The AMCC: An Important Halal Industry Conference

Several weeks ago, I attended the American Muslim Consumer Conference in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It’s the second year I’ve attended and was encouraged to make the trip again simply because of the opportunity to meet others who are interested in the businesses that are  shaping up to be an integral part of the American halal industry.

The AMCC is a gathering of people who are interested in and/or already involved in halal businesses or those that will cater to the values and principles of Muslims: Islamic finance (based on models that do not deal with interest, or riba; halal foods and beverages as well as certification agencies; Muslim-centered media and publishing; clothing, as well as advertising services to the Muslim market.

This conference brought together entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, recruiters, business developers and investors who see the value in the halal industry and its potential growth.

 Jack Acree, Executive Vice President of Saffron Road, at their booth at the AMCC

Susasn Labadi, Editor in Chief of Halal Connect (magazine of the American Halal Association), was the emcee of the event and did a  fabulous job of keepng everyone interested and inspired by the upcoming topics and presentations throughout the one-day event.

Halal lunch wraps during the AMCC dinner- they kept us well fed!

Founders Faisal Masood and Sabiha Ansari were responsible for coordinating the location, speakers and all the logistics it took to bring this conference together, one that is growing year after year.

Large and influential companies such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Ogilvy & Mather had representatives who spoke about their experiences in marketing to minorities (i.e. Hispanics) in order to parallel the historical relevance that these consumers play in the American marketplace.

New, yet growing companies like Modern Eid and My Masjid App gave presentations to a panel of business executives at the Entrepreneur Showcase (sort of like the tv show Shark Tank) to present thier cases for help in business development, yet in front of the entire conference audience.

Nicely decorated tables at the AMCC Networking Dinner

When the conference was over, I attended an optional extension of it: a networking dinner in one of the smaller ballrooms of the hotel for sa chance to take a couple of hours to personally connect with others who I wasn’t able to speak with during the entire day, at least not for any length of time.

 Healthy Salad Buffet at the AMCC Networking Dinner

Bread and butter looked so fresh and pretty

Stuffed Breast of Chicken with Feta and Pine Nuts- halal and delicious

My dinner plate looked so healthy and tasted so flavorful

Beautiful and decadent desserts at the AMCC Networking Dinner

For more halal industry conferences, check out:

IFANCA’s International Halal Conference held annually in the U.S.

EuroHalal Market Trade Fair– Brussels, Belgium

1st International Conference on Halal Food Control– Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Halal Expo– Dubai

Global Islamic Marketing Conference– held annually in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Do you know of any other conferences in the halal industry? Let us know by sharing the name and a link to the conference website in the comments section below.

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  1. Salaam
    We would like to come next year inshaallah. We have over 10 product lines at Whole Foods. We are largest producer of gluten free pie products in the West coast. Also we were the first manufacture of halal products in Costco and Wholefoods.
    I really enjoy your emails.
    Salaam alaikum
    Riaz Surti

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