[Video Q & A] How to Make French Cuisine Halal

One of my favorite types of food hails from French cuisine. I’ve traveled all over France and had the real deal from Paris to Provence– many years ago- but that means I can recognize the depth of flavor that comes from the authentic flavors of cooking with bones, butter, animal fat and so on. I don’t advocate cooking with substitutes for wine for the sake of replicating the ‘taste of alcohol’ in any way, but for the sweetness and depth of flavor that alcohol-free substitutes can provide when you’re using grapes or apples, depending on the flavor profile that goes with the dish. And yes, it’s totally possible and won’t make food too sweet- just follow my queues and suggestions. You may even want to try my recipe for French Onion Soup to see how these tips work in real time…

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  1. very informative.

  2. can i know which restaurant in france that have this dish?

  3. Thanks, must try it in my home 😀

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