Spring Garden Party

By Contributing Writer, Sobia Hussain Despite the recent fluctuations in temperatures, spring is officially here in North America. It represents life, renewal, growth, and warmth–something to be happy about. After being bundled up in heavy coats and scarves for several months, it’s nice to be able to step out for some fresh air and sunlight … Read more

Warm Up With DIY Soy Candles

Winter came a little too late to many parts of North America this year. But when it came, it came with a big bang…and lots of snow. While some people were super excited, others were…well…not so much!  One thing I personally love about winter is the cozy atmosphere you can create inside the home. With … Read more

Pom-Pom Embellished Tea Towels

It’s the little things in life which can bring the greatest smiles. It gives us a chance to pause and appreciate hidden gems in our busy moments. Taking an ordinary item and transforming it with tiny yet intentional details can really spruce things up and become something meaningful. It could be a fresh rose on … Read more

Welcome Ramadan Party for Kids

Ramadan is a beautiful time to bond with your family and share with them the blessings of this month. Young children, in particular, are inquisitive and eager learners, and are just beginning to learn about the importance of this blessed month. So, to make Ramadan a little extra special goes a long way to help … Read more

Get Organized With A Dry Erase Board

By Sobia Hussain Getting organized doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it could be as simple as writing a list. There have been plenty of studies to prove that making to-do lists effectively make us more productive and less stressed. It’s a great way to maximize our day.  Making lists can help us in … Read more

Paint a Watercolor Wall Art for your Home

Since my trip to Australia this summer, I have been experimenting with watercolor painting. I am still a work-in-progress, but that’s alright! With every mistake I make, I learn something new. Although I may not be well-skilled, I certainly enjoy it. Its perfectly imperfect impression allows every brush stroke to look beautiful and worthwhile.  And so, … Read more

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