorating supplies during the rest of the year. What a great way to get kids to enjoy Ramadan baking!

3. Ramadan Mubarak Garden Flag and other Ramadan Paper Goods by Lantern Court

lantern court flag

My Ramadan Mubarak garden flag has received so much attention from guests who are familiar and unfamiliar with Ramadan. They’re curious as to what it means and how fasting is a celebratory idea- what a great conversation piece!

Ramadan Mubarak Paper Plate | Lantern Court

Lantern Court also carries these wonderful, vibrant paper goods that I’m really enjoying this year. Napkins and plates for meals and desserts- my whole table is festive and fun and I look forward to having people feel the joy of the occasion, as well. It’s making such a difference in the whole feeling of Ramadan for us.

4. FREE Printables for Ramadan and Eid by Sakina Design


Pik and Jontie over at Sakina Design are the talented duo who create and offer innovative, clean, fresh and modern looking designs for home living accents that emphasize Islamic patterns. I love what they do and how they’re always finding new ways to put globally-inspired pieces together for their customers whether it’s in the form of elegant wall fixtures or paper printables you can download yourself right here.


I just love the color schemes they choose- it inspires me to have those same fresh, modern and clean lines in my home decor. Even though I’m much more of a traditionalist in design, I’ll always find a way to incorporate their suggestions into my room designs.

5. Saffron Road‘s NEW Simmer Sauces

It never ceases to amaze me how this company innovates with such high quality standards with each and every product they come out with while at the same time, everything that comes out is so very good. Their simmer sauces aren’t new this year per se, but they have new flavors that are so unique, I can’t even believe a halal food company is going the extra mile to offer flavors like Korean Stir Fry.

Saffron Road Simmer Sauces

Can you just imagine what you can make with this sauce? If you’re strictly halal in what you eat, then you may not be eating out at Korean restaurants so much, but you could try making a Korean beef dish with this sauce any time you like. Stay tuned in the week to come, as I’ll be posting a delicious recipe I made with their Thai Red Curry Sauce– quick and easy for these last ten days of Ramadan.

Okay, so that might be a little more than five things exactly, but you get to see some of the great new products that are helpful to making Ramadan more beautiful, more efficient and a whole lot tastier!

What are some of YOUR favorite Ramadan products this year?

Disclaimer: I receive a lot of complimentary products throughout the year and try to review each and every one of them.  With the exception of the Sakina Design printables which are free to all, I did receive product from all of the other vendors, however, the opinions expressed are based on my own personal experience and preference for how they are used.


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  1. Thank you so much for the mention and kind words! I really like the other products as well. Ramadan Mubarak to everyone.

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