Toas-Tite Product Giveaway for Your #ToastiteRamadanRecipes: CLOSED

Disclosure: I received free samples of a Toas-Tite for the purpose of my post and I received compensation by them in exchange for my time. All opinions express in this post are my own. 

They’re back! We know so many of you loved the idea of using a Toas-Tite to create fun, quick, and savory pies. and many of you already have fun memories of them since they are a vintage-style product revived by the Toas-Tie company So many of you are interested in using them but just don’t have them at home, so they’re giving away 7 more  Toas-Tites so that you can enjoy them, too. They’re great tools for camping and outdoor fun, but also really neat to make your own Iftar and Suhoor meals, too. 

Here are some of the recipes I’ve been making- they really are so quick and easy. First, I’ll give you some top tips to make healthy, halal and perfectly-fitting recipes in the Toas-Tite:

1. You can use regular bread in the Toas-Tite, although you’ll have to cut off the edges. Not really a problem, per-se, because it’s still edible, but there are some bread products that fit perfectly into the Toas-Tite. You’ll need two pieces, of course, to make each one. The brands I use are the following:

  • Trader Joe’s Organic Cinnamon Raisin Bread
  • Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Slims Sandwich Bread
  • Trader Joe’s 100% Whole Wheat Everything Bagel Slims

2. Be sure to oil each side of the Toas-Tite once it’s opened. If you don’t do this, the bread sticks, you can’t take the pie out of the product and it will basically fall apart with you trying. Use butter, oil or oil spray.

3. Don’t overdo the toppings when you create your Toas-Tite- that only makes it harder to close, longer to cook and also the inside ingredients might not warm up properly by the time the outside is well-browned, or toasted.

4. If you don’t like to put the Toas-Tite over an open flame or don’t have a gas stove, you can use a comal, or hot plate (usually found at Mexican stores) to place the Toas-Tite on top of while cooking. It’s also great to catch any spills or oozing, especially when you’re making a pie with cheese or jam. 

Below was the beginning of my own Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie in the Toas-Tite. I used the Organic Cinnamon Bread from Trader Joe’s. Just about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and jelly each on each piece of bread. Close the Toas-Tite then cook over low-medium flame for 1-2 minutes, flip the Toas-Tite again and cook over flame again for 1-2 minutes. This can be done on a gas stove or outdoor campfire. How cool is that?

I also made a quick grilled cheese in the Toas-Tite, using the thin bagel bread from Trader Joe’s. Just use lettuce to cover the holes and there’s no issue with the cheese oozing out.

About the Giveaway

Toas-Tite is giving away 7 of their products to randomly-selected winners. Contest is for US-based participants only. Just leave a comment to let us know what you’d try making with the Toas-Tite for Suhoor or Iftar and take a pic of the recipe you make if you win!

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9 thoughts on “Toas-Tite Product Giveaway for Your #ToastiteRamadanRecipes: CLOSED

  1. I really want one of these! I love Italian food so would try to make a chicken parmesan bagel with this. Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and shredded cooked chicken.. wish I had one right now!

  2. I would make a toasted cheese sandwich, simple, using home baked gluten free sourdough whole grain bread, and Comte cheese! This sounds plain but it is wonderful. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I would love to make quesedillas with the Toas-tite! It looks to be the perfect size to hold a tortilla. I’d add chicken, chiles, onions, and lots of cheese! It would be great for an iftar, and I’m sure I’d play around and come up with some ingredients to make a suhoor version as well!

  4. I would love to make s’mores using the Toas-Tite. First I’d butter two slices of cinnamon bread. Then add pieces of chocolate chips or nutella and marshmallows, cover with second slice of bread, grill, remove the excess bread. BismilAllah !!

  5. I d love to make me some healthy yummy sandwiches. Using tortilla or bread fill it with chicken breast , tomatoes, cucumber dressing that I make. So tasty.

  6. I love to make avocado grilled chicken wrap. I’d make my son his favorite cheese sandwiches or organic peanut butter. It will be so useful to make delicious healthy sandwiches

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