Win $35 of Midamar Halal Products- Perfect for an Eid Party & Beyond!

Our very last giveaway of Ramadan that takes us into thinking about Eid parties and gathering comes to us from Midamar Halal. They serve up some really tasty halal products like chicken, beef, and turkey but also some incredibly unique products within the halal market like sausages, award-winning beef strips and even halal beef pepperoni (hello, pizza time)!

Midamar is giving away a $35 coupon code to one randomly-selected winner, which can be used for anything on their site.

Here how to enter:

1. Head on over to the Midamar Halal website and browse their bulk section. Comment below to let us know which option(s) you would choose to spend your $35 on and how you would use it for a party or gathering, big or small.

2. Read through the Official MHK Giveaway guidelines, as entering indicates you have done so and agree to its terms.

Giveaway ends at 12:01 AM August 6th. Winner will be randomly selected and announced below this line right here at THIS POST. Please check back to find out who it is!

Attention Canadian residents! If you have a Canadian shipping address, you are eligible for this contest!


And the Winner Is…


You must respond to us within  24 hours to claim your giveaway. Email me here with your full name, mailing address (no P.O. boxes), and phone number.

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  1. I would definitely choose a case of the beef burgers and throw an Eid bbq!

  2. I would spend it on getting a case of Halal Chicken Breast Patties and throw a healthy BBQ Eid party with friends.

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I would choose a bunch of pizzas to throw a kids Eid pizza party.

  4. Would buy the genoa salami and make big Italian style heroes which would be impossible without great profits like this!

  5. Burgers for grilling…absolutely!

  6. I would choose “breaded chicken tenders” so that i can entertain my guests with a variety of things made from them like chicken tender wraps, chicken tender fresh salad, dipping sauce and tenders, tenders and veggie skewers…yum yum!

  7. I would get the Halal Organic beef and chicken I have been wanted to try this but have yet to. I normally choose organic and it is hard to find Organic Halal. This is the perfect marriage

  8. I would choose Breaded Chicken Tenders and Halal Chicken Breast Nuggets to throw an appetizer party!

  9. I would buy the halal chicken breasts and pepperoni to make yummy bbq chicken and a pizza party!

  10. I would choose the Halal beef sausage links and have an very nice brunch with my husband and I and a few of our beloved family members that we rarely get to spend time with because everybody is always so busy with work, school, etc! Inshallah we will win this giveaway

  11. Ameenah Muhammad

    I would use it for a large gathering.

  12. I would get the beef pepperoni slices to use for pizza. we have a birthday coming in September inshallah and we always get pizza for the kids and this way they can have more than just cheese pizza!

  13. I definitely agree, burgers and chicken for a barbecue

  14. Ameenah Muhammad

    Sorry I forgot to include the option. I would choose the Halal chicken breast nuggets we love nuggets.

  15. I would buy the seasoned Gyros!

  16. I would use the chicken tenders as appetizers for my husband’s upcoming birthday party and Eid!

  17. I would have a build-yourself-burger and gyros party for family and friends.

  18. Asa, would love to get bulk chicken for an afternoon tea and snacks inshAllah!

  19. The Halal beef Shawarma slices would be great to have for a lunch get together with my Muslimah sisters!

  20. Halal Chicken Breast Nuggets

  21. Mmmmm so many yummy things to choose from but I think I would choose the beef burgers for our annual family eid bbq!

  22. The shawarma slices would be perfect for a gathering with my friends! Who doesnt love shawarma?

  23. So many tasty items! Pepperoni or Genoa Salami.

  24. I would get the gyros/shawarma. They would make a great addition to a spicy gyros rice I make with left over rice. saute the onions with gyros with some chili garlic paste, add the rice, top with cilantro. make some cucumber yogurt to go along with….yummyy

  25. I would get the gyros, pizzas, and chicken nuggets! The nuggets would be a hit with the kids on Eid, and I could chop up the gyros to use as a topping on the pizza, or make pita sandwiches with them!

  26. I would choose the burger patties to make versatile burgers that would make everyone in our family happy for a BBQ gathering!

  27. If I were having a party, the burgers would be great for a BBQ. Or maybe the salami for finger sandwiches (and great for kids school lunches too!)

  28. I would get either the gyros or shawarma to make sandwiches, Or the breaded chicken strips/patties to make sandwiches for lunch

  29. I’d chose ground turkey and make turkey burger slider! I can’t find halal ground turkey anywhere locally.

  30. Beef burgers and chicken Tenders for a kids eid party.

  31. oooh! Pepperoni! Kids can make their own pizza’s! I can see cute pizza faces using pepperoni, sliced black olives, and green pepper slices.

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