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The Tiles Are Up! And That’s About it For Now…

Since we moved into our home last year, the renovation has not stopped. We have been taking our time since the design and layout for everything is coming from our own ideas and not that of any hired designers. We’re still about a week away from a fully-finished section of our kitchen, but things are taking shape slowly but surely.    

We took down the soffits and the cabinetry in the old kitchen by ourselves, then had the floors put in (real hardwood). We kept the old appliances up until now and until we could find the ones we would want in the new space.  The contractors have since moved the gas line, set up the plumbing for a dishwasher (which was not in this kitchen before) and framed the space where the sink and faucet will go.  It was a little more challenging than most spaces (so I’ve been told) because my faucet will be mounted onto the back splash as opposed to the wall or the counter, which is the way I have envisioned my dreamy cottage chic type of kitchen to be…

Once the framing was done, the contractors looked for the counter top, which is the only piece that isn’t here yet. We have the new stove (it’ll be a surprise for you), the fume hood, dishwasher, apron sink and faucet. Even the brackets for the open shelving have been picked out and are ready to paint; wood still needs to be bought, but it’s not a huge deal, according to my husband who will make them himself. So, the contractors will. 


So, we wait. We’ve been told 3.5 more weeks. 

Not acceptable…without a working sink in our current kitchen.

So, we found another place who can do the counter top in just a week to 10 days. And, we purchased a remnant for this small space. Even better- not only faster, but less expensive. 

So, when the contractors are back- we’re back in business. They say it’ll only take two days to finish. I think I’ll double that. 


Note on Resources:

These subway tiles are from Menards. I’ll have a full list of the textiles featured in my kitchen renovation as well as where you can purchase them when it is complete in the coming weeks.

You can find more inspiration for vintage but updated kitchens here

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  1. I love subway tiles! Can’t wait to see the final. very exciting.

  2. Aw, mashaAllah. Very exciting!

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