Wilton® Scoop-It Batter Spoons Giveaway – CLOSED

When you’re making cupcakes or muffins, do you scramble for something to scoop out the batter without making a mess all over? These ‘Scoop-It’ Batter Spoons by Wilton® are made just for that, coming in three different sizes to fill jumbo, standard and mini baking cups to 2/3 full every time. 

scoop it

About the Giveaway

We’re giving away one set of Wilton® brand Scoop-It Batter Spoons to one randomly-selected winner. US residents only. 

Value: $8.99 USD

Simply enter a comment about your biggest baking dilemma to be entered. 

Giveaway ends on Sunday, March 1, 2015. Winner will be announced via the My Halal Kitchen Instagram page. Please read our Official Giveaway Guidelines for rule of entry.  

you’ve won! Please respond to our email inquiry within 48 hours to claim your giveaway.

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  1. My biggest baking dilemma is not eating it all myself!!!

  2. My biggest baking dilemma is finding time to bake!

  3. My biggest baking dilemma is finding the best tasting gluten free flour substitute.

  4. My biggest baking dilemma is not having measuring spoons! I don’t know how I have survived without them!

  5. Love baking it is great to do on weekends or special occasions

  6. My biggest baking dilemma is trying to make perfect moist muffins.

  7. My biggest baking dilemma is I am not very good in baking 🙁

  8. My biggest dilemma when baking is not having the right ingredients and wondering how to substitute with what I have on hand.

  9. My biggest baking dilemma happened overseas. I was trying to bake with a gas oven that didn’t have a temperature gauge.

  10. My biggest baking dilemma would have to be finding the right tools for the job when I need them. I’m not very organized.

  11. My biggest baking dilemma is having to clean up the mess afterwards!

  12. My biggest baking dilema is cleaning up afterwards!

  13. Omg… these would be perfect! I used a 1/3 cup measuring cup the other day to fill up the cupcake cups… but it was a bit difficult since batter dripped off the bottom of the measuring cup.

  14. My biggest dilemma is always forgetting something even if it’s baking powder loll especially when my son and niece want to help n they end up arguing or fighting for who does what

  15. My biggest baking dilemma has to be cutting the cake in order to build layers. The layers either break because I haven’t waited long enough for them to cool or they just come out uneven. 🙁

  16. My biggest baking dilemma is converting measurements of ingredients especially those untensils that I dont have and the recipe requires a specific measurement

  17. My biggest dilemma is baking with kids;(

  18. Im always in a rush. I take shortcuts that end up messing up the finished product. One example…waiting for butter to be at room temp.

  19. I need more space in my kitchen

  20. I’m not sure if my tendency to overbake or my inability to properly follow measurements is my biggest baking dilemma.
    Everything is usually edible but mediocre

  21. My biggest dilemma is not mixing well enough!

  22. Confidence is my biggest dilemma. Certain things intimidate me, like homemade breads, cakes and some of the more advanced desserts, like baklava. I’m getting better, though. I’m starting to understand how ingredients work together, and also doing more research before embarking on a new recipe. 🙂

  23. My biggest baking dilemma would be getting homemade frosting to just the right consistency.

  24. The baking dilemma is when i forgot to add leavening to my batter 😀

  25. My biggest baking dilemma is getting some for me before my family eats it all

  26. My biggest dilemma is to frost or not.

  27. Making egg-free treats for my son’s classroom!

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