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I love to try all sorts of vinegar. It has been one of those few must-have condiments on my shelf for the last 12 years, which is about the time I discovered how much it could help aid my digestion after eating, especially all of those meals in which I completely over-did it on the spice level simply because I love the heat of certain types of cuisine. Now I make all sorts of salad dressings with different types of vinegar and make that part of my daily meals.

The one question that people almost always ask me about is whether a particular vinegar is halal or not and whether or not it has alcohol in it. I’ve addressed that issue over on The Vinegar Page I created to help shed some light on the topic. Typically it is always best to ask the manufacturer of the product to get some reassurance as to how it is made and whether or not any alcohol is added to the final product. It’s also always a good idea to speak to a scholar and/or research the topic further if you’re still unsure. IFANCA (the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America has researched and written on the topic extensively, as well and you may have found other halal-certification agencies who have done the same. 

That’s what brings me to the object of this post- date vinegar. I have to say that the first time I saw this type of vinegar in stores I didn’t actually think it sounded too appealing. I bought a bottle from a Middle Eastern grocer and it sat on my shelf for a very long time, but I was looking for a reason to try it so when I ran out of other vinegar, I made a salad dressing with it and was stunned at the depth of flavor it had. It was sort of like a balsamic vinegar in darkness but without the mustiness of the grape. In fact, I thought it had a more profound flavor than other vinegar I had tried, and because it cooked just the same way as other vinegar I’ve since experimented with it in other dishes in which balsamic vinegar was suggested

Some time later I was told about the Supreme Vinegar product and given a sample to try. Since I had already had some experience with other date vinegar products, I was much more inclined to do some comparison tasting this time around and after asking the owner more questions about its production, I was assured that the product was being processed with the intention of gaining halal certification and in the meantime making it to the standards of a halal product (i.e. no alcohol added and following a standard process of making vinegar from the dates). I found the taste to be a cross between apple cider vinegar and a very light balsamic, perhaps a white balsamic. In fact, I have used this particular product in lieu of apple cider vinegar on many occasions now because it seems to have a similar potency of ACV.

Here’s what they have to say briefly about the history of date vinegar: “Date vinegar is a popular condiment in both the Middle East and North Africa, stretching back to the time of the ancient Babylonians. A delicious alternative to other vinegars such as balsamic or apple cider, our natural date vinegar is fermented using only natural date juice with no other vinegars or flavors are added to make it a unique and healthy addition to salads, stews, and other recipes. “

 Now I’m hoping you’ll want to try it, too. Supreme Date Vinegar is giving away THREE bottles of their product to THREE random winners. All you have to do is leave a relevant comment below and you will be entered to win. Giveaway ends on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

 Each bottle is valued at $6.99 and can be ordered online at

Please read the MHK Official Giveaway Guidelines before entering, as entering indicates you have read and agree. Your relevant comment is a form of entry.

This product will ship directly to the winner from sponsoring vendor. Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Winner will be asked for shipping information, which will be shared with sponsoring company. No P.O. boxes accepted.

UPDATE: Our THREE winners have been randomly selected. Please email me as soon as possible with your full name, mailing address and phone number: 1. Jessica (tigergumby), 2. Kobi H.; and 3. Cecilia R.

Disclaimer: My Halal Kitchen was not paid to review this product, however, we did receive complimentary bottle in order to review it adequately. The opinions expressed here are those of My Halal Kitchen and its writers.

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  1. I love dates and never heard of date vinegar..would love to try it !

  2. It would be lovely to try it! I use vinegar in skincare as well so I’m really curious of everything about it 😀

  3. Evangelene Alaraj

    love dates and vinegar! Can’t wait to try it…please, please, please!

  4. I am in the process of learning the art of halal kitchen ( I like that terminology ) Date Vinegar sound scrumplicious for my salads !!!!

  5. I would love to try out a new recipe from My Halal Kitchen using this vinegar, to see what my husband thinks of my cooking. He’s Qatifi and loves olives. Thanks for the contest! =]

  6. I usually incorporate dates in my baking quite a bit. It will be interesting to be able to use this vinegar in more savory dishes. I usually like adding a hint of sauces and or vinegar’s to dishes as it adds a little flair and nobody can ever pinpoint what it is.

  7. Salaam!
    This is very new to me, date vinegar. I love dates my whole family does and being that I’m looking for healthier options when it comes to our food now days this would be great to have on salad and many other things. I thank you for doing this review sister!

  8. I wld love go try this. Been using balsamic vinegar all this while but after reading your post, supreme vinegar is something i wld like to try.

  9. Both of them are great, I would love to try this!

  10. Can’t wait to try it. I always add apple cider vinegar when I make a

  11. Date vinegar sounds interesting! Thanks for the information. Learning new things everyday from your blog!

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE vinegar I would love to try it…. can’t wait inshaa’Allah!

  13. I like all sort of vinegar , never had date vinegar really like to try.

  14. I had never heard of date vinegar either until your post on Facebook. I am always up to try new (hala) foods!

  15. I would love to try this vinegar as I use a lot of it in my recipes. Thank you for the giveaway.

  16. Yes, please! I would love, love, love to try date vinegar. The flavors sound right up my alley!

  17. Would love to try it!

  18. Thank you for keeping us informed. I would love to try this date vinegar.

  19. Became to love dates after becoming Muslim 7yrs ago and have never heard of date vinegar. Would love to experience it. Pick me 😉

  20. Dates + vinegar =sunnah so I’m ready to try both at once 🙂

  21. I have never even heard of date vinegar! I use vinegar to cook all the time and would definitely love to try something new.

  22. Among all dry fruits I love dates even as sweet after my meal. Its Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) & among His favourite foods are vinegar too. Eagerly waiting!

  23. i thinks this kind of vinegar would nice to try
    because the usual vinegar that i only use is came from coconut and sugar cane

  24. I’ve never heard of date vinegar before. Would love to try it with salads!

  25. usually just use basalmic great try something new

  26. i think date vinegar would be great for making marinades and bbq sauces. i’d love to try it!

  27. ASAK.
    Dates are Sunnah, with so many health benefits. And what could be better to inculcate them in diet in yet another unique way. My soups and pasta are never complete without a spoon of vinegar, I would love to try this product.

  28. Assalamo alaikum,
    Seems interesting ,it would be pleasure to try out this date vinegar !!!

  29. Data Vinegar ….. hnmmm… sounds interesting. Would like to try it.

  30. Sounds delicious, I would love to try it!! Never seen this before but I love dates and I love vinegar so it must be good!

  31. I am just learning to have a halal kitchen. I am a recent revert. This would help me ,I think. I would love to try it!!

  32. wow, having recently reverted I’ve not been able to source any halal vinegars, this would be awesome!

  33. We tried making our own date vinegar and it did not turn out! Would love to try this we use it everyday

  34. This sounds really good and I am just wondering how it will taste on things. 🙂

  35. i would definately like to try date vinegar sounds new,definately it would taste awesome.

  36. I love to cook but have never even heard of date vinegar before. I would love to be able to incorporate it in or find recipes that use it.

  37. Dare Vinegar would be a great addition to some of my favorite recipes!

  38. Date vinegar sounds amazing I would lve to try it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  39. I just recently started making my own salad dressings and have been on the hint for new usable vinegars. Can’t wait to try date vinegar.

  40. I love dates and would love to try date vinegar. Thanks for giving me a chance to win a bottle!

  41. I absolutely love vinegar, and I love dates! I have never heard of date vinegar before, what a perfect combination of 2 sunnah foods, would love to try it!

  42. Thanks for sharing

  43. I have never known nor tried date vinegar, and I would love to try it. If the halal kitchen recommends this for us to try, then I should. I just moved to US and I am learning to adjust to the palate of my new family as well as new recipes. I love cooking n learning to cook. This would be my new addition to my new found seasoning in the kitchen. Thank you.

  44. Dates and Vinegar! I’d never have thought of combining those. I would love to try a vinaigrette. Pick me! Pick me!

  45. Hard to resist 🙂 I love vinegars, but I’ve never tried date vinegar.

  46. I had no idea you could make vinegar out of dates!! Sounds amazing!!

  47. I love your website and would really love to use this vinegar in some recipes. Thank you for the chance to win some!

  48. I ‘ve tried a number of types of both vinegars and dates, but never heard of a date vinegar. I would love to give it a try.

  49. This sounds like a wonderful product. I would love to use it in my cooking, as I already love to use different types of vinegar. I can I.imagine that it leaves a distinct flavor.

  50. Can not wait to try it. Just ordered one. 🙂

  51. This sounds like a wonderful product. I would love to use it in my cooking, as I already love to use different types of vinegar. I can I.imagine teaisiaiiaoaoosoaosososhat it leaves a distinct flavor.

  52. Asalamalikum. Yvonne,
    I would love to try something new .thanks for sharing the secret.

  53. I never heard of a date vinegar and never try it before, so I would love if I can get the give away vinegar and I can start to use in all my halal cooking everyday. “I only use halal products”.

  54. sabrina mohammad

    is it a sunnah of our beloved rasool SAW then definitely wanna try. bcoz i m lovin sunnah alhamdulilah

  55. Would love to try this! Using vinegar more and more for cooking, cleaning, and health reasons. (Although this one won’t be used for cleaning!)

  56. I would like to use vinegar for cooking.

  57. have tried many different flavors of balsamic, and also ACV, like dates, this would be worth exploring

  58. Vinegar and dates both are associated with good health in Islam. Would love to try something that has a combination of both.

  59. Interesting combination!!! Would love to win!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  60. Jzk for all good information, dates and vinegar both are highly mentioned by our beloved prophet saw, I would love to try some.

  61. Wow, what a great idea! It never occurred to me to have date vinegar. I would love to try this! I am a firm believer in the benefits of unfiltered apple cider vinegar. One of the things my grandmother taught me was to use it as a hair rinse. It’s wonderful!

  62. I’ve never heard of date vinegar but I love dates so I’d be really excited to try this!

  63. It is said that prophet pbuh said there is blessing in the dastarkhan.( eating mat) which has vinegar. This shows that it is a super food and should be incorporated in everyone’s diet-

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