CLOSED: Saffron Road’s Ramadan Basket Giveaway

Many of you who are frequent readers of My Halal Kitchen may notice that I post a recipe every month using something from Saffron Road, a unique brand here in the U.S. that offers guaranteed halal-certified products such as globally inspired Simmer Sauces, halal and gluten-free culinary broths, convenient freezer meals that have beef, chicken or lamb and even vegan and vegetarian options, too. They even offer snack mixes using the beloved chickpea, albeit with the most interesting of spices mixed in- Falafel or Korean BBQ, for example. Who would’ve thought? I love that they’re committed to making all of their products halal, of course, but also that they’re part of the NonGMO project and that they’re always looking towards healthy and wholesome, too. That’s why I work with them and that’s why I’m happy to be a Brand Ambassador for them. Yes, I love to make everything I can from scratch- I’m a cook through and through, but let’s be honest- it’s pretty much impossible so far to find quality halal broths to cook with (they’re the only ones I know of) and when it comes to convenience without all the junk, their products have saved me many times over during my kitchen renovation when I literally had no place to cook but a microwave.  It doesn’t have to be that drastic for anyone else, but I am just trying to make the point that it feels so good to be able to get their products in a nearby store and know that I don’t have to worry about the quality or integrity of its contents, alhamdullilah. So, if you’re new to this site and didn’t know about Saffron Road before, now you know a little more. Either way, you can enter to win this basket full of their products for you to try out for the first time or just enjoy again- surely it’ll help you stock up your pantry a bit after all that Ramadan cooking, too!

SR basket

To enter, leave a comment below about what you would make with any one of the items in the above gift basket, should you win. Also, be sure to β€œLike” Saffron Road on Facebook, too.  One winner will be randomly selected. U.S. mailing addresses only. Deadline for entry is July 14, 2014 at 12:01 am CST. Be sure to read our Official Giveaway Guidelines before entering, as entering indicates you have read and and agree.  Also, they’ll be having a Twitter chat on July 17 with Whole Foods Market and I do plan on being there, too. Follow @saffronroadfood on Twitter to stay updated and stay tuned here on MHK because I’ll give more details about it again as a reminder.

UPDATE- this giveaway is now closed. The randomly-selected winner is: Faatima. Please contact us as soon as possible with your mailing address.

172 thoughts on “CLOSED: Saffron Road’s Ramadan Basket Giveaway

  1. Dear My Halal Kitchen and Saffron Road,
    I would love to make some vegetable broth from the basket in the picture above.
    Sit down with some loved ones and enjoy a bowl and relax to calm all the stresses of the day.

  2. The simmer sauces are great and so easy – pour the packet of Thai Red Curry sauce over browned chicken or shrimp with veggies. Warm and serve over brown rice. It makes a quick and nutritious meal!

  3. Alhamdulillah, I would love to have the chance to try your products. The packaging looks wonderful. It makes me hunger just looking at them.

  4. Being new to US, I have a hard time finding halal products, it seems like a big research to get anything halal. Since my husband is busy with his work I dont get much chance to explore indian/middle eastern markets. Thanks to your blog I got introduced to Saffron Road,planning on ordering its product online and making my moms recipes (she is an Amazing cook).

  5. Looks very inviting & tempting to try and make some of the dishes in view of the snapshot of assorted products Saffron Road has to offer. Would love the opportunity one day in shaa’Allah to try them out !

  6. I would love to win this so I can produce a wonderful meal for my husband and family and to try them out so insh’allah I buy them oneday soon

  7. I would love to try all of the products that are in this basket! I have been seeing you promoting the Saffron Road products and I am really anxious to try them. I have looked in the stores around the area I live in but have not been able to find Saffron Road products. I am a working woman and a Dietitian, so I am always looking for quick and healthy foods to cook for my family. Saffron Road products seem to be perfect for my life style.

  8. I love cooking.. N with these halal broths n sauce its easy to cook… Especially in ramadan with these long hours if fasting its a bit difficult ri stand in the kitchen and ccok for long but with these steady sauce cooking can be easy n quick… Would love to win this giveaway n try their sauce n broths..

  9. Being new to this brand… I would love to try their korma… Thai pad curry and falafels. Just love these new delicacies… Would definitely like to win. Inshallah πŸ™‚

  10. I’m a big fan of Saffron Road foods. Here’s what I would do:
    1) Make a batch of homemade popcorn and mix it with the crunchy chickpeas (the Korean BBQ is my fave), and probably eat it in one sitting. Haha
    2) I make a lot of soups and stews, so I would use the broths for that. I also add broth to my stewed red beans, or cuban-style black beans. YUM!

  11. Assalamalaikum

    I would love to cook falafel with simmer sauce..healthy and amazing combination during Ramadan..

  12. Would love to win this, I haven’t tried this product yet. I can use it’s broths in Soups, Pulao, Quinoa or Cousous… and I love Thai food, that would be a good one πŸ™‚

  13. I love, love, love the broth! I can use it to make many dishes. From chicken tikka to white chicken enchiladas. I would love to try the falafel!

  14. Wow, MashAllah i always love to cook for others n with this basket i can make a simple and big meal for fasting people who come to open fast in masjid ….

  15. I came across your Italian wedding soup recipe and would love to try that as well as other soups/stews using their halal broths!

  16. My family loves the chicken tikka I make with Saffron Road sauces. I’ve tried almost all of their products. Their snack packs are being enjoyed by a variety of food lovers from all walks of life – Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

  17. We would love to try various recipes with the products included in the package. We don’t have any halal products in the area where we live, and have yet to try any of these products. In Shaa Allah, soon. JazakAllah Khair.

  18. i love to cook and would like to try different recipes. i haven’t tried most of the saffron products. Whole Foods market here in Arlington, Tx have a very limited variety of Saffron products.

  19. oh everything thing sounds good.i would make falafel wraps and the broth for one of my soups either lentil,potato,or leek soup.

  20. Salam Alikum everyone
    I would use the Thai curry sauce to make a chicken stir-fry with some mixed vegetables. I would use the broth for a simple Thai basil soup. I would love to win this giveaway to that I can make a special dinner out of the ordinary for my family.

    Thank you

  21. If I were to win this great basket of saffron road products I would use the broths first and my husband would be very happy to try the snack mix! We live in northern WI so it is very rare for us to come by company’s that produce Halal products. The nearest global market is about a 6 hr drive from us so either way I am happy to learn of Saffron Road and will be ordering online if possible Inshallah.

  22. Askm wr wb!

    It’s great to see such a wonderful giveaway posted at My halal kitchen! Love Both THK and saffron road products! I would love to win this hamper and use the simmer sauce cuz that’s my absolute favorite! And of course would get a chance to try so many other of saffron road products too! Insha’Allah πŸ˜€ good luck to all!

  23. I would LOVE to try their broths I have not been able to find them here at our grocery store even though I put a request in for them as I like to use broths for sauces

  24. I really want to try the simmering sauces. I have tried the Korean Stirfry sauce and it was really good. Looking forward to trying more of them!

  25. I would first of all make chicken rice for my 4 year old son who tends toward picky eating and loves rice, using the zabiha chicken broth. Then I would make chicken tikka masala or karahi for my husband, with one of the sauces. For myself, a stir fry dish of Thai curry! And there’s no doubt about it, my husband would demolish the chick pea snack bags.
    I have not been able to find any of the Saffron Roads food products in any of the supermarkets for a 65 mile radius! I would really love to win this basket. I didn’t enter any other of your contests, but this one got me entering! I hope I win. πŸ™‚
    Happy Ramadan to everyone reading this!

  26. It’s hard to find a good broth in stores within 20 miles of me, no health food stores nearby. The dishes I’d like to try the chicken broth in would be stuffed chicken and a soup called freekeh. I would love to see how the freekeh soup turns out with a better quality broth. The simmer sauces seem interesting to, but honestly not sure how I would use them.

  27. I would love to try more of your products. I have definitely heard of your company before and tried a microwave dinner or two (that’s all my grocery store had from your line). For starters I would begin with your ready to eat snacks.

  28. I’m new at cooking and finding halal broth and simmers would make it so much easier to do the dishes I’ve always wanted to make πŸ™‚ I would like to make some good ol chicken noodle soup with the broth! The basket looks amazing, hope I win iA πŸ™‚

  29. I have never tried these products but I would definitely use them all, my husband and I both love to cook for our kids and family. These will be awesome to try out, especially the curry and the Korean BBQ!!

  30. My husband is in a project away from I buy Saffron Road’s ready to eat meal for him . so that he can have Halal and delicious food in the fridge when he comes back to his apartment in the evening. He loves these variety and yummy food. Please let me win so that I can try new and different products of Saffron Road . Ramadaan Kareem to all of you πŸ™‚

  31. love all the new line of Safron Road Products appearing in MN! originally a British native this is refreshing to see. I would love to try to make falafels at home as my kids love them πŸ™‚

  32. During the summer when it’s very hot, I don’t like to cook too much. The simmer sauces would be great to use. I’d use the Thai Pad Curry simmer sauce to add to the stir fried chopped chicken breasts. Love the Saffron Road products.

  33. AOA! What a wonderful little basket which I’d love to experiment with! I’ve already got some ideas brewing involving the stock that I could use for my own Kabsa recipe as well as some of the snack mixes (Falafel chickpeas) that can be used as condiments in KhaoSuey or a simple noodle salad. Being Pakistani, I also happened to notice the Korma spice mix which I am super excited to try out! Thanks so much for sharing this and Ramadan kareem to my fellow readers! πŸ™‚

  34. As’salam Alaikum Halal Kitchen and Saffron Road,

    I totally love their products. I have found them at whole foods and the taste is great. The broths are wonderful. If I had this basket I would use the broth. If it is chicken I will make hot and sour soup and if is beef I will make French onion soup.

    It is sooo hard to make these soups using the soup cubes to make the broth.

    Luv this

  35. I would love to make Thai Curry! It would be great to enjoy this at home rather than having to go to a restaurant!

  36. Assalmo alaikum,
    I’m a big fan of saffron road as they provide quality halal products,I will use the broth to make yakni biryani as theses ready made broth will make my life easier to make the rice ,don’t have to make the broth from scratch yesss!!!

  37. I would love to use the broth to make some soup. Been wanting to try them but haven’t seen them in any stores around me.

  38. I would use the Thai Red Curry sauce to make a tofu curry and serve it over rice.

    Karen Goodwin Delaney likes Saffron Road on Facebook

  39. I love the simmer sauces. Thai red curry with delicious beef strips and some wonderful veggies like carrots, bamboo shoots, green beans and peas. Yummy. I also love the lemongrass cook in sauce. Wonderful in a chicken or beef stirfry!!!

  40. Salaam.

    I am a newlywed who is trying to make her kitchen halal. One thing my husband misses is quick frozen foods, so he’ll enjoy the giveaway as it makes him able to eat halal while also enjoying quick eats.

    I would use the simmer sauce to make meat. I’m a vegetarian so I’m always worried about making meat but inshallah the sauce would help me from making a mistake.

    Ramadan Mubarak!

  41. A quinoa (cook in the stock.broth) salad with chicken simmered in one of the simmer sauces then on top of that the crunchy chick peas in place of croutons.

  42. I have yet to perfect my sauce recipe for chicken tikka masala, so using your simmer sauce will help me get a quick meal for in between my classes! (And maybe help me get my recipe down pat, too!)

  43. These looks AMAZING!! The area of the states I live in has absolutely nothing available short of a 2-3 hour drive for halal products. My husband and i have never won anything in our lives, it would be a great blessing to have this incredible basket of goodies show up at my door step. Yummy, I love the idea of the spiced chick peas πŸ™‚ definitely wouldn’t mind a tasty halal broth to make a tasty Iftar soup for my local community πŸ™‚

  44. Those simmer sauces in the crock pot make cooking a delicious and healthy dinner so easy even my kids can do it, and that sounds like a good idea to me.

    The frozen dinners make great office lunch. I’d be the envy of the break room.

  45. My Halal Kitchen and Saffron Road: I am in love with the crunchy chickpeas, especially the Bombay Spice variety. SO good! I snack on these every day at work, in the car and at home. Bags never last long in our house–my husband works from home and gobbles them up when I’m not around! Thank you, for tasty, healthy food options for me and my family.

  46. I love using the Moroccan Tagine simmer sauce in a stew with chickpeas, butternut squash and spinach. It’s sooo gooood!

  47. I love to make soups. My time has been cut in half thanks to the chicken stock!! So I would definatly make some yummy soup to break my fast with.

  48. I love their simmer sauces – thai is a fav in my house and I would love to use their thai curry sauce to make a chicken curry with veggies over jasmine rice, or even to give flavor to a shrimp and noodle thai soup!

  49. saffron road u must give chance to new customers let them try your products,let me win this basket and try your products.

  50. I’ve only tried the Thai Red Curry and love love love it! I would love to receive this basket so my family and I can try everything in it!

  51. I would love some halal chicken broth/stock. Veggie stock just doesn’t make rice as tasty. And I love rice. πŸ™‚

  52. Would love to try each and every item in the basket and create new recipes…. I love the simmer sauces.. I can use one to create my own spin on Chinese or Thai food. Or use roasted chickpeas in Papri Chaat for that crunch factor that is healthy and not deep fried. Would love to win this basket.

    Thanks for this giveaway Saffron Road and Yvonne.

  53. I love Saffron Road products! I would make Korean beef bulgogi, using the simmer sauces to add flavor to the meat and use the broth for cooking the rice (makes a richer flavor than using just water). I think adding the Korean bbq chickpeas on top as a garnish may be nontraditional but delicious addition!!! Adding a crunch to the melt in your mouth beef would make a perfect balance! Yum!

  54. InshAllah This will be a good chance for me to try Saffron road’s products since I have been trying for a while to get some of the products in my area which I couldn’t :(. I would definitely like to try their brooth specially chicken brooth and make some yummy soup :). Also their shimmer sauce to make good curry πŸ™‚

  55. This basket would make wonderful gift for my college aged son who is moving in to a new apartment later this summer. He loves to cook, as do I, and would enjoy using the Saffron Road sauces to make quick and tasty dishes.

  56. I have never tried the Saffron Road products but I see a trip to Whole Foods in the near future. Anyway if I were chosen I’d make curry shrimp or chicken with coconut rice. I’d also like to try to make Thai Iced Tea if I find a recipe.

  57. The broths sounds wonderful! I have the hardest time trying to find good quality broths and don’t always have the time to make my own. I would love to feed my little babies your healthy options!!!

  58. I would like to try the saffron simmer sauces and chicken broth with my veggies and chicken in some new recepies for Ramadan and May be for Eid as well.
    I have tried saffron chickpea snacks and chicken tikka masala meals and all that was so great.

  59. I would love to try the simmer sauces. I haven’t been able to find them at my local supermarket. I’ve tried other simmer sauces but haven’t been impressed by them. I think Saffron Road simmer sauces will become a staple in our house once I find a supermarket that carries it.

  60. Would love to try the falafal.. I have always tried them in the restaurant. . But with the help of your product. Will be trying them at home.

  61. I would love to win this basket! First thing I would make is risotto with the broth! Would also love to try making so ing with the Thai simmer sauce!

  62. I would love to try all of the products that are in this basket! I first discovered Saffron Road products while browsing the frozen food section at Target and LOVE LOVE LOVE their Tikka Marsala. I am always looking for quick and healthy foods to cook for my family! Would love to try the sauces and broth. I hope I win!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!

  63. I would use one of the broths to make some mashed potatoes that are light and healthier than adding butter and/or cream.

  64. First off, I am alll about saffron in my cooking and even love making facial masks with it (combined with milk and honey)…so when I saw the title of your post, I was drawn to it immediately. *.* If I had the opportunity, I would loove to make falafel, any curry dish (i.e. nihari, korma, etc), and haleem should there be a mix for that too. I’m a novice cook who has recently gained interest in trying out new recipes and experimenting with some of my own. When I come across a great recipe or find at the supermarket, I add it to my go-to list of foods. I’m hoping that Saffron Roads can be one of those go-to items in my basket. Best of luck to everyone!

  65. Dear My Halal Kitchen:

    If I am given this amazing basket, I would make a fantastic Iftar for my friends and family. First, I would make a beef korma dish. I’d make flavored rice using the broth and create a side dish of masala chickpeas that I would add yogurt, diced tomatoes and onions too, and top it with garam masala and mango chatni. I would also serve hot naan and make a refreshing tangy salsa using mangoes plucked from my tree to complement the meal (living in Miami has it’s perks!). And for dessert? I would make my moms traditional rice pudding (kheer). Additionally I would make sure to donate the exact value of the basket to a less fortunate family in my home country because our blessings have been many and this month we must remember those who struggle to just afford a meal. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Jazak Allahu Khayr!

  66. I would make a feast for my family which would be memorable and enjoyable. Chicken, rice, and veggies. What a delightful and enticing basket of goodies. Thanks.

  67. Thanks for great information, I didn’t know about this company. I would love to cook rice with saffron, it would be lovely if I get this basket.

  68. It’s halal .. πŸ™‚ and that’s the main thing n I love it I can get it a whole foods
    If I win inshallah I will eat the chickpeas as they are … N would like to use broth for some yakni pulao πŸ™‚
    Plus I will use other simmer sauces for quick Ramadan meals πŸ™‚

  69. Id take the Thai Red Curry simmer sauce and make a dish with coconut milk, tofu or Gardein fake chicken, peas, onions, garlic, and broccoli. Then Id take the vegetable broth and make a miso soup with it with miso paste, green onions, tofu, and cut up nori. With some wasabi chickpea snacks for dessert. πŸ™‚

  70. I would just start with opening and snacking on the chickpeas. I’ve had them before and they’re worth the price. Better than peanuts!

  71. I just bought the chicken broth from Whole foods. I was sooo glad to find it and I was relieved to see from the ingredient list that there was no MSG. There are a lot of dishes that use chicken broth so I am so glad to have a broth I can use. I want to make a home made chicken pot pie which uses chicken broth in the recipe. Can’t wait to try it!

  72. I love Saffron Roads frozen meals, especially their Chicken TIkka Masala! I haven’t tried any of their broths or simmer sauces yet, so would love to use those in my soups and when I make Korma for my family.

  73. My 17 year old son has an interest in cooking all things Asian. I’d gift him with the basket and InshaAllah, let his imagination take flight.

  74. Dear My Halal Kitchen and Saffron Road,

    I love that you guys in collaboration have made my transition into married life a little bit easier! I would love to use the broths to create a simple delicious dish for my husband this Ramadan, and munch on those chick pea snacks after Iftar! I hope I win!


  75. I love to use the Korma sauce over Jasmine rice, chicken, and asparagus. Easy, fast, and so tasty. My whole family loves it. I would enjoy trying out the different tastes and products that Saffron Road makes. They have become a staple in my kitchen.

  76. I would make Chicken Korma . My kids love it, I have been using the other brand.I hope my kids will love this one too!!

  77. I’m excited to use your gluten-free and your vegetarian options to feed my allergic, vegetarian family members. Cooking for them is always a challenge.

  78. I would love to use some of these products to make my own spin on falafel nachos! Saffron Road never disappoints!

  79. When I was dating in college, my beau would give me a picture and challenge me to create the dish without any idea of ingredients/methods. One of my best dishes was shrimp curry. After going our separate ways, we rediscovered each other after 45 yrs and that beau is now my husband. Would love to try my hand again with the proper ingredients.

  80. I would use that thai red curry simmer sauce to make some amazing chicken. my sister in law introduced us to this type of cuisine, and we’re having a blast trying new things.

  81. Assalaamu alaikum!

    So I just started my first “big girl” job and I never have time to cook anymore. I tend to buy a lot of frozen dinners and Saffron Road makes it easier to enjoy halal foods on the go! One thing that I’d love to try is the Simmer Sauces, particularly the Korma and the Thai Red Curry. My mom raised my siblings and I on Chicken Korma, and I miss having that home-cooked food, so the Korma would be great over a bed of freshly cooked Basmati Rice and some cilantro to top it off. I would also add some achar or pickled mango on the side, and finish off with a glass of mango juice. (I’m fasting and my mouth is watering right now). I would also love to try the Thai Red Curry because I LOVE Thai food and I’ve been itching to learn how to make some Thai dishes–this is the next best thing!

    Thanks for all your cool recipes this month. I’m going to try and make some of those date rolls…drizzled with milk and white chocolate.

  82. I would love to finally make soup that is halal with the broth, specifically chicken noodle or broccoli cheddar. Where I live, the only Saffron Road products, such as the broth, are sold in stores where I would have to drive two hours away. When I cook for my husband, especially during Ramadan, it’s important for me to make meals that are not only healthy, but also tasteful. Having various halal products available definitely makes cooking easier and timely.

  83. Thanks for a cool giveaway!

    All the spices are awesome. In the spirit of trying something new, I might look up a Moroccan recipe with couscous.

    Thank you

  84. Your products sound so amazing. I would make and enjoy two of my favorite dishes. Falafel is first on my to do list; add fresh vegetables and you have a tasty sandwich. #2 on my list is Tabouli salad; with fresh mint, tomato, lemon juice and the proper seasonings, you have a healthy meal.

  85. ASAK I would definitely try Korean bbq and my all time favorite, the red thai curry on top of some chicken and stir fried veggies! Saffron road is definitely a staple in my house but unfortunately I can’t find all their products in nearby stores.

  86. Assalaamu Alaikum
    I’ve never used these products before, since I’m new in the US. My family enjoys chicken tikka masala, so I’ll like to try making it using Saffron Road In Sha Allah

  87. Halal broths? What can you not do with them?
    Korean BBQ is somehig I have heard so much about but there are no Halal Korean places around me, so would love to make my own!

  88. assalamualikum ..

    i would like 2 make a wholesum dish in large quantity with de help of dez goodies.. nd invite as many as possible .. nd can b so thankful 2 Allah dat i ve provided 100% HALAL fud 2 so many !!! nd thank Allah 4 de blessing.. Alhamdulilah

  89. This is a product that I’m having a hard time finding. I would love this to be able to experiment and play some more in the kitchen. I love to cook, this would be awesome to have and use.

  90. I would LOVE to cook a halal meal for my family whom I only see once a year because they live in another part of the country! I miss them so much!

  91. I would love to use the falafel mix in sha Allah. Also would love to know where would be able to buy the saffron road products since I have read so much raving about them

  92. Assalamualaikum. I would love to make falafel and soup. Halal certified product with brand subhanallah. It is definitely going to my must have list.

  93. I would love to try your gluten free products. I’ve never tried any of your products yet. Just came across these wonderful products by chance.

  94. I like Saffron Road on Facebook as Carolsue Anderson
    All of them look good, but I would especially like to try the Thai Red Curry. I have tried a few Saffron Road products, but not that one.

  95. Wow! What is a beautiful basket of delicious and wholesome saffron road delights. I would use this non Gmo natural food and feed my fiends and family for dinner. The rich green color would make the Iftar complete. People would savor the flavors and wish for more of the most convenient and tasty dishes.

  96. Salam. Honestly, I have heard good things about saffron Road’s products but I have never tried them. I’d love to win to get a chance to try them. What else better can I ask for…GMO, HALAL, flavor rich food that’s what I like. Thank you for the giveaway.

  97. I’ve been lucky enought to try Saffron Road’s seasoned chickpeas, which I can say is DELISH! I’d love to try the broth in soups or the falafel mix. The sauce mixes sound super YUM too. Oh boy, being that I’m fasting I want to try it all!

  98. Saffron Road allows me the chance to enjoy foods that do not contain GMO’s, Gluten and other various chemicals and preservatives that are only legal in the USA. And that are banned all over the planet except for America. Eating Healthy is not only a physical need. But a spiritual one as well. My only wish is that the sodium levels were a little less in the frozen meals.

  99. I’d love to make a curry with these sauces, or a spicy quinoa salad with the sauces and some of the chickpeas! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I already like Saffron Road on facebook. Hope I win!

  100. I would love to win this gift basket. As a single working Mom I still want to be able to make great tasting dishes for my that also don’t contain ingredients I don’t want them to eat. We all love curry, so that would definitely be the first thing used.

    My son is learning to cook and loves stir fry. One of my daughters is beginning a culinary arts program and loves to get creative in the kitchen, so I know she’d love it if we won this,

  101. I would love to try Saffron Road’s products. There are so many things to cook from their products…from delicious homemade soups to falafels. All the sauce mixes sound delicious.

  102. Saffron Road is my favorite brand. I would use the Korma simmer sauce to make a basin curry and pakoras. Thanks for the giveaway

  103. To improve my moroccan cooling skills for my husband and his family. I would definitely see these products helping me inshallah do a much better Ramadan.

  104. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway. I would definitely use the broth to make Mediterranean Lentil Soup!

  105. I love a good chicken broth and I would love to try your chicken broths. I have yet to find your products in the stores I shop at here in Dayton, OH. I am still looking.

  106. I’ve never tried Saffron Road products and would love to try them during Ramadan. I would like to use the thai simmer sauce to cook my chicken in and serve with white rice. My family loves Thai food, so they would be excited for that!

  107. Would love to win these! I am thinking using the simmer sauces in creating and Indian Asian fusion or Malay type of dish. The broths would be great in a morrocan tagine dish. Saffron road is great, when I don’t have myown broths it’s great to knowing I can go to whole foods for a halal option.

  108. I would love to use your healthy products to encourage my family to eat healthier. They don’t believe that healthy can taste delicious but with the addition of your products I’m sure I can change their minds.

  109. I’d love to try out the broths when making my tagine. I’ve never used Saffron Road products and really want to try them out!

  110. Soups, soups and more soups, by finally using halal chicken broth – and lots more tasty dishes – broths just make everything taste better

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