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Tips on Creating an Eid Party for Adults

This post comes to us from Rana Bacaloni, the creator of Eid Creations, a wholesale Islamic party supply store online. Read more about Rana and the vision of her company at the end of this post. 

I remember when we were young, Eid was such a fun event.  It was a time to gather with the family and play with all our cousins.  I loved the idea of wearing new clothes and getting gifts from the adults, which always consisted of an envelope full of money.  There was definitely instant gratification when receiving those envelopes, but now that I look back, I wish I had received wrapped gifts like those my neighbors got during their holidays.  I remember their excitement while waiting and guessing what was inside.  I wished I had that long-awaited suspense during my Eid, but in my case, I never knew what to do with the money I received.   I would give it to my mom to hold on to and I can’t recall what would happen to it after that….

As I grew older, Eid morphed into going to prayers followed by an outing to a restaurant or meeting with family friends.

I had to wait until I had children of my own to see Eid through their eyes again.  I made a big deal out of it- a very big deal- and I opted for the wrapped gifts.  I also made decorations, which I hung all over the house in lieu of those sumptuous meals that used to engulf our entire house for days.  Those days were fun and brought me some happiness.  My children are grown up now and to avoid going through Eid withdrawal, I have decided to make Eid an adult affair.

If you are in my situation, here are some tips on how to make an Eid party as special for adults as it is for kids.

Make a Guest List

First decide on the list of people you would like to have at your party.  Eid is a good time to rekindle with old friends that you do not see on regular basis, or friends like you, have grown up children.  It is also nice to invite neighbors.

Secure the Party’s Location

Since Eid will be during summer for a few years to come, it would be nice to have an outside event if you have a backyard and the weather permits.  If you think it’ll be too hot during the day, make it an evening event.

Determine the Food You’ll Serve

After you’ve squared away your guest list and the venue, your next action item is to square away the food. If you’re a good cook then this is the time to show off your culinary skills.  You can pick dishes that were passed on through your family to try to recreate those nostalgic times of your youth; if cooking just isn’t your thing, catering or semi-homemade food from bulk stores like Costco is another option.  Barbecue your meats and accompany them with a tossed salad, homemade or store-bought guacamole, salsa, etc. and voila! You now have a great meal.

Not up for heavy food?  Do hors d’oeuvres.  You can get recipes online or from books, like “The Essential Finger Food Cookbook”. The recipes are easy and not very elaborate!

Line up the Party Decor

Last but not least are party decorations, my favorite topic.  When I think of Eid, I think lanterns, lots of them filling the skyline.  Paper lanterns are easy to find in any party store.  Pick either a multi-color theme like the one below which I found online, or or stick to one strong color for that “wow” factor.

Or you can opt for the sophisticated look with a gold and silver theme.

Or a classic look with white, which never goes out of style.

Use simple solid color tablecloth from whatever you have at home or you can find cheap ones at Home Goods and Ross.

It used to be that china was the way to go if you had a formal event but nowadays it’s more than acceptable to use pretty paper plates.  If you want to make them stand out, use chargers that you can find at dollar stores.  The same is true with linen and paper napkins.  You can find beautiful designs at party stores, which can impress just as much as the cloth linen kind.

I am not much of a paper cup person but you can definitely use them or you can use plastic clear cups or even glass ones that you can find inexpensively at Ikea or dollar stores.  You can get colored glass such as the cobalt blue, red or gold to add a nice effect, especially if you are decorating with those specific colors.

Last but not least are the centerpieces.  If you are having your party outside use  fresh cut flowers from your garden, or mini herb vases either from your garden or Trader Joes, which carry inexpensive  mini plants.  You can put lanterns on the tables, too. For centerpieces I never spend more then a few dollars, as I usually use items that I have on hand at my house, but for a change will look out for them at budget stores.

Remember that food will take up space on the table, as well so there’s no need to go out all out with centerpieces.  Also, when putting flowers  on the table, try to keep them low as to not obstruct guests’ view.  A successful party is one where people are having interesting conversations and are bonding,  because at the end of the day, that’s what Eid is all about-  a time to share happy moments and make new memories with the people we love and care most about.

Now for the Giveaway… *THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*

Eid Creations is giving away one 6-Piece Lantern Kit to a randomly-selected winner, which includes the following types of lanterns:

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Here how to enter:

1. Comment below to let us know if and how you’ve held an all-adult Eid gathering and what you would do to make it as special, elegant and fun as those that include large families and children.

2. Read through the Official MHK Giveaway guidelines, as entering indicates you have done so and agree to its terms.

Giveaway ends at 12:01 AM August 4th. Winner will be randomly selected and announced below this line right here at THIS POST. Please check back to find out who it is!


And the Winner Is…


You have 24 hours to respond. Please submit your name, mailing address (no P.O. box), and phone number here.


 About Eid Creations and Founder Rana Bacaloni
Rana loves parties and enjoys seeing all the decorations during the holidays.  As a parent of three, like many other parents, she had to make my own Ramadan and Eid decorations.   When she became an event coordinator for an Islamic school, she struggled to find items in stores to use for school events and that’s when she decided to create her own line of party supplies in order to make it easier for busy parents to enjoy Islamic Holidays and celebrate with style.  Her wish is to have them easily accessible to the Muslim community, thus evolved her company motto “We Create so You Can Celebrate”.  Visit for more info.

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  1. Right now Eid is all about the kids for us but I imagine some day we will have all adult eid parties and it will be all about having an elegant venue and decor and delicious food!

  2. I’m so excited for eid this year! My husband and I decided to host an eid party for our large families and our friends. I absolutely love cooking and hosting parties so I will be making many different favorites both traditional and American. Well be having chocolate fondue with fruits! Also, I found some ideas for a waffle bar that is like a do-it-yourself waffle station that I will set up for my morning crowd and a taco bar for the evening. For the kids that are coming I will make little chocolate favors wrapped in green net with a note that says eid Mubarak!

    I was thinking about decorations too and hope to make some fun signs that say eid Mubarak and put tissue poms and lanterns around my house.

    Can’t wait! I love those lanterns I think they would look great up in my house during my party!

  3. I love a great eid party, I have not hosted one yet , but have hosted multiple Ramadan parties. I think the key to an adult party , after conquering food and decor, is the right mix of people. You have to know your friends and family and who would have a great time together. The wrong combination and you can end up in cricket land 😉

  4. Eid is all about kids in our house. We do get guests coming through out the day. We love decorating for eid.

  5. I have not held an all-adult gathering BUT I think that the key would be great food, great company, and great entertainment!

  6. I’d love to have an all-adult Eid part, but right now I have three small children – where would they go?! When the time comes and I’m able to, i think there has to be a scavenger hunt involved. Every loves the thrill of finding something and the thrill of unwrapping a gift :)

  7. I am excited with all your ideas to have a party for my daughter, I enjoy cooking and decorating for my children.
    The lanterns I think it will look really well in my home.

  8. I would love the chance to have an all adult Eid party. I haven’t yet, but inshaAllah one day when my daughter is a little older. I like the person above’s idea of a scavenger hunt. :)

  9. In the park so kids can play while adults can talk. Rent a shelter in the park and decorate it with balloons and flowers. have traditional food.

  10. Alhamdulillah, I have not. That would be wonderful. Often the adults are forgotten, because most celebration center around children. An adult dinner party would be a great way to celebrate Eid.

  11. I’ve never had an adult eid party. I used to decorate and cook for eid when my children were young. My children are grown and have their own families now but most of them live far and can’t make it every eid. I didn’t decorate at all last year and I wasn’t going to decorate year either, but when I made the announcement, my kids said they hadn’t outgrown it. They said they still like it. So, I will be decorating and cooking this year inshaallah. I will pull out the party games, CLUE, Apples to Apples, and Scrabble. I will make a fresh nasheed CD and if finances permit a punch bowl to serve a nice coconut, ginger, lime yogurt drink that most of them like. A couple bouncy balls, paddle balls, jump ropes, and jacks for the little ones and what we used to call “eid-ee bags” which are decorate lunch bags full of penny candy and party favors (slide puzzles, small mazes, glow sticks, yo-yos etc.) Inshaallah, it’ll be fun! Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Sayeed everyone!

  12. All of the suggestions in the post above were really good. I like the idea of doing it outdoors in a park, so that the kids can go and play and the adults have time to socialize. I really like the decorations that are eid centric and not just the standard generic decorations that we often end up getting. Finally I think that its a great idea to have adult activities like a photo scavenger hunt or even general activities like three-legged race that adults can get into and enjoy

  13. We have a sisters Eid yearly with our friends. It is great and a nice Halal time to socialize and celebrate without men and children!!

  14. Asa. Being a part of an Eid party was much fun. Everyone brought a dish and shared their food. Children had a room to themselves and men had a seperate area. Children were given goody bags of candy, toys, and ballons. It was agreat time to relax and sit having fun with friends.

  15. It’s all bout my son, past 2 ramadans alhamdulillah, we do ramadan crafts together, we decorate the house, burn ouds, he gets a present on eid, inshallah we’ll be celebrating eid in a grand way but within family.

  16. I have not been fortunate enough to host an Eid celebration of any kind, but it always crosses my mind that one day inshallah I will be able to host a grand Eid party with everything just decorated and kids taken care of with their gifts and games and the adults with their tea and coffee and hookah and gifts,entertainment

  17. I would serve very elegant but small-sized appetizers and desserts. I hosted an Eid party one year with a Moroccan theme but I feel there was too much food and that’s too early after Ramadan to serve such big portions. I would do something like a “cocktail hour” (but no cocktails of course!) with standing tables. We did something like that at our MSA at GW Law and it was beautiful, mature, and a lot of fun.

  18. I’ve got a very large family from my in- laws side,inshAllah i will be hosting an Eid milan( get-together) party on Eid day .For food I have planned cabbage parcles,chicken shawarmas,magic bars,biryani and for kids i have arranged cupcakes and twist around rolls.As for the decoration i will be dropping green and white balloons for kids area .i will be decorating with green and orange ribbons,those wonderful and georgeous lanterns will be the most important part of my decorations and will add up life in my party.

  19. Asalaamualikum
    Hmm… I havent thrown many eid parties but I have organized a few other events that were strictly just young adults and we had a lot of fun. We had delicious food, used glassware instead of paper products, and decorated to the max.

  20. I am not Muslim but my daughter and son-in-law are. They do not have children yet and I am sure feel a bit left our of the family activities at their mosque during the holiday. I would like to have them over for a Eid celebration and would love to win the decorations to make it more special for them. Thanks.

  21. I only wish that I had adults to spend Eid with.

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