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Unique Ice Cream Flavors Hit the Spot

I know, I’ve already posted about my gelato fix more than once this month,  but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you about my favorite ice cream place close to home. We try to take all our out-of-town guests here for a treat of unique ice cream flavors made daily with fresh, all natural ingredients.

Rainforest Crunch: creamy vanilla with acai berry and peanuts

Our family and friends just can’t believe how delicous this ice cream can taste, and they continue to talk about it long after leaving Chicago. The place is Village Creamery, a small and modest shop that actually smells of fried egg rolls when you walk in (they sell those, too).

Spumoni: chocolate, strawberry & pistachio ice cream with nuts and cherries

There’s an interesting infusion of Asian and South American flavors and smells that are difficult, if not nearly impossible to find anywhere else nearby. Just try to imagine these flavors, not artificially sweet but naturally so: Avocado, Coco-Pina, Green Tea, Jackfruit, Jasmine Lychee, Key Lime Pie, Macapuno, Maiz, Mangosteen, Mexican Vanilla, Mokka, Pink Guava, Tiramisu, Ube (made fromAsian purple yam). Don’t underestimate the power of a fruit or vegetable you don’t like normally because it can be delicious in an ice cream made here- Avocado and Ube are my official examples!

They also sell sorbets (I’d love to try the blood orange flavor), cakes, shaved ice, bubble shakes and bubble cappuccinos, made bubbly by tapioca pearls.

As I mentioned before, they also sell hot foods: egg rolls, empanadas (turnovers), and noodles topped with seafood. It all smells so delicious, but you’ll have to know what you’re craving before going or the distractions will make you wondering if you should go back in just to try another variety of what they offer.

I rarely go back again and again to any restaurant since I always like to try new things, but at Village Creamery I feel like I really always do get something different. After all, it will take a long time to try every unique flavor they offer- and that’s before I even get to the egg rolls.

Village Creamery is located at 8000 Waukegan Road in Niles, IL 60714 (at the corner of Waukegan and Oakton)
847. 965.9805. There are other locations. Check out their website for more information.

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  1. MashaAllah this looks amazing.
    I really love your blog I hope you can add a search function?

    • @Sakeenah, thank you for your comment. Insha’allah I will add a search function. I did that before but it didn’t come up with the appropriate results so I have to do some digging around for a new one.

  2. Assalaamualaikum Wrt. Wb.
    A while back, while I was living in Malaysia (I still am, actually), one company came out with a “mini Swiss Roll” where the cake was banana flavored, while the cream inside was jackfruit flavored. It was heavenly tasting, and I would buy it whenever I could, but the company took it off the market shortly after. Oh, by the way, they do have that purple yam flavor here in Malaysia, along with durian flavored and corn flavored.

    Haji Suleiman Abdullah Ibn Yahya

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