Welcome Ramadan Party for Kids

Ramadan is a beautiful time to bond with your family and share with them the blessings of this month. Young children, in particular, are inquisitive and eager learners, and are just beginning to learn about the importance of this blessed month. So, to make Ramadan a little extra special goes a long way to help create positive associations and memories which will last for a lifetime.

As my 6 year old daughter was becoming more aware of the importance of Ramadan this year, she began to ask more questions. She was curious as to what makes it unique. She hears about other holidays during the school year and we are constantly seeing it at the stores while shopping so I thought it would be nice to create a special day for her to welcome Ramadan, acknowledge it’s significance, appreciate its connection with the Qur’an, and share the day with some of her munchkins friends.

Too young to fast right now – especially during our long summer fasts in North America – we decided to have a  little party for lunch with crafts and games involving the theme of Ramadan.  I let my daughter do all the planning and I guess with the influence from my personal love for all things handmade, she also wanted her party consisting of everything handmade!

So, we began the afternoon with some crafts…  

The girls made some Ramadan Mubarak cards for their family and friends…

Then they made a very interesting craft which my daughter learned from school called a “Triorama“. It’s basically a 3 sided “box” which you decorate to create a scene. In our case, we made a Ramadan room! The girls first coloured the freehand template I drew and photocopied for them, and then they cut out the pieces to glue to their simple triorama models. 

Taking a break from all the cutting and gluing, we all went into the kitchen to make our homemade customized pizzas! Again, my daughter’s idea, she wanted all the kids to chose their own toppings and create their very own pizzas made from my special Honey Pizza Dough Recipe

IMG_1515 (2)

Then in the oven it went! It smelled delicious already!

While the pizza baked in the oven, we had a few rounds of the good old fashioned, “Pass the Parcel”. Is it just me, or does that evoke feelings of nostalgia??

And, while they played their game, supervised by my older daughter, I went ahead and brought out the treats. To be honest, it was sugar overload, but since we don’t eat like this all the time, our special occasion seemed to be the perfect exception. 🙂 

I admit, the cake was not handmade by me but I did add my personal touch to it. It was a plain white cake when I purchase it. Then we jazzed it up with some rainbow sprinkles and an adorable handmade mini Ramadan banner. The banner was actually quite simple to make. I used 2 bamboo skewers, jute string and my favourite washi tapes. Easy peasy!

After lunch, I asked the girls to create a pretty poster on our easel for the little party – as a keepsake! They really got down to business… 

IMG_1569 (2)
IMG_1577 (2)

After a final Ramadan lantern craft (made from this template) and some storytelling, we called it a wrap!

As the girls waited for the parents to arrive for pick up, in unison they began singing, “This was the best day EVER!”

Alhamdulillah, that made my day and definitely confirmed that carrying out my munchkin creative Ramadan party planning was well worth the effort! I think she did a great job, mashallah. What do you think? 🙂


Sobia Hussain is a professional soap artisan who runs The Olive Tree Soap Company located in Toronto, Canada. She creates vegan natural soaps and skincare products with an eco-conscience. She is also a writer for various international publications. Sobia loves teaching creative Discovery Workshops designed to help children discover their inner talents and inspire creativity through explorations in art and science.

7 thoughts on “Welcome Ramadan Party for Kids

  1. Love it! I’ve been hosting weekly Kids Iftar parties for 2 years & have found it to be one if the most fulfilling parts of the month. I usually have a theme for the night such as “the Prophet (saaw) had humor?” Or “charity” to base our activities. We start with short kid friendly lesson and follow it up with a related craft or game (Muslim jeopardy was last week). Last year we made prayer beads, decopage jars for candles, painting project and laminated book marks. Then we all break fast & pray Maghrib together- kids do the adhan. Its a wonderful experience & makes Ramadan fun for them. Most iftars kids get taken to are not engaging for them. This way they feel involved.

    • Yes, agreed Amanda. It’s so important to keep children involved in this blessed month. It’s these experiences which can help strengthen their love for Ramadan so they can look forward to it year after year…and as they grow older, they understand its sacred significance and make the most of this special time we are gifted.

      Thank you for sharing all the fun things you do! It sounds wonderful, mashallah!

  2. Love it! I need some ideas for Eid Mubarak party for my boys. I’m glad I read your article on the June Costco Connection Magazine.

  3. I have a quick question for you – where do you get halal sprinkles? I’m in the US, but am happy to order something online and have a few weeks before I need it. We are making a treat for a Girl Scouts event and several of the girls at the last big event asked if our snack was halal. Luckily, it was. We are planning to make Fairy Bread for the next event. I can easily find halal bread and butter, but I am stuck on the sprinkles. The Wilton nonpareils have confectioners glaze, which I guess is usually made with alcohol. Is there a brand that you know is safe?

    Thank you!

    • I usually contact Wilton directly for their products, as they are really open and transparent about their ingredients so I would look at the variety of brands you’re interested in and contact the manufacturer directly.

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