Freezing Tomato Sauce

I always get pretty large jars of tomato sauce, yes mostly because I’m Italian and grew up with it as a staple ingredient- we put it in just about everything  we make.  I’ve noticed over the years that I use it in almost all of the other types of dishes I make, too. It seems as though just about … Read more

Pie made from cast iron pan

The ‘Cook What You’ve Got’ Challenge

Many of you already know that recently I’ve moved- within Chicago but still across town and with enough stuff to require a truck much larger than I’m capable of driving (though my husband seemed to enjoy getting behind the wheel of anything larger than his tiny, gas-saving compact car). I’ve shared  some of the photos, angst … Read more

Let Your Freezer Help You This Ramadan

Freezers are sometimes the most underutilized kitchen appliance in American homes. They tend to be quite small compared to the refrigerator, which is amazing considering how useful a large standing freezer can be to families striving to save money in a tough economy, or at any time for that matter. Large families can stock up on bulk purchases of meat, produce and halal, convenient yet healthy foods with deep freezers or just larger freezers than the average found in a side-by-side refrigerator appliance.

My last posts on 4 Tips to Organize Your Ramadan Cooking and Kitchen Efficiency in Ramadan took you through the steps to getting ready to shop and how to keep the kitchen running smoothly throughout the month.

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