SprinJene Halal Toothpaste Giveaway [CLOSED]

I can only imagine what you might be thinking right now: “Come on, I get it that food needs to be checked for halal, but toothpaste?  Get real…”.

Well, if those thoughts crossed your mind, I can tell you that there is a reason that the halal cosmetic industry seems to be growing worldwide. As people begin to be more conscious about everything they put into their bodies and on their skin, the notion of animal ingredients (especial pork products) being in skincare and oral hygiene products is something people are raising awareness about for a variety of reasons and passions- whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, animal rights activists, halal or kosher product consumers. Think pork gelatin or byproducts, for instance, which can be found in so many toothpastes….

So, whenever I go into a halal or Mediterranean grocery store, I scan the aisles for a halal toothpaste that I can try. Mostly, I’ve found some obscure brands that are hard to find on a consistent basis. Once at a convention or conference catering to Muslims, I noticed Sprinjene at a booth and was happily surprised to find it. It’s also interesting that it was invented by a Muslim chemist who was keen on providing a halal toothpaste to Muslims.  

It was only until very recently that I actually tried their toothpaste. SprinJene currently has two toothpastes on the marketFresh Boost, which has a natural mint flavor, and White Boost, which has a natural clove flavor and is great for teeth whitening and for those with oral sensitivity. The New Jersey-based SprinJene’s patent pending formula is made with Black Seed Oil, about which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said it is “The remedy for everything but death”. 

Photo Courtesy of Sprinjene
Photo Courtesy of Sprinjene

There is a wealth of information about the benefits of black seed oil and their halal certification on their website

I didn’t feel like the toothpaste was ‘pasty’ or thick, and I did ‘taste’ the black seed oil, which gave it a smoother feel on my teeth- nice! What I also like about SprinJene is that it does not use harsh chemicals or abrasives and is formulated with with microsilica, a smaller, gentler version of the traditional silica used in many mainstream toothpastes. 

In addition to being certified halal, SprinJene is also one of few toothpastes to be certified gluten-free and vegan.

About the Giveaway


To a total of 10 giveaway winners, SprinJene is giving away 2 toothpastes each (1 full size Fresh Boost Toothpaste and 1 full size White Boost Toothpaste), for a total value of $10 USD per winner. 

To enter the giveaway, share it one at least one of your social media outlets (using the share buttons below) and leave us a comment with your feedback about what you think of using a halal toothpaste like Sprinjene.

We only accept US entries with street addresses available for shipment.

Giveaway ends June 20, 2016 at 12:01 AM CST.

For more information about SprinJene and to find out where you can purchase their products, see if SprinJene is at a store near you or check them out on Amazon. They’re also in some halal and health food stores in the U.S., along with mass retailers like Price Chopper and ShopRite.

You can also keep up with them in the following ways on social media:

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21 thoughts on “SprinJene Halal Toothpaste Giveaway [CLOSED]

  1. As salaamu alaikum this is actually exciting!! I started making my oen toothpaste paste to avoid the harsh chemicals. I’ve recently returned to commercial toothpaste, hesitantly, as I was concerned my homemade stuff wasn’t cleaning well enough. I’d love to try this and I will definitely be looking to try this even if I don’t win!

  2. I would love to try it I never seen or used halal toothpaste. I am very happy that every day there is more and more halal products on the Market. Just amazing.

  3. Who can deny the great benefit of black seed. They are amazing and i d love to try this toothpaste. Currently I use a vegan one that has clove and cinnamon my little boy tells me it s spicy 😉 I’d love to try this one for him in sha Allah thank you

  4. Ive got sensitive teeth and have difficulty finding toothpaste that will help with sensitivity. Black seed oil has great healing abilities so atoothpaste that is halal with the added benefit of blacks seed oil sounds amazing.

  5. How wonderful! Would love to have this and more halal items go mainstream and become readily available for all. Thanks for sharing and letting us know that this is out there.

  6. MashaAllah! My family would love this. I am trying to instil in my son the importance of brushing and overall cleanliness. He is almost 4 and will be starting school soon inshaAllah. I would love to put this in his school bag with his toothbrush to clean after lunch

  7. I absolutely love the concept. I try to live natural and toxic-free when it comes to products. Also, I’m a serious believer in supporting the efforts of the ummah!

  8. A halal toothpaste ? Finally something that has no harsh chemicals and is halal. I have sensitive teeth and all the benefits of black seed oil are amazing !!! I can’t wait to try it very excited !!! Something I feel good about my family using its safe and most importantly Halal !!!

  9. Assalamu alaikum. Since my reversion, I have been studying ingredients in foods/hygiene products and have been shocked at how many animal products are in things they don’t need to be in. I would love to win these products. They look amazing and more beneficial than anything out of the market right now. Alhmadulillah.

  10. I think this will be great to use and even better that it is Halal and free of harsh chemicals. I also think it’s great that there is a mint flavor because everyone loves a minty mouth.

  11. I would be very happy to try halal toothpaste. I didn’t know it exsisted. And the benefits of black seed oil also is a double treat. MashaAllah , hope I win in shaa Allah

  12. I would be very happy to try halal toothpaste. I didn’t know it exsisted. And the benefits of black seed oil also is a double treat. MashaAllah , hope I win in shaa Allah
    Liked shared public to fb thanks 🙂

  13. First of all, Ramadan Mubarak to everyone who is reading this! May you have a blessed Ramadan and May all your prayers be granted.

    I would love to win this toothpaste. I have a very difficult time getting natural vegan toothpastes. I have to drive 45 to 65 miles (one way) to the nearest markets that carry such toothpastes. Or else I order from the internet. I would love to try black seed toothpaste. Recently I used black seed to help alleviate a skin issue that conventional Western medication was doing nothing for. If black seed can do that for my skin, I would love to win these toothpastes so I can find out what it can do for my teeth!

    *Shared the link to your post about the contest via my Facebook*

  14. I think that it would be nice to try it out and see if it is better than the other toothpastes we use. I imagine that it may taste quite different than what people are used to. I am curious about that… But I do really like the fact that it doesn’t have many chemicals.

    – I shared the link via twitter

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. I would like to use a halal toothpaste . I have sensitive teeth and sometimes toothpaste is so strong flvored and burns my mouth. I hope this one will not be quite as harsh.

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