CLOSED: Patchi Chocolate Gift Box Giveaway

Patchi has done it again- this box of chocolate sounds ah-mazing! Coming from one of my favorite chocolate producers ever, I’m so glad you’ll get the chance to try these wonderfully-made products for Ramadan or Eid! About the Giveaway Patchi chocolates is giving away this gorgeous gift box which includes delicacies that will bring sweetness … Read more

The Story Behind Patchi Chocolates

Last year during Ramadan I introduced you to Patchi chocolates because I fell in love with their quality and taste. I had all but given up on ever finding the taste of real chocolate mixed with real nuts like hazelnuts, pistachio, and almonds that I grew up enjoying whenever someone in my family came to visit from Italy bearing gifts of chocolate con nocciole (chocolate and hazelnut). I could only ever recapture those tastes when I traveled back to Italy, and it’s been a long time since.


Patchi Chocolate and Nougat Gift Box Giveaway Item

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CLOSED: Patchi Chocolate Giveaway for ‘Eid ul Adha

Chocolate is among the world’s favorite foods. We are inundated with a variety of brands and flavors added to chocolate bars and other chocolate products. The popularity of dark chocolate or chocolates with a high percentage of cacao (ranging from 70-90%) is increasing, as the health benefits are being touted as a great excuse to eat them.

Soft Nougat with Pistachio and beautifully wrapped chocolate by Patchi

If there is ever one occasion or reason to have chocolate it is during a special time- a wedding, the birth of a baby, and, of course, ‘Eid.

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