Homemade Croutons

Making croutons for things like salads or stuffing is so easy, you seriously never have to buy it in the store. Ever! All you need is a loaf of rustic bread- French or Italian are great- and an oven (even a toaster oven would work). Get the recipe below… Now you can use the croutons in your … Read more

Pita Bread | My Halal Kitchen Pantry

Pita Bread

The ubiquitous bread of the Middle East and North Africa, pita bread has found a new home in America and the Middle East due to the introduction of it by the many immigrants who opened restaurants, groceries and ethnic markets, offering the freshly homemade bread that wraps mouth-watering shawarma and kebob sandwiches and selling the … Read more

Bruschetta with Tomatoes, Garlic and Cheese

Finger foods aren’t just for parties. When it’s really hot outside, I don’t like to get too complicated in the kitchen. When it’s cold outside, I like comfort food. Bread and cheese fit in both of these categories, so here comes my recipe for simple Bruschetta, or Italian toasts. They can be made on the grill … Read more

Sweet Bread Rolls

You might not have heard much from me lately, but rest assured I’m in the kitchen cooking up lots of recipes to share with all of you. I’m home– in Ohio, helping family get through some pretty difficult times. Amidst it all, the baking and cooking, testing and developing healthy and halal dishes I think you’ll love is motivating me to be in a place where I’m happiest and that is most therapeutic to me and my family.

This recipe for sweet bread rolls not only warms up the kitchen with the smell of freshly baked dough, but these little bunches go well with just about any dinner you put on the table.  We’ve had them with soups & stews, used them to dunk in pasta sauces and alongside roasted meats. They freeze wonderfully so make these ahead of time, especially if you’re expecting guests soon. That would be one less menu item to prepare on the day your guests arrive.

This is how I’m staying warm in the midst of snowstorms that keep alternating between Chicago and Cleveland- two cities I’d been planning to be traveling back and forth from at this time, but as we all know, Allah (God) is the best of all Planners…

Enjoy the recipe–and stay warm with those you love.

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