How to Cook Basmati Rice

 I’ve been making Basmati rice for many, many years although the first time I made it is a time I look back on and have to laugh just a bit. I had never seen rice other than white grain or wheat bran rice, let alone cooked with it. I found it a common rice, sometimes … Read more

Freeze Delicate Herbs in Olive Oil

 Beautiful and fragrant fresh herbs like rosemary, and basil do well by preserving them in olive oil and freezing. Use an ice cube tray for this purpose. Wash and dry herbs thoroughly, as leaving them wet will result in soggy and discolored herbs. Fill an ice cube tray with about one teaspoon of freshly chopped … Read more

Kid-Friendly Eid | My Halal Kitchen

6 Tips for Throwing a Kid-Friendly ‘Eid Party

I was introduced to Silver Envelope, the Islamic Stationary Company, several years ago and am so happy to see how much it has grown since. Their product line is bright and colorful, kid-friendly and something I like to have around at parties (particularly the decorative cupcake holders).  Creative Director and Founder, Raana Smith, brings us 6 Tips to Throw a Kid-Friendly ‘Eid Party this year, without all the stress.

Silver Envelope Party Tags

After a spiritually charged month of fasting it’s now time to prepare for the celebrations of ‘Eid. You’re feeling a little stressed-out as your kids can’t stop talking about their ever-expanding list of friends they plan to invite to the party. You have to think of food, space, decorations and maybe you’re not sure  if you have enough time to do it all. 

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5 Tips for Eating Well During Tough Economic Times

tIt’s no secret that many people are suffering right now as a result of unemployment, rising costs of food and just about everything else. We’re bombarded with news and information about the fluctuating economy and told time and time again that it’s wise to save money, while at the same time we’re given so many horror stories about what’s in our food. It can be really overwhelming to figure out how to be healthy without going broke at the same time, which is why I came up with these five quick tips on eating well when the economy isn’t so healthy:

1. Buy in Bulk

Most people know the likes of Costco and Sam’s Club for purchasing food in bulk, but did you know that you can often times speak with a farmer or vendor at your local farmers market and purchase organic seasonal produce the same way? It helps to know your farmer so get out there and talk to one to find out what his bulk prices are. Even quality halal food companies like Crescent and Saffron Road give shoppers the ability to order their products in bulk. If the quantities are too high, share the costs with family, friends or neighbors.

crescent tray packs

2. Grow Herbs Indoors

Fresh cut herbs packaged in plastic and labeled organic are quite expensive at most grocery stores, especially during the winter. Try getting a glass cloche to grow them indoors. Many garden centers sell them, but they can also be found online  or at places like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx for rock-bottom prices, though always hit or miss.

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How to Dry Citrus Peels | My Halal Kitchen

How to Dry Citrus Peels

Whether you have tons of lemons and limes around or just a few, it’s easy to preserve the outer skin, or zest, for future use in baking and cooking. Did you ever realize how expensive it can be to purchase a jar of this stuff? It’s steep. That’s why I make my own. I had … Read more

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