We’re in Glendale Heights, IL and heights we reached! Perdesi Grocers took on the second stop of the Summer Ramadan Cooking cookbook tour, with a colorful audience! From aunties to newlyweds to grandmothers, tiny tots with sticky mango juice hands in tow, the crowd gathered around a cozy corner of Turkey Taco salad, Alcohol-Free Sangria, and Strawberry & Watermelon Coolers.

the little winner of our Taaza giveaway

There was talk of freezing samosas, cereal versus curry for Suhoor, and some choice questions about asking husbands their opinions on food choice. Funny enough, though, getting opinions from the picky ones can make Iftar an easier experience.

Our sponsors always give us a good surprise, and so we enjoyed the personal company of Fariha Ali of Guidance Residential, the Islamic Housing Financial specialists.

me and Fariha Ali of Guidance Residential

Lime green and yellow swag baskets were on everyone’s wrists and raffle tickets in hand, with hopeful eyes on that Taaza2u.com certificate and Calphalon pan set.

book signing

As cookbooks were bought and signed, we had a young one leave completely outfitted in My Halal Kitchen gear! From her chef hat to her apron, we know what she’ll be doing this Ramadan.  And surely enough, mom got a cookbook to make the coming month a memorable one, and reported back that her daughter was still wearing all the apron and chef hat into the evening.


We hope all of our events are as fun and memorable for folks of all ages who come. talking with a young fanWill we be seeing you any time soon?


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