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CLOSED: Turkish & Mediterranean Online Market Giveaway

When I lived closer to the city, I used to frequent Mediterranean and Middle Eastern grocery stores as a sport- it was the only type of shopping I was ever really interested in. Forget about shopping malls with glittery clothing stores, shoes and accessories; all I wanted to hunt down was a spice I’d never seen before, a good on-site shwarma sandwich and some really hot and ready homemade bread.

When I finally found a Turkish grocer, I thought I’d finally reached Istanbul- fresh sejouk, real Turkish cheeses and the softest baklava anywhere in Chicago. Sadly, that store closed after a few short years and I’ve yet to find another one like it anywhere here.

That’s why I’m completely delighted to tell you about a new online store called Hamle Mediterranean Market, a family owned business that began in the 1960’s and specializes in Turkish goods (and not just edible ones) as well as an array of other Mediterranean products, including halal candies and more. If you’re anywhere near Fountain Valley, CA you’re fortunate enough to be able to visit their brick & mortar store location where apparently you can get their freshly-made baklava– why I didn’t know about this last time I was in Orange County is enough reason to organize a trip back there around this purpose specifically. 

What I also really like about them is that they import some of their goods themselves instead of relying solely on other distributors, as well as working with local artisans to sell freshly made products like lahmacun, or that Middle Eastern-style pizza. Sounds like a foodie experience I would spend a Saturday on for sure. 

For the rest of us who aren’t anywhere nearby, Hamle Market has an online store where you can shop for all sorts of interesting products, such as those that will help you make the famous Turkish coffee or Turkish teas- perfect for entertaining. What about that hard-to-find yufka to make borek? They’ve got it. Go ahead and peruse their site- it’s easy to search. You should also search because if you enter the giveaway below, you could win a unique pair of items: a ceramic Turkish tea pot (they’re not like tea pots of any other variety) and a bag of Cay Cicegi (Turkish tea), of course. 

Here’s how to enter in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Be sure to read our giveaway guidelines to make sure you understand and comply with them, as leaving a comment indicates you have done so. 
  2. Leave a comment at the end of this post with what else you might like to take home from Hamle Mediterranean Market– visit their online store here
  3. Like the Hamle Market Facebook page OR follow them on Twitter and share this giveaway with all your friends!

Giveaway is open to those with U.S. addresses only and ends on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 12:01 am CST. 

Teşekkür ederim!

Update: This contest is now closed. Thank you for all of your comments! 

The winner is: Meredith Schilling. Please respond to our email outreach so your giveaway items can be on their way to you as soon as possible!

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  1. What a great giveaway! I would get some awesome syrups and baklava. Thank you! 🙂 (following them on twitter!)

  2. i would like to get pretty much everything from Hamle market! the teapot looks so beautiful!noone is surprised,it is Turkish,right;)

  3. I would get a set of their beautiful tea glasses and load up on sejouk! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

  4. I am a lover of sausages. I would purchase the Nema Hot Beef Sausage. I would prepare Nema Hot Beef Sausageare smothered with onions & peppers and served over basmati rice.

  5. Gunaydin!!! I love everything Turkish…probably why I married a Turk 🙂 I would purchase any of the Ulker chocolate bars (yummy), Uludag fizzy soda (daughter’s favorite), and my favorite candy in the whole world, Damla!!!!

  6. Great…I really would like to have such a beautifull tee pot and tee glasses ! honestly i dont know the hamle market,,,but hopefully soon…inchallah

  7. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Baklava is my all time fav!

  8. This is a great giveaway! I would also love some tea glasses and the black olive paste! Also any milka candy bars! Sooo good! Everything on the site looks so yummy and wonderful! I have liked on Facebook and shared it with friends. 🙂

  9. Ishrat Parveen Ema

    Such a nice tea pot!!!!!! I wish I could win that. I love baklavas..yumm and Neema hot beef sausage 🙂 .I’ve liked it on facebook and let my frineds know:D 😀

  10. I would love to get some Turkish delights and Uzum Pekmezi to go with my tea. My original tea pot broke a long while ago and it wasn’t nearly as lovely as the one you are giving away. Thank you so very much :O)

  11. What a cute teapot, and thanks for the giveway! I would love the black teapot, tea glasses and baklava. 🙂

  12. I would really love to get my hands on their teapot set

  13. As a Turkish I always wanted to get some Turkish stuff. Finally i found Hamle Market online store. I purchased so many items everything was delicious but first time i see this tea pot and i really would like to have it. 🙂 Also they have very nice products besides those. And fast and safe shipping too;)

  14. The teapots are so cute! The Komagene Etsiz Cig Kofte looks pretty good too! Looks like a great store. I have liked the page on FB and shared with friends.

  15. I have been shoping long time , they have really good staff and fast delivery. this tea pot is a great gift for my wive , i will wait until Wednesday to see the giveaway results, if it is not i will purchase it for sure . BTW i love their cheeses and olives. Thanks

  16. I would like to get some of the spices and coffee. Nice website! Thank you for sharing this with us and for the giveaway. Liked and shared! 🙂

  17. Günaydın arkadaşlar! Thank you for this generous giveaway! I would love to get the teapot so that I can use the Turkish glasses that I received as a gift. I would also love to try some Turkish olives and baklava!! 🙂

  18. Maryam Iqbal Sami

    Asa, inshA would love their teapot and desserts!

  19. My husband is from Kosovo where they use those teapots. We would love to have one. I would love the teapot, the tea and the tea glasses.

  20. It only took one trip to Turkey to completely change course and decide to study the country, language and culture in grad school. Unfortunately I’ve had to leave school, and haven’t made it back to Turkey, but I have fond memories of çay, rose-flavored turkish delight, and especially that Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Effendi Turkish coffee….mmmmm! Teşekkürler for the giveaway!

  21. Different kinds of cheese plzzz

  22. Am SO glad I clicked through to their website! Now I see that they have my all time favorite Turkish Delights! Am wondering who sources them. Typically I get those through Liberty Orchards in Washington state, which was started by an Armenian family.

  23. I like kashkaval cheese and pistachio baklava.

  24. I really liked the tea pots.

  25. I am so happy to find out about hamle online store. I am far away from the turkish market, I checked out the online store, they have everything i use on daily basis. I love the fact that for over $100 shipping is free:) i am almost out of lentils!

  26. I’d love to try any of their sausages but this one in particular appeals to me:
    Nema Hot Sausage/ Halal Soudjuk / Sucuk 285 gr. 10 oz.

  27. Everything on their website looks wonderful! I love the fact that they have some products for diabetics because diabetes runs in my family. My family also drinks tea at least 2x a day, so would love to get my hands on one of their teapots.

  28. Salaam! I LOVE Cheese! So I would Love to try out their different variety of cheeses!

  29. I’m in love with this teapot. After checking their website out, another item that I really like is the Beko Turkish Coffee Maker, as well as the Pasabahce Imperial tea glasses. Thank you!

  30. salaam!! l love cookies and turkish delight this market:)) it s sell awsome product.. love it!!!

  31. Thank you for information, it seems helpfull. After i read , i visited web-site and it seems really great. I love these products. I recommend you to visit this web site:)

  32. I would buy some Ulker chocolate wafers. My husband loves them!

  33. Tea is pretty much part of my daily routine… I love everything about tea and their amazing health benefits, and have always wanted a decorative and fancy tea pot that would take my tea experiences to the next level 🙂 I would love to try some of the green olives stuffed with peppers, I love olives and all I can find here are the ones in jars at the grocery store. Following Hamle on Facebook! May Allah bless you for all you do!

  34. Oh where to start? Maybe some great syrups and coffees.

  35. This tea pot is so adorable!!! Perfect for a valentines evening 😉 I would love the Beko Turkish coffee maker. Sağ olun

  36. We love tea! The Arzu Celik Globe Medium Teapot Set is lovely!

  37. I would try their pistachio bakhlava.

  38. I only ever had opportunity to try baklava but I would live to try other Turkish dishes.I love to make Pakistani foods and love all the different spices.I also love to make tea with cardamon seeds milk and sugar very yummy with a sweet dish.would love a Turkish recipe book.

  39. Assalamu alaikum! I checked out the website and the items are exquisite and I could see why it caught Yvonne’s attention. I would love to take home those beautiful Hurrem Sugar spoons with stones (oh how lovely, like rubies and emeralds and sapphires!) as well as a Beko Turkish coffee maker since we make TONS of coffee here at home, and this would be such a great help for an at-home Chef in the making! I will be liking their FB page as well, I am thrilled with their products!!

  40. We love turkish tea, coffee and borek. I’ve been wondering where to get it all! Thanks!

  41. I would love teas, coffee and desserts!

  42. I am visiting and shoping from them for years, i already purchesd tea pot set which was great, i have using more years but i would like to get one more 🙂 it is perfect gif for valebties day 🙂
    thanks hamle
    thanks yvonne

  43. Asalamualaikum, i would love to get my hands on this teapot! I would also like to purchase chocolates and spices from their website. Great giveaway!

  44. I’d love to pick up a bag of Turkish coffee with cardamom for my husband! He’s obsessed with it and we haven’t been able to find it anywhere other than a local Persian restaurant.

  45. Great Giveaway…i would like to exprierience the turkish coffee

  46. When I was in Turkey, I foolishly decided not to but one of the beautiful and functional white-gold-and-enameled teapots, and I’ve regretted it ever since. 🙁 But you have one!

    I’d also like a set of saucers. I was gifted a set of cups when I got married, but how can you have tea with no saucers? 🙂

    I’m so excited to be able to share this site with my American friends, and all the Turkish expats that live near me!

  47. Meridith Schilling

    Assalaamu alaikum! what a great giveaway. This is an amazing store and what caught my eye that i would love to get is the hurrem sugar spoons (amazing) and the Turkish coffees. Me and my family really enjoy coffee.

  48. I love the tea pot!! I often crave turkish coffee and baklava!

  49. ohhh so many things i would like to purchase. Spices, tea and milka chocolate 🙂

  50. Love this post and this blog/site in general!! Would love this tea pot I make tea a million times a day around our house!! Also from the market my list is endless. Sujuk – tea cups – Tarhana soup is a big one- me and my girls love love love it! I would make the store owners billionaires if I bought everything I wanted hehe 🙂

  51. Thanks for the nice giveaway. I would love to buy baklava and cheesees from there web site. Thanks

  52. Its good for shopping easily and its also helpfully b’coz here are everything we want and buy so always buys here.thank you.

  53. Oh, what a fun online shop! I’ve bookmarked it and noted a few things I *will* be buying! I’ll have to save for it, but I plan to buy the Turkish coffee maker for sure. Also, the traditional floss halva. We used to live around the corner from a market own by some people from Turkey. When they first opened they carried many Turkish goods. Unfortunately, over time, they began to carry more mainstream American foods and fewer Turkish items as that is what the local market demanded.

    I also liked their FB page.

  54. I would like some Turkish Tea!!! ☕️

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