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Video Tip: Quick Ways to Defrost Meat Safely

I’ve heard (and seen) one too many times that people find it perfectly fine to defrost meat over the counter, overnight. This is a big no-no in food safety because bacteria begins to form on meat when it reaches unsafe temperatures- basically temperatures warmer than your home refrigerator. We all lead busy lives and find ourselves with a frozen brick of meat and a hungry crowd at home- what to do? No take-out: it’s time to defrost that meat quickly yet safely and here’s how:


  1. I’m completely guilty of the counter-thawing method, but I tend to take my meat/chicken out in the morning before going to work, putting it in a bowl of cold water, I but I guess the danger of bacteria is still there! Thank you for this wonderful tip, Yvonne!

  2. I used to do the counter thawing method until one time I gave my family TERRIBLE food poisoning. We were so incredible sick that I learned my lesson to never do it again.. Imagine how bad I felt.

    Now what I do is put it a pot (still in its bag) and run hot water over it from the tap… usually within 10-15 minutes it thaws :)

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