Saffron Road FREE Coupon Giveaway: CLOSED

Resolve to eat healthier and halal in the New Year. We’ll make it easy for you to try by entering this giveaway for some FREE Saffron Road coupons. Instructions below:

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To enter, simply leave a comment about healthy eating and which Saffron Road product you think could help you do that the most and why.

Giveaway starts 12/31/16 and ends 1/3/16. We can mail coupons to U.S. residents only.

Follow this contest on the @myhalalkitchen Instagram page for an extra chance to win!

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  1. I hope to have lots of fulfilling soups in my diet.and saffron road broth will help me do this

  2. Diane Elmogassbi

    Saffron Road frozen meals let me enjoy the foods I love while keeping my portions under control

  3. Assalamu alaikum. I think that sprinkling some Tandoori chicken bites and crunchy chickpeas in a salad would be a great way to incorporate a healthy meal in my diet! Those are my 2 favorite Saffron Road products!

  4. Chicken broth! It’s so hard to find a good halal chicken broth and I love using it in healthy and filling soups. Perfect for chilly days 🙂

  5. As’salam Alaikum,

    Saffron food products make it easier to create halal and healthy. You can make great soups with out a lot of preservatives that are heart and rich but good for you.

  6. I love using Saffron broth especially in those healthy soup recipes I have starting using.

  7. Asallam wa alaykum. I think the frozen meals would help me eat healthier because they are faster and portion controlled.

  8. Asa… I Love it all.. but especially love the frozen foods/meals! Makes it easy to eat halal food on the go an at work!

  9. I love the saffron halal chicken broth…

  10. Saffron Road frozen meals are quicker

  11. The products shown all look delicious!

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