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CLOSED: Eid Creations Party Goods Giveaway

We’ve done it before and we’re doing it again with another Eid Creations giveaway! Get ready for all your Eid festivities now so that you don’t have to do it during Ramadan, especially in those last ten blessed days. Eid Creations offers many unique products for your home celebrations, many items which you can re-use year after year, such as their new melamine serving ware, paper lanterns and ribbons. Listed below are the items they’re giving away as a package to one randomly-selected winner. 


One 18″ mylar Eid Mubarak Balloon with shabby chic design, $2.50

Three 12″ paper Eid Mubarak lanterns with shabby chic design,  $12

 Eid Mubarak Satin Ribbon

Six 9″ melamine Eid Mubarak dinner plates shabby zee chic design, $12

This Giveaway is Now Closed and the Winner is: MARYAN ISSE. Fatemah (frkernalli). Thank you and please contact us immediately!

About the Giveaway

Eid Creations is giving away each of the items photographed above to one randomly-selected winner. Simply leave a comment below relative to the giveaway items listed. Giveaway ends on June 29, 2014 at 12:01 AM CST.  Please read our Official Giveaway Guidelines before entering. 

Eid Creations, LLC was founded by Rana Mahmoud Bacaloni, an experienced event planner and mother of three. Her idea was to create a one-stop shop for all your Islamic holiday party needs.  The designs are modern and appealing priced economically. Eid Creations is also committed to giving back to the community by supporting Al Bouraq Center for Widows and Orphans in Tripoli, Lebanon. Their company motto is:  “Let us Create and you Celebrate!” You can visit their site at:

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  1. Aw. MashaAllah! I would love to win the Eid Giveaway. The kids would love these decorations ESPECIALLY because it says “Eid” on them!

  2. I would love to win this giveaway. I can think of hundred things to wrap with this ribbon.. love it. :)

  3. Finally, place settings specifically for Eid! So glad that my son won’t feel like its a fringe holiday like I used to growing up in the US.

  4. What a festive way to decorate the home!

  5. christina ahmed

    Wow, these are beautiful, I would love to decorate the house with these :)

  6. May Allah increase you guys…what a wonderful giveaway! God bless!

  7. Love it. Perfect for a get together

  8. These itesm would be great for our annual Eid party!

  9. What a lovely setting! Just beautiful for an EID family gathering!

  10. Hello, i am karima from the netherlands. I alwayw follow my halal kitchen. May Allah bless you all.
    I love to win the eid mubarak package because this year me,my husband and two kids all alone with eid. The whole family is on vacasion. So i want it to be a great day with all the accesorice. We dont have this in netherlands

  11. What a wonderful idea to make specific decor for us Muslims! I think my niece and nephew would really love this! I would also use the decor to decorate my classroom inshAllah!

  12. Both my husband and I are converts; this is the first year we are celebrating Eid with our parents. It would be beautiful to win this giveaway. I know my mother-in-law is going to love the plates and of course, the kids, the balloons.

  13. Maa-shaa’Allah this looks amazing!! I thoroughly enjoy celebrating eid to the fullest. Especially living in the west, I feel we should proudly celebrate our and show our customs <3

  14. I’d like to win this giveaway! What a bunch of cute things this collection has!

  15. Wow. That is amazing way to celebrate did. Specially with my new baby and my daughter. She will love to help me decorate for eid. The colors are amazing and very festive.

  16. Mashallah it is great to see our ummah enjoying our celebrations and making it exciting for the children, i love islam and this Ramadan is especially important to me and my daughter, i would love to win this for our family! Please tell me how i can apply to win!!

  17. Assalamo alaikum,
    Oh wow these look amazing would love to get it as it will make our EID much more festive!!!

  18. Finally we have a set of decorations to celebrate our holidays. Alhamdulillah our homes can be beautiful and festive! I would love to have this set to decorate for my children. I’ve always decorated for Eid but to have decorations specifically made for Eid would be wonderful!!!

  19. What a lovely way to decorate tour house for Eid!

  20. this are really nice decorations.the kids would really love theses

  21. Assalamu alaikum,

    May Allah swt bless you guys. This is soo wonderful! Finally we got some EID decorations. With these decorations we def could bring the EID feeling at home. I know for sure everyone will luv this. The elders as the youngsters! Luv it.

  22. This is so fun! I am so glad things like this exist! It will really make celebrating even more special.

  23. Love this giveaway and what a perfect way to help celebrate and make the Eid more festive! May everyone have a Blessed Ramadan and very Happy Eid!

  24. Such a beautiful decoration for Eid.

  25. Salaam,

    This is really nice. Eid in the US is not as fun. Will love get some these goodies :).

  26. This is the perfect way to encourage and excite my 3-yr old about Ramadan and Eid!

  27. This would be a real nice treat for us.

  28. This would be awesome to have to decorate in eid and make it feel like a proper celebration!

  29. Masha Allah these decorations would make a beautiful Eid for the kids.

  30. Wow eid giveaway items are awesome. I would love to get one. Just to make my child realize how special eid is.

  31. sinead Ellen seaton

    Perfect little touches to make eid special for both children and even the adults. I think it’s so important when living in a non Muslim country to help create that buzz of eid around us. We are reverts so don’t have the family to do it with but our Muslim brothers and sisters always make up for it. I don’t think there has ever been a eid where we have not been invited to someone’s home or they to ours. So whoever does win can I ask of one thing invite someone who does not have anyone to shear eid with to your amazing celebration with these items. So they can feel the love of the ummah around them like we have been so lucky to have Alhamdulilah. May you be a blessing to each other and help each other on the path of Allah ameen.

  32. So nice to see such beautiful Eid decorations being created! would love to win!

  33. AOA these are exactly the kind of decorations we need in order to inspire, motivate, excite children of all ages to look forward to Ramadan and than Eid festivities . May Allah SWT reward you sister for setting this up. Ameen

    Walikum Assalam

  34. I would love to win!

  35. Would make anyone’s Eid to have such beautiful decorations, but especially for the children who living in a non-Muslim country feel they miss out a bit on Christmas decorations. I would love to win these but will be getting some regardless.

  36. Salaam, Could you please add my name for the Eid giveaway. My kids will love the paper lanterns. Jazak Allah.

  37. Beautiful! Would love to have these on eid, so festive and beautiful.

  38. Insha’allah I would love to win to make this ramandan extra special for my little ones.

  39. InshaAllah I can win these. This is the first time my husband has expressed an interest in decorating for Ramadan.

  40. Would love to win this to put the eid celebrations up a notch this year!!
    Sounds great, creative and absolutely wonderful creations, ma sha Allah!!

  41. Christine Miller-Kablawi

    As my daughter has gotten older, I’ve tried to make Eid special for her so she doesn’t feel like she doesn’t get to celebrate holidays like she sees all around her in the US. This prize pack would be perfect!

  42. InshaAllah I would love to decorate with these products. Your sample setting is beautiful mashaAllah.

  43. Any one of those beautiful items would make EID extra special for me.

  44. MashaAllah those decorations are so nice. way better than any Xmas decor we use for eid. I would love to support our sisters who work so hard to beautify our holidays

  45. Shaeestha Tufail

    Great idea – love the fact that this is marked for the occassion – would love to win this for eid & decorate in themed style!!!:)

  46. These are lovely. My younger cousins love balloons and the lanterns could be used more than once.

  47. Lovely!! mashAllah :)

  48. These items are beautiful mashAllah!! I especially love the dinner plates! What a wonderful touch to add to the table for our Eid feast!

  49. Would love to decorate my place with all those decor items i’A. Love them all!

  50. MashaAllah, beautiful decorations for a festive holiday.

  51. Salam
    Your efforts are really awsome and its a pleasing honor for all of us to participate n win these beautiful party creations :)

  52. I would love to have great decorations for Eid. These are beautiful!

  53. Masha Allah very creative

  54. What a wonderful giveaway. I would enjoy putting this up for my family and friends

  55. These items would look lovely at our annual Eid party! Hope I win!

  56. I had no idea so many great things existed for Eid- would love all this for my eid party!

  57. These are such amazing products! Would love to win any or all of them. My fav is the paper lantern.

    P.S. I’m not sure if the giveaway has ended or not. Since I just saw Eid Creations post a link I thought if enter.

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