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Halal Nutrition Workshops with IFANCA

I’m really excited to announce my collaboration with IFANCA to bring the local Chicago community a series of hour-long workshops  in 2012 on eating halal and healthy. We’re teaming up to take some important information on the road: sourcing halal ingredients, what foods are most nutritious, how to read product labels and a quick and healthy recipe demonstrated live. Find out more by scrolling down.

Halal and Nutrition Workshop_P1

I’ll be working with Asma Ahad, Food Scientist with IFANCA, during the series. Maria Omar, coordinator of the series, will be tweeting during each event using the hashtag #halalnutrition. Follow IFANCA on Twitter as well as My Halal Kitchen.



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Compassionate Care Network’s Weight Management Workshops

For the past year or so, I’ve been giving lectures on eating real {halal} food and how to shop for and prepare these foods at weight management workshops sponsored by the Compassionate Care Network. CCN is a Chicago-based non-profit organization that offers medical care to the uninsured, but also offers additional free services to the local community … Read more

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