Saffron Road’s Example of Sustainable Business in the Halal Industry

In my quest to seek out ethically-sound businesses that also put out a quality halal product, I have come across a small handful I would recommend, mainly because the owners behind them are forthcoming about the origins of their ingredients and how they ensure what we’re buying is not mingled with any inhumane treatment of people, animal, or environment. Eco-halal, a term coined to include environmentally-friendly practices with a focus on maintaining halal, comes to mind here.

Saffron Road Leading the Way

Saffron Road lamb is humanely-raised

Saffron Road, the company whose healthy, convenient halal products you’ve all heard me rave about is leading the way in this arena.

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What is Ethical Consumerism?

Ethical consumerism is a topic I’ve been frequently during my presentations on what it truly means to eat halal (what is permissible) and tayyib (wholesome, pure) and why we should put our money where our mouths—and our values—are.

Carlsbad, CA farmers market organic limes

 Pesticide-free limes from Vista, CA sold at the weekly Carlsbad, CA farmers market (2011)

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