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Printable Spice Labels

It’s always a good move to get things organized in the kitchen and what better time to do it than in the drudgery of winter? If you’re anything like me and love to collect odd shaped bottles and tins and containers of exotic spices and even the more commonly used ones, it can be nice but get messy quickly. Very quickly. I’ve decided to get some of my most used spices when cooking into tip top shape by having them close at hand and neatly labeled with these lovely labels created by Sakina Design with our collective thoughts on artistic style- some are in black and white and the others in different colors- you decide which works best in your kitchen. You can even print more as gifts- won’t that be something nice and unique to give to a friend or family member who loves to cook and needs a little pop of color (and organization) in the kitchen? spice labels vertical with framePrinting tip: I emailed these PDFs to my local Office Max store and had them help out with the size and type of paper they would need to print on. 

Download here: Printable Spice Label- Black and White (Sakina Design & My Halal Kitchen) 

Download here: Printable Spice Label- Color (Sakina Design & My Halal Kitchen) 

See the original design post and download at the Sakina Design website here (black and white) and here (color).  

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  1. LOVE these labels! For years I’ve been saving my empty Trader Joe’s spice bottles, which are a beautiful rectangular shape, then filling those with new spices ordered from exotic places. I have a drawer just for all of my spice bottles, which are lying flat so that I can easily see them. What is not always so easy is to determine what exactly the spices are. These labels are the perfect solution. Once again, thanks so much for sharing another great tip, Yvonne!

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