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Where Will You Go Shopping For Your Next Kitchen Makeover?

It’s all over the television and online news and buzzing around in the world of social media: home improvement store, Lowe’s, has decided to pull advertising from The Learning Channel (TLC)’s new reality show, All American Muslim.

It’s miffed a lot of people, and not all of them are Muslims. My friend and very talented American-Muslim writer, Kari Ansari, published an article in The Huffington Post fittingly titled,  A New Lowe for Anti-Muslim Bigotry and was also interivewed about it on NPR’s program, Here and Now. Lowe’s received communication from a group named the Florida Family Association who called for the boycott of sponsoring this show, which resulted in the home-improvement store doing just that. This sparked a lot of rhetoric across the board- from fans of the show to Muslim activists and even celebs like Jon Stewart who made a short skit about it with comedian Aasif Mandvi. I shouldn’t fail to mention the numerous fellow Americans who stand by the rest of us to say they won’t tolerate ignorance or bigotry in any regard, and are looking for a public apology by the retailer. That’s how much attention this incident has received. The advertising spot that Lowe’s vacated is said to have possibly been bought up, but does that really remedy the situation for American Muslims (and not just the ones with a reality show)? Surely Lowe’s decision, albeit for business or other reasons, has made many of us think about where to shop during our next kitchen renovation, makeover or simply to purchase a new appliance.  How we act in our response to such events does matter and will be remembered. We may not always like being scrutinized, but it’s a great opportunity to shine and show an example of Islam through good character and positive actions that reflect our faith. I’m moving soon and will need paint and a few other supplies to spruce up my new place. Where should I go to spend on this?


  1. Mohammed Azam Hussain

    Menard’s is cheaper and better. Never shopped at Lowe’s before anyhow but definitely will not in the future.

  2. A friend of mine said that she would now shop at Home Depot.

  3. Now is a great time to support a local business! While I’m disappointed with Lowe’s decision, I can’t say that I’m surprised that a corporation would choose to act like a corporation. Had there been no outcry, or had they received widespread support, the ethical implications of what Lowe’s did would be entirely lost; in other words, it only matters to Lowe’s because it cost them. A corporation isn’t a neighbor, friend, member of the family or even a citizen, despite their marketing. They don’t act as though they are beholden to us, because they are not. Ultimately, they are responsible to their shareholders. I choose to shop at local businesses for the same important reasons that I choose to shop at farmer’s markets: relationships with real people.

  4. We bought three appliances there in the last three years, plus all of our normal home store type purchases. We won’t be returning to Lowe’s as they obviously don’t value their customers who are Muslim.

  5. I would really recommend Menards. They are so friendly in my town and they are usually cheaper than Lowe’s. It was sad what happened, but like Krystina said, a corporation will do whatever it takes to keep making money! Local business is really a great thing to support, and they are usually willing to go out of their way to help you and build relationships!

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