Winners Paying it Forward

Recently My Halal Kitchen posted a giveway for Door to Door Organics produce and we received wonderful responses from you, thank you for such awesome support!

As stated in the post, Door to Door Organics provides home delivery of organic goods in a few cities around the country, one of which is Chicago. For the purposes of our giveaway, the winning certificate was valid for locals of this, the Windy City.

I know how much you like to offer feedback and provide input on the topics and questions posed in each post, so in order to keep that coming, I stipulated that if the winner wasn’t in Chicago then he or she could donate the winning box of organic produce to an individual or a family in need who resides here in Chicago, where I am also based.

Congratulations to the winner of that giveaway, Gwen Rasheed! Gwendolyn doesn’t live in Chicago so she opted to donate her certificate to someone else who could definitely benefit from this box of fresh organic produce.*  Way to pay it forward, Gwen!

Alhamdullilah, I found a woman who not only could really use the produce, but also greatly appreciates it for the intrinsic value she places on her health and the health of the environment. She is juggling a lot right now and doing it all solo, so this box is a huge help to her monthly grocery bill. For privacy purposes, her name will not be published, but I will be delivering the certificate to her personally.

While I began searching for a family or individual in need, I unearthed the sad, hard truth that there is no shortage of folks in need of food, particularly fresh and healthy produce like Door to Door offers, especially in the winter.

The recurring problem I found lies in the fact that although some folks do receive the generosity of non-profit organizations who house them, most of these people do not have their own kitchens in the community centers in which they live. A box of organic produce would be something they would have to pass on to the kitchen staff in the hopes that maybe it would get utilized. I just think that if they had personal and/or communal access to fresh fruits and vegetables, it would be helpful to their overall health and productivity. Living in circumstances like these is stressful enough: looking for a job, caring for children, living among strangers and not really having much control over the food that is served in these housing facilities.

A problem like this is a great opportunity to support businesses like Door to Door Organics to provide larger quantities of their fresh and healthy products to those in need- shouldn’t everyone have access to food that nourishes? As a community, we can do this. We should do this.

Do you agree? What are you suggestions for solving the problem of getting high-quality, pesticide-free produce back to places that need it most: homeless shelters, schools, hospitals, and more?

*Gwen doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll receive a custom-embroidered My Halal Kitchen apron for her generosity!

2 thoughts on “Winners Paying it Forward

  1. Jazakallah Khair for this article Yvonne. I work with such families on daily basis (battered women and children) and can vouch for the genuine gratitude felt by them. Would love to partner with you on any such initiative. I know many struggling single muslim moms trying to make both ends meet. May Allah reward you for all that you do in this world and the next inshallah.

  2. I was so happy and surprised when I opened my PO Box and realized I had a package from My Halal Kitchen. The package included a beautiful embroidered apron and a couple of other goodies. My hubby eyeballed the apron and asked for it, but we will take turns wearing it. Thank you Yvonne. I know Whole Foods makes donations to Second Harvest food banks and homeless shelters. It would be wonderful if fresh fruits and vegetables were donated as well. Transitional housing and homeless centers could grow their own vegetables and that would be of benefit on several levels. Door to Door Organics is an awesome program. Thanks again Yvonne.

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