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Sweet Giveaway: Amal’s Baklava

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of trying a baklava that is new to me- it’s homemade by a woman named Amal out of her Los Angeles kitchen and it’s delicious in the way that only a  homemade baklava can be. For me, someone who grew up eating baklava from grocery stores that sold the hard but  flaky, almost too hard to eat type of baklava, I never really knew what excellent baklava could be until I met people who brought it back from overseas places like Turkey or Lebanon or bought it from specialty stores where it’s sold as a family recipe passed down. Those versions are always so much better- softer, not too sweet and made with real ingredients.

That’s what I’ve enjoyed so much about Amal’s Baklava, as did much of my family and friends who were also able to enjoy it tremendously. But the story behind the baklava is actually what sparked my interest the most. When Amal first approached me and told me how she started her home-based business out of her California home kitchen, it was truly endearing. I absolutely love to hear about and support women doing their own thing, so I was eager to try out the product. it was a pleasant surprise to see how they’d traveled so well and remained flaky but soft and not too sweet but just sweet enough to hit the spot. The ingredients such as the walnuts didn’t overpower the bite-size pieces but complemented them, as they should. Each piece tasted buttery, but not too much, although she has not revealed her secret recipe so I’m not sure what she does to make them so delicious. All I know is that I don’t actually have much of a sweet tooth, but I ate much more than my fair share before reminding myself that I needed to let others have a taste, too!

This is what Amal herself has to say about her product:

“We, Amal’s Baklava team, pride ourselves in serving homemade authentic Mediterranean Baklava.  Serve Amal’s Baklava for your family and friends to show the most of your hospitality and love with our freshly baked Pistachio and Walnut Baklava. Homemade = fresh made. We also cater for big events and parties. Please visit our website ( and like our Facebook page, Amal’s Baklava & More.”

Now all of you can get a chance to win a box of Amal’s Baklava which she ships internationally from her California kitchen. She’s giving away one box ($14.00 value each) of either a 1 pound Walnut Box or a 1 pound Pistachio Box to TWO random winners who comment on this post. Will it be you?
amal's baklava 1
You must be a subscriber to my newsletter (subscribe here if you’re not already) AND leave a relevant comment below to be eligible. Deadline for entry is Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013.

For example, you could answer the question “How do you like YOUR baklava?”

(Please read our guidelines for entry. U.S. delivery of winning items only). This is a sponsored giveaway intended for readers and subscribers of only.

UPDATE: We have our TWO winners!

Kay (Kino86)

Jodi Almansouri

Please respond contact us within 48 hours with your full name, phone number and complete mailing address (no P.O. Box). Remember, you must be subscribed to My Halal Kitchen in order to be eligible.

Thanks, everyone and congrats to our winners!

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  1. I love pistachio and walnuts in anything, and a not too sweet baklava made by someone who shares my name would be awesome!

  2. looks yummy :)

  3. I love baklava, walnuts, sweets, quality ingredients, home made and all of the above. My contributions to society will be noble if I win. I will eat the whole box by myself and thereby gaining weight and making my friends look thinner than me and feel better. : )

  4. baklava are so Yummy i could eat them everyday love them with nuts and dates in them

  5. There is nothing like food that is made with love!

  6. I love baklava! I tried making it at home but it was a bit too dry :(

  7. suppper yummi baklava… me and my husband both love it 😀

  8. Looks yummy

  9. Mmmmm…yum :) Look great! Family would love these 😀 Lots of love from the UK!

  10. Awww looks so yum! Would be great to try these !!

  11. So delicious! I’ve tried these and would love to have a pound. Attractive packaging also.

  12. Though my husband and his family is from morocco they do love baklava. I think baklava needs to be soft, crisp, chew, with a hint of sweetness and butter that is not over powering, that melts in your mouth. I love all types when it is done right.

  13. Mashallah this looks sooo delicious! I would love to win a free box and give it to my nephew who recently visited Turkey (usually does not like sweets) and said he is on the SEARCH and has yet to find anything close to the baklava he tried over there! Your recipe certainly sounds and looks delicious!!

  14. Love Baklava! Especially the pastashio

  15. My favorite baklava is made with pistachios…dripping with honey syrup!!

  16. I would absolutely LOVE to win any of these!! I’ve always had the dry store bought ones and tried to make some for the hubs.. epic fail. They burnt :( I would be SO grateful! Much love from Texas !!

  17. I would love the Pistachio and so would my husband

  18. Your sweets look delish! I bookmarked your page for Ramadan, Birthdays, and Eids! Can’t wait to taste your Baklava!

  19. What is the expiratuon date on the baklava if it’s homemade. I’m sure it doesn’t have any artificial additives or preservatives like the ones at the desi stores.

  20. Baklava is the fames Turkish desert.. You have to eat it in Gaziantep or Istanbul @Karakoy Gulluoglu <3
    Please google it :)

  21. One of my friends purchased your sweets and shared them with me I loved them

  22. Mash’Allah this looks ever so good and hi from the UK! Oh how I wish I would be able to come to LA and be able to taste this in front of the chef, but sriously keep up the good work!

  23. Soooo temptingggg. I started to eat baklava when I was in Jordan. Pistachio or walnut baklava?? Love both!

  24. Mashaallah, it looks soooo delicious, i love it ♥

  25. Looks delicious! I’m a huge nut lover. So I wads intrguied at nuts. But nuts wrapped in flaky pastry and packaged so perfectly, now that I gotta try!

  26. I was intrigued with nuts. But nuts wrapped in flaky pastry and elegantly packaged, now that I gotta have.

  27. Salamalaikum, Amal!

    I love Baklava and it’s rare to find it here in Corpus Christi, Texas, except on places like the Middle East Market or HEB. Even if I’m Mexican, I’m Middle-Eastern by heart :). My career is quite solitary because I’m always working on my own (I’m a freelance translator and interpreter), but having a baklava definitely melts my heart and makes my day.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post with us both in Facebook and here in your page! Have an amazing day :).

    Greetings and hugs from Corpus Christi, TX.


  28. I love pistachios so I’d pick pistachio baklava if I was to win inshallah. It also is very hard to find pistachio baklava usually everybody does the walnut baklava. I will like the Facebook page and hope to order some soon because the price is really good for one pound of baklava and it’s my fave pistachio baklava!!

  29. My apologies, I meant to say Yvonne.

    Now, answering to your question: I love baklava with tons of pistachio, honey syrup, and so much heart put on this creation :).


  30. I love your sweet it looks great

  31. omggg id love to make a bit surprise when my husband comes back from libya and i can give him the box.. he is crazy about that sweet!! hope i get to win ;D

  32. Lisa Grimaldi Adnan

    Baklava is best with a super hot cup of Ahmad Tea :)

    • Lisa Grimaldi Adnan

      Its hard to find here too in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX but I am very lucky that my husband is from Iraq and we have lots of friends from home that are teaching me to make authentic Iraqi food. This is my favorite treat for sure and hope to learn to make it one day. If we want to order some where do we do that at? Thank you!

  33. I like baklawa very much n this looks very yummy, i wud like to win it n taste it.

  34. Love pistachio Baklava. My favorite sweet. I would love to try this because it hard to find good tasty baklava here. Trying this baklava then I would know where to get my baklava next time. Thanks

  35. I like my Baklava accompanied with a hot cup of chai and happy family around me, Alhamdulillah sweet for the soul!

  36. Mmmmmm. .I love baklava! I am extremely fond of the ones that have walnuts and dates in them! These look delicious!

  37. I search for the authentic Baklavas whenever I travel to a Mediterranean city. I am a die-hard fan of Pistachios in Baklava, so if I am the winner (which I really wish I am), pls do give me the pistachio box:-)

    Thank You for having this giveaway!

  38. I sooo want to try this! I don’t like that hard too sweet stuff, either. The first time tasted the “good stuff” was in Kosovo. My mom-in-law makes it. So yummy! Soft and not too sweet. I hope this tastes the same. I really want to try it. It would be a good treat for my husband since I haven’t learned how to make it yet.

  39. I would love to try this baklava especially because it is halal. :)
    MashaAllah, this is such a great idea and business.
    I enjoy baklava with pistachios or walnuts and honey.
    I think that it is such a healthy, appetizing dessert.
    I love the warmth, crunchiness, sweetness, and smell.
    It brings such good memories and peace.
    I had homemade baklava once, and it was the best.
    Most of the baklava my family and I eat is store brought.
    This baklava looks so scrumptious, and I’d love to know how to make it as well.

  40. I LOVE my baklava with extra syrup and pistachios! it was only recently that i tried baklava at a party and had to get more!

  41. I love baklava! I make it often. In fact, my husband will only eat my recipe. However, I am starting to find it old and like to try new recipes to see how I can improve mine. I read an earlier post that said they like theirs with dates. That sound interesting. I would love to try this brand to see how authentic baklava should taste.

  42. ^Wow, I have never tried to make baklava in fear that I would mess it up and no one will eat it.
    I love baklava with pistachios in it.

  43. We love baklava that is full of walnuts or pistachios and flaky and crisp and soft too! Yum! My favorite was the one made a turkish family in our community growing up!

  44. I love to warm baklava just a little and eat with a scoop of butter pecan ice cream……Now I need warm baklava….

  45. I have never had baklava but i would love to try it they look good.

  46. I have had the pleasure of trying homemade Baklava when I worked with a woman from Macedonia. She made hers with walnuts. It was delicious! I even got my mother (who has a huge sweet tooth) addicted to her Baklava. And you are correct Yvonne when you say that the baklava in stores is definitely not the same as homemade! Regardless if I am chosen or not, I will be visiting Amal’s website to get some baklava, because I want to try the pistachio baklava! Thank you Yvonne for this delectable discovery!

  47. I can’t wait to try this baklava! I hope I win. I’ve never had homemade baklava, only store bought or from a restaurant and its always too sweet. This looks delicious!

  48. We found a great little bakery in Michigan that has really great baklava….but since we live 5 hours away in Ohio, we don’t get it very often! I’d love to try another homemade baklava to see how it compares!

  49. I love pastachios.

  50. yamiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  51. I love baklava!

  52. Love baklava … Njamii

  53. Love love love baklava! I make it each year but just have difficulty with the syrup!
    I’m half Lebanese. You’d think I could get it right!!

  54. I simply love baklava! especially the one with pistachios and I love the ones that are not too sweet. I just can never have only one. I need to have 3-4 in one go lol! Which reminds me, i havent had one in ages!

  55. I love them with pistachios. I love baklavas in general

  56. I’ve always wanted to make baklava so a couple years ago I tried making an easier version instead of on sheets I made them in phyllo cups, they were ready made so they definitely didn’t have the softness or butteriness of a homemade baklava. For my second attempt I made it with sheets however it didn’t taste as great as I wanted it to be. For a couple years every Eid my moms friend would bring us a box of homemade baklava, how delicious they were! But then they moved back home. Last summer I went to Turkey and fell in love with baklavas. I mean I always wanted to make it because of its taste but it was not my favorite sweet until my trip to turkey! On every corner there were baklava shops and I loved being surrounded by them, not to mention my love of baklava was taking a toll on my weight! I brought some home during ramadan but that was the last of it. How I would love some homemade baklava right now!

  57. With Nutella! I made a Nutella baklava one year for Eid and it was a hit.

  58. I like to eat . I like sweets.

  59. It’s been AGES since i had good baklava.. i hope i win :)

  60. I like nuts with sweets and also dates sweets .I love baklava…….

  61. Baklava is so good. Pistachio is definitely my favorite but walnut is delicious as well. Good luck to all the entries! :)

  62. YUM! I love baklava… someday i hope to be adventurous and try to make it!

  63. I’m in total agreement with you on store bought baklava. So I resorted to making my own, I usually combine walnuts and pistachios, and add some lemon zest to the syrup, next time I want to try orange zest. Amal’s Baklava sounds delicious! Yumm.

  64. Every Eid we make baklava :) i would love to try the one with pistachios!

  65. Excited to discover freshly made baklava locally here in California! Would love to try it and be a regular customer as I love ordering baklava as gifts.

  66. Wow those pictures look yummy and your description of them made this pregnant woman crave some! Yum! I love baklava both with walnuts and pistachios and you’re right it is very hard to find good baklava in the states that doesn’t have a weird texture of hard and flaky with a dash of over-refrigeration and an excess of syrup. Tried some from Jordan though and oh my I’ve never been more glad my husband is allergic to nuts (I had them all to myself) haha.

  67. My sister in law is in her third year of med school and totally in love with baklava! She hardly has any time for a decent meal nowadays, let alone time to indulge. She would absolutely love authentic baklava. Can’t wait to share this with her iA!

  68. I never had a home-made baklava! This looks so delicious and delicately made. I would love to try it! I love my baklava with a cup of espresso! YUMM!

  69. We have a local Mediterranean café in town which occasionally offers hand made baklava, my little family of four shares one delicious slice whenever we can! Delicious. I’ve never had pistachio type so I would love to try it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. These ‘My Halal Kitchen’ Baklava look really fresh, tasty and well presented, think I’ll try get some for my wife iA.

  71. I love pistachio baklavas- the small rolls sort of one and not too sweet!

  72. SubhanAllah! How beautiful and cutely packaged. I would love to get these and make tons of du’aa for the maker. Baklava is something I’ve always wanted to learn how to make and just enjoy so much!

  73. There is a tradition in our home where both my parents make baklava together for Eid. They are originally from Bosnia and the baklava is just amazing. The baklava is moist and filled with walnuts. The secret to making a great baklava is making the syrup just right. :)

  74. Looks yummmy plus they’re homemade! MmmmmMmm.

  75. i love anything sweet but i like the flaky pastry of the bakhlava with its honey and pistachio flavors ive not tried many kinds but i like them fresh

  76. Buttery, flaky and soft that’s how aI like my Baklava!!! Yummm!!!

  77. Baklava is one of my most favorite things in the world! I would love to win the walnut box! :-)

  78. I simply love every country’s sweets; Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese, Bosnian and etc but the mutual that I love most is Baklava! It is certainly one of my favourite sweets and every meals is not the same without it. How do I like my Baklava? I like it just as how it was made. 😀

  79. Looks great, MashaAllah.

  80. For years I had eaten the store bought Baklava without knowing that the hard chewy exterior was not truly how they should taste. It wasn’t until traveling to Egypt and Qatar with my husband that I experienced the true wonderful taste of this delectable sweet. I have on many occasions attempted to create these at home, but I have yet to master the art.

  81. Crunchy, sticky , sweet Pistache please 😀

  82. I love baklava. I preder pistachio

  83. I would love to try this baklava. Never tried authentic homemade one. This looks so delicious and yummy! :)))

  84. Looks yummy! My husband and I LOVE baklava and would love to try this! Thank you for this offer :-)

  85. OMG!!!!……Baklava has to be My UTMOST FAVORITE Dessert of All Time, omg…….the kind that they sell in the Store is soo poorly made, not Fresh at all……..when my hubby comes back from the Masjid on Jumaah, I sit in anticipation of him bringing home some from the Brother who sells dinners there, lol…..most times the dessert is something that is not to my liking, so I let Him have them …but when he brings home the Baklava, WooooWeeee……IT IS ALL MINE, lol.
    I can not express how much I LOVE Baklava…..well actually I Can, but it would take too much of your time LOL.

    Thank You,
    Naimah Rasheed

    • in my Haste, I forgot to make mention…..that I Like ANY & EVERY THING WALNUT….the combination of Nuts, Honey and all the Other Ingredients that make up a Good Baklava, Dance All Over the Tongue…..(I’m Smiling from ear to ear right now).

      Naimah Rasheed

  86. I love all types of nuts and desserts and that makes baklava the best combination for my sweet tooth. Love it and I am looking forward to trying these soon :)

  87. I loooovveee baklava with mint tea!!!! The only baklava i don’t like, is the one with cheese. All other ones are simply amazing!

  88. Pistachio is my favorite, but, really, I will eat any kind! I simply love baklava- whether it is made by a baker in the old city of Al Khalil or my favorite Greek restaurant in Blacksburg, Va. Baklava is yummy!

  89. Love bakalava with pistachios and the crispness of the phylo layers…

  90. I would love to taste these!

  91. Looks guuuud mA! Hope I can try some! Hard to find great tasting baklava!

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