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Homemade Microwave Popcorn

I recently heard that it was possible to make microwaved popcorn without buying bags of pre-seasoned, ready-to-pop-into-the-microwave popcorn in a bag. It sounded so much healthier to be able to put whatever I want into my bag so that I know exactly what we’re eating, but also not as messy as heating oil in a pan and covering it to wait for popped corn, which takes a while longer. I would do that versus buying bagged microwave corn, but now that I’ve discovered this method, I’m hooked!

I had no idea how to actually make it, but after experimenting a bit, it came out just wonderful.  It was such a suprise of a treat on a cold winter night when all I wanted to do was to plop down on the couch, nestled under my mom’s hand-crocheted blankets and crunch away. Next time I’ll get a movie to go along with it…

How will you cozy up to a homemade snack like this?

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