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Sending an Eid Greeting + a Giveaway

This next post and giveaway comes to us from the online Etsy store, Salaam Cards. I’ve watched their business grow in the last year and they’re making pretty handmade cards and wrapping paper that are just perfect for Eid. Take a look, read through and enter the giveaway at the end, just in time for Eid ul Adha.

Nothing beats the feeling of checking the mail and finding out you have a handwritten note. Even better, is when it’s a beautiful, hand decorated, one of a kind greeting card. Salaam Cards has a passion for handcrafts and even more so for putting a smile on someone’s face. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter to us the most.

We craft every card to make each celebration just that much more special. Cards have a way of bringing joy to those who receive them. Greeting cards are a great way to let someone know that you are thinking about them, and a way to celebrate with those that you are with everyday and those that are far away.

We took the traditional greeting card and tailored it for Muslims, offering modern and contemporary Eid cards as well as cards for new baby, thank you, graduation, and more. This way, every occasion is celebrated with that special touch of a hand crafted card.

Eid is the most significant celebration for Muslims and is a holiday where friends and family get together to celebrate. Celebrations include dinners, gifts, and much more. It’s a time to reach out to all. A wonderful way to celebrate this day, is sending a greeting or gift to the special people in your life. Bring that joy to someone’s day by simply sending them a greeting card.

Eid Muabarak to all!

– The Salaam Cards Team

Comment here for a chance to win a $10 credit to shop the Salaam Cards card collection.

Chance to enter ends on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Please read the My Halal Kitchen Official Guidelines to enter, as entering indicates you have read and agreed with those guidelines.

Update: The winner of this giveaway is Rev. Cynthia

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  1. Am sharing this great opportunity w/ my Muslim friends!

  2. Eid is a special time for all Muslims in the world.

  3. There was a time when the only ” Eid cards “I could find were “mosques of the world”! So nice to see that we have come a long way! These cards are so pretty and evoke a sense of joy!

  4. Such lovely cards!

  5. Cute cards, Masha’Allah! Would love to send these to my family!

  6. Wow, Salaam Cards have an amazing assortment. Not only do they have Eid Mubarak cards, but many occasion, blank, thank you, well wishes, and loved one specific cards (like for Mom or a baby boy). I was happy to see they also carry gift wrap and favor boxes/bags in many designs. My favorite card was a handmade Eid card w/ a circle of multicolor Butterflies in the background and for sale at a very reasonable $3.00. I hope to use their services soon. In fact, I might finally make an Etsy account, just because of Salaam Cards, hehe.

  7. It is wonderful to see Eid Greeting Cards. Great idea for a beautiful holiday! I’d love to shop with them for all occassions!

  8. I have used Salaam Cards in the past and love their authentic feel. These are hand made and not the cookie cutter factory kind. They easily express “you are special.” Keep up the great work, Salaam Cards!!!

  9. As Salamualaikum

    Masha Allaha!! very beautiful cards.Insha Allaha would love to send them to my near n dear ones.

  10. These cards are beautiful! I shared with my FB friends!

  11. I’m loving the various colors and styles of these Eid cards! They truly look personalized and hand made….I for one would definitely feel special if I were to receive such a card!

  12. Alhamdulilah, 4 the hallal kitchen nw its becomin more safe to eat out.D salam cards are just great.

  13. This is lovely, I would love tto send these cards to my friends and family

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