My Visit to Barkaat Foods

Whenever I decide to use a halal meat product in my own cooking, I like to know as much about the company as possible so that I can get a very good sense as to how they operate behind the scenes to understand that the sourcing of the animal- it’s feed and how they’re raised- are also … Read more

Hatbox Giveaway by Chocolat Uzma Sharif

The original hatbox was created by Francois D’ai in Paris, 1910. Hatboxes actually increased travel in the early 18th century as well. Offer a gift full of history and treats to your loved one with the hatboxes. Packaged in our eco-friendly, signature chartreuse hatbox. For the ultimate chocolate lover. This will probably last them a … Read more

My Chicago Cookbook Tour for Ramadan Cooking

I am so incredibly excited to announce that I’ll be touring the Chicagoland area to talk about the recipes in my cookbook, Summer Ramadan Cooking! I’ll be making stops at various locations to do cooking demos, talk tips on Ramadan preparation and planning and answer questions on cooking and baking for the most special month of … Read more

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