Baked Stuffed Peaches Topped with Mascarpone Cream

Traditionally made with cognac, I decided to try using white grape juice as a substitute ingredient in this baked fruit dessert. The result was nothing short of delectable. Even for those who avoid fruit as dessert, trust me. It’s worth a taste.

*Cooks tip: You’ll probably have plenty of leftover mascarpone cheese mixture from this recipe. Don’t let it go to waste– it is absolutely wonderful when dates, fresh figs or just about any other fruits are dipped into it…heavenly.

Peaches by alainap on www.sxc.huMascarpone cheese is an Italian cream cheese that is usually sweetened with sugar for desserts.

Recipe adapted from the book Mediterranean: A Taste of the Sun in Over 150 Recipes by Jacqueline Clark and Joanna Farrow.

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