Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas and T-Shirt Giveaway [CLOSED]

Some of you might be having guests over soon for Eid parties. Maybe it’ll be for a full meal or maybe it’ll be just for snacks and tea or coffee. One of the best snack mixes (meaning that they’re quite a hit with guests) are those I make using the Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas, which are organic and non-GMO. Sometimes I mix up all the flavors and other times I add dried fruit, nuts or coconut flakes to one or a few of the mixes. Here are a couple ideas to get you started, too. Just click on the title to see the recipe in full details.

Spicy & Sweet Tropical Snack Mix

Crunchy Party Mix

Savory Party Snack Mix

You can find the crunchy chickpeas at stores like Whole Foods Markets and others – use the store locator on the Saffron Road website to find a location closest to you.

To celebrate Eid ul Fitr and have a little fun, Saffron Road is giving away these adorable T-Shirts and a surprise pack of their wonderful and authentically flavored Simmer Sauces

These are the varieties of their Simmer Sauces, which are made from fabulous ingredients and with authentic flavor. I’ve cooked with all of them and you can find recipes with them here on just be doing a simple search.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment about the types of snacks you love to have at parties like those on Eid. We’ll pick 5 winners and announce them on Sunday, insha’Allah. 

15 thoughts on “Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas and T-Shirt Giveaway [CLOSED]

  1. We enjoy all kind of nuts such as raw almonds, pistachio, walnut. I also bake cakes using nuts so healthy and delicious. I also love making homemade sweets and cookies for my kid.

  2. Salaam Waleikum,

    We like to serve mixed nuts, hummus bi tahini with pita, and assorted sweets like maamoul and baklava. After a month of fasting, peopke are ready to do enjoy some crunchy snacks, both savory and sweet!

    Have a lovely Eid!

  3. Eid is prepped for at our place with the traditional Hyderabadi dessert Sheer khorma.
    For savouries we have our ground beef and chicken stuffed puff pastry bites, Indian cholay, and meat kababs.
    Homemade cookies, mini cheesecakes and banana bread are made ahead of time. These items are on stand by for guests.
    The highlight of Eid is our Hyderabadi lamb biryani..!!

  4. Salam alikoum,
    Homemade cakes using nuts almonds such baklaoua…are so important to celebrate aid.I enjoy having hommous falafel too

  5. We don’t usually eat “traditional” Eid foods as we are a blended-convert family. This year I could see us doing Jamaican jerk chicken with potato salad & cornbread, mA!

  6. I love to use chickpeas in a traditional Indian snack called “Papri Chaat”. It’s very simple and easy to make and is always a hit at my parties!!

  7. Chickpeas, fresh veggies, coconut salad with a curry leaf and lemon vinaigrette, my family and I love to healthy.

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