No-Bake Maple Cheesecake Cups

This scrumptuous, quick and so easy to make dessert comes from my good friend and someone I look up to in so many ways, Susan Labadi.  She’s an educator by profession and also has a great big voice in the halal industry as an active promotor of halal products and services. She is often called … Read more

The AMCC: An Important Halal Industry Conference

Several weeks ago, I attended the American Muslim Consumer Conference in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It’s the second year I’ve attended and was encouraged to make the trip again simply because of the opportunity to meet others who are interested in the businesses that are  shaping up to be an integral part of the American halal industry.

The AMCC is a gathering of people who are interested in and/or already involved in halal businesses or those that will cater to the values and principles of Muslims: Islamic finance (based on models that do not deal with interest, or riba; halal foods and beverages as well as certification agencies; Muslim-centered media and publishing; clothing, as well as advertising services to the Muslim market.

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