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CLOSED: Spice Up Your Life with this Harissa Giveaway!

Have you ever had harissa, that hot and spicy condiment made red by combining chili peppers, garlic and perhaps some dry-roasted spices, then thrown into North African soups and stews for added flavor?

I liken harissa to the French pistou of North African cusine because, much like pistou, it is typically added to finished dishes for the fresh and pungent flavor it provides, to top off soups and stews, yet I would be perfectly happy dipping fresh rustic bread into a spoon of harissa (or pistou).

I recently taught a cooking class where we made a classic Moroccan dish: Chicken Tagine with Olives and Preserved Lemons, served with Couscous. We also made a homemade harissa to add to the tagine once it was on our plates, but with a new product on the market that offers harissa in a jar, made with healthy, high-quality ingredients, you could cut your cooking time down a bit while still incorporating a wonderful condiment into your dish.

Over on Twitter, I was able to ‘meet’ a company called Mina. They make three versions of harissa: a mild, medium, and a spicy version all sold in glass jars. Previously I had only ever seen one type of harissa in Middle Eastern markets and it’s in a can, much like tomato paste.

Mina is different in that you can actually see the product through its glass jar. They use only six simple ingredients in their harissa, so it’s also uncomplicated and natural.

Red bell pepper, red chili pepper, garlic, olive oil, vinegar and salt is all that’s in the Mina harissa brand

If you love North African cuisine (particularly Algerian, Moroccan, Libyan, Tunisian) food or you live to add spice to any cuisine, this product is for you. I don’t make North African cuisine too often, but I have found some clever and delicous ways to enjoy this valuable product at home:

  • add to grilled cheese sandwiches or quesadillas
  • use as a dip for tortilla chips
  • mix with sour cream as a dip for breaded chicken or fish filets
  • put a dollup into tuna or egg salad for a nice kick of flavor
  • add to tacos instead of salsa

How would you use a product like Mina harissa with your favorite dishes?

Mina has been generous enough to offer to give away two jars of their harissa (mild and spicy) to one random winner who answers this question and the other guidelines listed below.



To enter the giveaway, simple follow the instructions below. A winner will be announced on December 20, 2011.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Erin L., winner of this giveaway! Erin will receive two jars of Mina Harissa. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Giveaway Guidelines and Details

Your answer in the comments section of this post will enter you into the giveaway for two 10-ounce jars of Mina Harissa.

Winners will be randomly chosen from those who follow the giveaway eligibility guidelines. Giveaway ends December 18, 2011 at 12:01 am CST. Winner will be announced on December 20, 2011.

To Enter the Giveaway (U.S. & Canadian residents only):

1) Leave a relevant comment after this post that answers the question:  How would you use a product like Mina harissa with your favorite dishes?

2) Subscribe to the MHK Monthly Newsletter AND sign up to receive MHK articles and recipes by email.

3) Follow Mina Harissa on Twitter OR “Like” Mina Harissa on Facebook.

Entries (comments plus other requirements) must be received by 12:00 am CST on December 18, 2011.


Thanks for participating and stay posted for more giveaways for other wonderful products this month!


Disclaimer: Mina Harissa provided me with free samples of their product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

29 thoughts on “CLOSED: Spice Up Your Life with this Harissa Giveaway!

  1. I have cooked with those ingredients in my dishes, however I have never tried someones in a jar. I am cooking more ethnic dishes in my home because my family is liking them more, as well as in my community during events. We all like spicy here!

  2. I think i would use this in all sorts of ways, with soup, vegetable and meat curries. Also might be able to try it as a dip with crackers.I would be especially interested in trying it out with a favorite dish I like to make which is a light saute of tofu and red chilli peppers!

  3. Assalam o Alaikum Yvonne and thanks for brining this giveaway to us. I have never tried Harissa before but am intrigued by the description and can’t wait to try it.

    I would love to add it to soups, avacado dip and eat in place of salsa with chips …

  4. I love to stir Harissa into soups and stews for an extra kick of flavor. It is also great as a condiment on almost any sandwich , too. I am so happy it is now available in jars–those little cans were hard to open.

  5. I love the grilled cheese idea that you mentioned but as an original suggestion, I would have to suggest putting some of this in a philly steak sandwich to give it some spice. I would also like to try adding it to a cioppino (fish stew).

  6. I have never tried Harissa before but I love spicy food. I would love try Harissa as a meatballs and spagetti or stir fry sauce. I think it will also taste good as a condiment on a bagel with egg and cheese or with a samosa.

  7. Hi yvonne I have been recently experimenting with Moroccan cuisine after purchasing ‘flavours of morocco’ . I have attempted to make my own harissa a few times as I don’t have it readily available where I am. But I would really like to know what it is supposed to taste like! It has been great to use mixed in with couscous to give extra flavor as well ad a marinade on roast chicken. My favourite recipe so far has been moroccan mint meat balls on harissa couscous. I can imagine even trying it on bruschetta instead of pesto.

  8. We put harissa on everything. I add it to soups and sauces for a little extra kick. My husband loves it on grilled chicken, meat and fish, but especially on lamb chops. We can’t barbecue without it.:)

  9. I LOVE HARISSA! I have family in Tunisia and whenever we go (about once a year) we bring back a huge jar filled of the most authentic harissa you can get. It is a kind that doesn’t have labels because it’s not mass produced, just some ladies from a village make it and sell it. I can say it is 1 million times better than any marketed harissa. However, I have never tried Mina brand and would love to try it. My favorite ways are putting it in Spaghetti sauce for a kick, using as a marrinade for chicken and then grilling, putting it in all kinds of couscous stews, and recently, my new favorite way is adding a tablespoon to hummus. It adds a great kick of flavor. 🙂

  10. I recently ate at a Moroccan restaurant for the first time, and I really enjoyed it! Such warm, spicy, rich, and interesting flavors filled the food. I would like to try to make a Moroccan dish myself sometime and use Mina Harissa in the recipe. 🙂 I also like your idea of using it to spice up grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas. 🙂

  11. I have tried Harissa once with a tortia chips it was really good, I would love to try it with other foods and use as a dip for crackers and bread.

  12. Salaams, I think I would try it as a dip for samosa or pakoras with a little lemon juice…all the other suggestions sound great as well!! look forward to purchasing the Mina brand Harissa sauce soon.

  13. One of my most favorite sandwiches is curried chicken salad mixed with arugala, apples and cranberries. I think some harissa spread on this sandwich would bring it to all new levels of yumminess!!!!

  14. I would love to use it with my newly discovered moroccan recipes that require harissa -i looked around anad couldn’t find a grocery store that carries it, and it jut doesn’t turn out the same at home. Now Alhamdulillah I know where to get it from, shukran!

  15. I’m not sure I would use it since I can’t handle spicy stuff but I imagine my husband would use it in tagines, moroccan meatball sauce, tacos, etc!

  16. Never had it but sounds wonderful. On Sundays like to grab a fresh whole fish from the market. Stuff with salt cured lemons. This would be perfect to coat the outside of the fish and broil!

  17. My husband is from Comoros and loves spicy food, so the spicy harissa will be a great addition to his Comorian chicken dishes . It would also add a great kick to our coconut milk, taro root, beef stew that we make. Of course we would also use it for his homemade sambusak and since I don’t like particularly sweet things for breakfast, harissa will be a great way to add great depth of flavor and spice to my breakfast scrambles and veggie saute’s.

    • So many great ideas, everyone! Please share them with your friends and family- they all seem too delicious to keep to ourselves 🙂

  18. As Salaamu Alaikum Sis,
    Insha’Allah all is well with you.

    Oh my I love Harissa! Normally my aunt makes it for me and ships it from North Carolina or sends me a back when they visit her in-laws in Tunisia.

    I use Harissa on warm buttered naan, in lamb stew, lamb/chicken tangine, my curries, warm rustic bread, gyros, soups, stir fry and much more… Absolutely love the spicy blend of it all!

    Now after reading some of the post above, I would definitely like to try on some new items, such as, meatballs, grill cheese, dip, tacos. HMMMM MMMM DELICIOUS!!! OOOH Frittattas would be great!

    This is great!!!

  19. I absolutely love Mina harissa! I would use it ( and have used it) on dishes such as roasted potatoes, a cucumber, olive, tomato, and onion salad, a vegetable fritta and so on! There are plenty of dishes to use this spice for that will leave your mouth satisfied and wanting more!

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