Weekend Garden Project: Tulip Planting

Are you looking for something to do around the house and garden this weekend? Or, simply just don’t know what you can do to plan ahead? Well, planning for the spring garden is a great thing to do right now. Bulbs of all sorts can be planted right now- I chose these beautiful pink tulips to plant so that next spring, I can really begin to see my cottage garden bloom, insha’allah. 


Go out and get yourself a box of bulbs for your favorite tulip color. I got a box of 15 for just $2.99 on sale at Menard’s, which is a huge local hardware store in my area.  That’s a fabulous deal.

Now, how to plant them is another story because I have voracious squirrels everywhere in my yard. And I mean, everywhere.

They need to be planted just a few inches apart, but very deep into the soil, about 12 inches. That way, squirrels, mice, rodents and deer won’t be able to dig them out. They love tulips (and don’t love things like daffodils), so it’s very important to do. One extra measure you can take is to cover the dirt above where you’ve planted the tulips bulbs with ground up fallen leaves. If you have a dog, brush his hair and put some of that on top of the dirt, too, as most animals are so afraid of dogs that the scent will prevent them from going anywhere near your bulbs.

Water the soil all the way up until the snow starts falling and you can’t water it anymore. then, just wait for the blooms in the spring.

And don’t forget to mark the area where you planted them so you don’t plant anything else in its place.

I’m going to try and get as many bulbs in the ground as I can this weekend and next.

How about you?

And while we’re on the topic, what’s your favorite color of tulip?

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