Safiya’s Room: Globally Inspired Quilts & Heirloom Pieces for the Nursery {Giveaway}

Khadija Ghurnah is the gentle soul behind a company that is making a precious product to wrap your baby or toddler in and hand it down as an heirloom piece. I spoke to her about her business, Safiya’s Room and how she is enlisting the handiwork of skilled artisans in India to design and craft these very special pieces. I asked her to tell you in her own words in this interview that follows. 

Tell us about your product line and where they are made

At Safiya’s Room we strive to ensure every item is unique, authentic and of the highest quality. Our hand block quilts are made by artisans in Jaipur, India. These treasures are 100% cotton and carefully crafted by hand; starting from the preparation of the cotton for the filling; to the beautiful hand blocked designs and hand stitched finished product.

Is your business your passion? If so, why or why not? Why do you do it?

My background is in healthcare administration, working on reducing inequalities in healthcare delivery. After I had my children I knew I had to scale back in order to be more present for my family. Starting Safiya’s Room has allowed me to work on something I find challenging and fulfilling, yet allows me to be more available for my family. I very much enjoy every aspect of textile design and processing. To create the quilts for Safiya’s Room, I work with amazing and and talented artisans. Their work is such amazing artistry with each quilt taking up to 3 weeks to complete. The whole process is a passion and a privilege for me.

Who is your customer?
I have many different customers which is wonderful, because I think the art of hand made goods is a universal language. What I have found is that most quilts are bought as gifts for baby showers. I love this idea because it is exactly why I tracked down the artisans in India- I was looking for a gift for my daughter that will stand the test of time so that she can one day gift it to her own children.

Why do you think the readers of My Halal Kitchen will enjoy your products- what is it about what you’re selling that is useful to them?
You can look at a quilt and see the stamp of each individual that worked on it, in much the same way you see the love and handiwork in a home cooked meal. Each quilt is unique and an individual work of art. I would love to share that with the readers of My Halal Kitchen.

What’s your goal or vision for the future of your business?
I want to continue to explore patterns from different cultures. My current designs haven’t strayed too far from traditional Indian block print designs, with a little touch of different cultures through some Suzani and Quatrefoil influences. I am looking at how I can adapt traditional East and West African patterns to hand block printing. I can’t tell you how much I love exploring this cross cultural design process.
 Additionally, I see the work I do with the artisans as a partnership. They determine the value of their work and I pay them the price they request. This partnership means that the future of the business is a very organic process, I have my plans and designs and the artisans also have ownership in this process as well. They do email me with suggestions of patterns of processes they would like to work on. I am excited to see how this collaboration grows. My goal is to continue to foster a positive connection between the artisans who make the quilts and the consumers who buy them. It’s important to me that my products are beautiful and unique, but its also very important that the artisans who make the quilts are valued and given fair pay for their work.

A famous saying of Rumi is: “Let the beauty we love be what we do.” I am happy when I can deliver a beautiful quilt to a customer and I’m very happy that the quilt came from someone who is proud of their work and feels valued for the work they did. That really is a thing of beauty.

 Now for the giveaway!

Safiya’s Room is giving away my favorite piece in their collection, the Sarah Twin Quilt (valued at USD $80.00)- and it’s open to U.S and Canadian mailing recipients! All of the quilts are so, so soft but this one has my favorite pattern and colors for a baby girl or even a little girl’s room. If you don’t have kids, enter anyway- someone you know may be having a baby soon. If you don’t want to give it away, keep it for yourself. Yes, you can cuddle with it.

To enter, please “like” Safiya’s Room on Facebook and subscribe to my Quick Bites Newsletter, if you’ve not done so already.  Read our guidelines to make sure you’ve understood them, as entering indicates you have done so. Last, please add a comment (which is your entry) about this very special handmade product and the artisanal work behind it- even if it’s simply a compliment.

 Giveaway ends on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 12:01 CST


UPDATE: We have a winner! Rafia Sadigrafia, please contact us with your full name, email address, phone number and mailing address (no P.O. Boxes) within 48 hours or we will move on to another winner. Thank you!


84 thoughts on “Safiya’s Room: Globally Inspired Quilts & Heirloom Pieces for the Nursery {Giveaway}

  1. Habibiti Roqayya will be 2 in March and this would be a Beautiful gift for her πŸ™‚ I am so happy to have found this website!!

  2. What beautiful quilts! I would love to have one for my granddaughters. Just by looking, you can see all the time put into them

  3. So tired of seeing all the character based bedding sold in stores nowadays…..this is a great alternative and just what I was looking for for my little girl’s room…I would love to have it for her room!…liked and subscribed to both pages….good luck everyone!

  4. Mashallah, great work. This is something new,a beautiful piece of art. It takes so much love and care to handle in making a hand made stuff., a quilt..inshallah, would love to have for Aleeza, my lil toddler.
    And last, after i saw d fb page, my LIKE on safias room page on Facebook turned out to be genuine and not just for an entry to the contest.

  5. The quilts look so beautiful. I love the idea that they can stand the test of energetic little hands and last long enough to be passed on to another generation. Would definitely “like” MHK if I was on Facebook.

  6. These quilts are so, so gorgeous! While I don’t have children (yet), I absolutely love the idea behind this. I’ve been going a little Pinterest crazy lately and have been searching for a local business that sells fabrics and upholstered furniture with kilim, suzani, ajrak and other similar patterns familiar to south/central Asia. So glad to have discovered Safiya’s Room – my biggest problem now will be choosing one!

  7. Beautifully done! I’ve always been fascinated by eastern colors and patterns. My daughter’s name is Safiya and what a treat it would be to win this for her πŸ™‚

  8. I really admire parents who work from home and come up with such ingenious ideas for new businesses. Your quilts are lovely – I’m sure your daughter appreciates the beauty, hard work and business savvy you’ve introduced into her life. Many duaa for your success.

  9. These are simply gorgeous. I love the idea of a baby blanket that is sophisticated enough for a child to ‘grow into’, rather than just being full of baby-ish characters and the same old pink-or-blue theme.

  10. Thanks for hosting yet another great giveaway! This one I REALLY want because out of my 3 girls, the youngest always gets hand me downs! This quilt would be great to give her when she starts sleeping in a twin bed very soon! Liked the page on fb (Farah SK) and couldn’t remember if I subscribed to your newsletter so I subscribed again πŸ™‚

  11. Safiya, your heirloom quilts are so beautiful, mashallah. Although, I don’t have a baby, I would love to win this for my little daughter as she loves cuddling with blankets! May Allah (swt) put barakah in your business and endeavours! Great selection and designs <3

  12. Masha Allah! Safiya’s Room, I am so loving these pieces. Reminds me of home, family and grandma! Oh grandma! These quilts are so gorgeous! I see the love in them, so much love. We don’t keep a lot of things to pass on, this will probably be my number one! I will like to have pictures of the family caught cuddling under this be it to share hadiths, reading Quran or a good book! And one day pass it on with a big bow and pictures of the moments! In sha Allah πŸ™‚ May Allah subhana wa taa’la bless you in many ways , Ameen.

  13. Salams, I absolutely love those blankets. Being from a East European background I grew up with them, my mom did, and the whole family. Safiya’s designs are beautiful!

  14. Masha Allah It is so good to see that someone is putting so much effort in designing and above all hand crafting the whole thing i.e from filling to the stitching . I love the fact that its 100% cotton filling as my daughter (Marwa) is allergic to other materials. Allah bless you.

  15. The thing that inspires me most is that the artisans who make these pieces are valued and paid for their hard work, which is a thing we usually not see now a days. And that Khadijah is giving full credit to them for creating these pieces and not merely showing them off as being her creations. I would like one of these so that I can tell my children how much love and hardwork goes into creating such a thing of beauty. Thumbs up for safiya’s room you are doing a great job!

  16. Assalamu Alaikum, These quilts are all beautiful,loving all the design/color. I am expecting my first child in April and would love to win one for the baby πŸ™‚ I have liked Safiya’s room on FB and am subscribed to your newsletter.

  17. These are beautiful! I have attempted quilting many times. It is such a difficult craft. How wonderful that there are people out there still taking time to do it by hand.

  18. Assalamoalikum! Just liked the quilt page and subscribed the newsletter!
    The quilts look really soft and of very good quality. I still have to check the page if they come in queen sizes because my mother in law loves quilts and i would love to gift her this amazing present Insh Allah. Even though she still makes her own quilts as a hobby but i have a feeling that these are more softer and she would definitely love this πŸ™‚

  19. Mashallah!!! Beautiful quilts! When I got married my aunt made me a beautiful quit to keep as an heirloom and i love the idea of starting the tradition with my children, inshallah!!!

  20. Masha Allah beautiful quilts from hardworking people, May Allah swt bless these artisans. I would just love these for my 2 baby girls, would make a perfect Birthday gift for them next week! We just adore blankets, quilts and decorations that represent our cultural heritage around the house. Jazak Allah for the opportunity to win something great =)

  21. Assalam alekum…
    Just saw these quilts and I think it’s the perfect time that I came across this website…
    These quilts reminds me of my mom who are far away from me.. And I’ll love to have one for my 19 month old who just learned the concept of his Anna Anna (quilt)… I ve been ver tired to see these character based blankets available all over… These would be perfect…quilts like these I havemy own in my moms home and I would love to have one for my baby…
    Jazakalallah ..

  22. I really adore the rich prints and colors. MashaALLAH! Infact I think these would look good in any bedroom belonging to any age group , they’re so bright and funky yet elegant at the same time.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on them, be it by winning this giveaway or I’ll just buy one for myself

  23. i have always loved Yvonnes’s recipes and while going through Safiya’s quilts they seem very detailed and have unique design on them.

  24. Thanx for the giveaway Yvonne. … What a blessing to do for living what you love and are passionate about. … Would love to win one for my toddler girl who loves blankies….

    Ps… I liked safiyas room and already subscribe to your page. ….

  25. Keep up the great work. It’s very encouraging for ladies who are so creative in their work and adopt it as business practice. I would love to own a piece of this beautiful craft for my little girl. May Allah grant you success in your endeavor.

  26. Bismillah, I did everything and followed all the rules. Yes, i accept all terms & conditions ! πŸ™‚ I love these ! It reminds me of Arabian nights, Dark cool skies, and dreamy thoughts. I just started sewing again after years of not doing it and it has taught me the value of making things out of woven fabric. It is so very rewarding. I’d love to win one of these in like a Midnight blue or a Red color. Dreaming away for now……

  27. What a lovely give away. It would add some much needed colour and earth into my girls room. Since we can not paint then as it is rented. I’m having to think of ideas to make it feel move loved!

  28. Nice giveaway ! Quilt have so many beautiful colors looks so beautiful. I would love to win this. My daughter would love it. Thanks

  29. Love the quilt prints so different from what I’ve seen on the hight street, even better that they are hand made! This will be absolutely perfect for my little niece who will turn 1 in march x

  30. It’s hard to find good quality, hand crafted items around my area. It seems to be an art that’s fading away and that’s sad. I think this is because people have moved or fast moving into such a materialistic world. The work here looks wonderful and I’m amazed at such talent! Very, very nice work <3

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