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Updating Your Kitchen with Style: Simple & Easy Kitchen Improvements That Make a Huge Impact

In a tough world economy not everyone can afford a complete kitchen makeover, but is it necessary to make such major changes? Some kitchens can get a few small changes that’ll go a very long way. In this article by native New Yorker and Interior Designer, Saudah Saleem tells us exactly how you can make that happen.

Today’s kitchens are multi-functional spaces and have become the hub of activity in many households. It’s not only where meals are prepared and served, it’s also where weekly calendars are posted, mail and recyclables are sorted, homework is done, and where families gather to recap the events of the day. As a busy mom of four, I know how easy it is for the kitchen to become a bit of a mess with all of the activity that occurs there.

Having a messy kitchen can affect your cooking mojo and make you not want to cook at all. A kitchen that is well organized, inviting, efficient, and pleasing to your eye will inspire you to spend more time there, help you get your cooking mojo back and perhaps even motivate you to cook new and exciting dishes.

You don’t need to install expensive restaurant quality appliances to pull off a stylish and functional kitchen revamp. Here are some ideas for small changes that can make a huge difference.

Increase Space for Food Prep by Adding an Island

Incorporating an island into your kitchen’s design provides you with additional storage, a gathering place for dining as well as added works pace. There are great inexpensive options on the market today that offer both function (island on wheels) and style (from butcher block to stainless steel).

Add a Little Bling

Instead of completely replacing your cabinet hardware, spray paint the existing pulls and knobs with metallic spray paint for a fresh new look. Try chrome or nickel finish for a modern look or brushed brass to create a timeless and elegant feel.

photograph by House Beautiful photographer Matthew Hranek

Update Your Cabinets

Dramatically increase the sense of space in your kitchen by removing cabinet doors to create open shelving. For an added pop, paint the inside of the cabinets a bright, bold color before adding your dishes back in. This is a great way to incorporate colors you love that might be too intense to use elsewhere in the house.

Stencil a New Backsplash

Breathe life into your kitchen by stenciling yourself a new backsplash. Stencils are easy to use and come in an array of patterns to match any décor.

Add Under Cabinet Lighting

Adding task lighting in the kitchen brightens the typically dark spaces by putting the light right where you need it, it also highlights and brings attention to your backsplash and countertops.

Use Creative Storage and Organization to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

Help maintain your sanity by using handy drawer organizers, slide out cabinet shelves, and creative storage options. In the first picture int his post,  kitchen supplies are hung from a wall mounted rolling pin.

Use a Rug to Add Interest

You can add a layer of style, warmth, color and pattern to your cooking space simply by adding a rug. Use the rug to tie together existing colors in the room or to inject new colors into the space. Indoor/outdoor rugs are perfect for kitchens because they are super easy to clean and are designed to stand up to lots of wear and tear.
Customize Your Kitchen With Artwork

Art in the kitchen adds a cozy feel and gives the space more character. Artwork in the kitchen provides a sense of sophistication usually reserved for bedrooms, living rooms and other areas of the house where art is more commonly displayed. Showcase everything from vintage food advertisement posters, framed recipe cards, or your favorite canvases.


Saudah Saleem is an interior designer who enjoys the challenge of creating a beautiful space on a budget. Using unexpected color schemes, pairing new and vintage pieces, layering modern and traditional style,Saudah prides herself on her ability to effortlessly create beautiful spaces with any budget. 

She is passionate about interior design and has even been featured on and consulted by as an Interior Design expert.  Her work has been recognized by fellow interior designers and featured in a selection of interior design publications in the U.S.  Saudah offers full service, in home and online design consulting services. View her portfolio, design inspiration and tips at or contact her at




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