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Pre-Ramadan Shape Up

It’s hard to believe, but Ramadan is just a few short months away?  Have you done much thinking about that yet?

Pre Ramadan Shape Up

Time has flown since last year and now it’s that time once again to start planning for this year’s holy month of fasting in a variety of ways, especially since it’s set to occur over two of the hottest summer months here in North America: July and August.With proper preparation, insha’allah, it will be made easier. Fasting isn’t so bad when you go into it with the proper intentions, the right mindset, some healthy food and a strong mind.

That’s why every week until Ramadan, I’ll be posting a few short tips about meal planning and eating healthy in preparation for Ramadan and links to beneficial information about physical fitness created by Mubarakah Ibrahim of Fit Muslimah and spiritual encouragement by Editor and Publisher of Azizah Magazine, Tayyibah Taylor.  Please visit their sites to see the valuable information they’re posting at the same time.

What suggestions do you have for gearing up for Ramadan?

In the meantime, please check out my Ramadan category for more information and recipes that’ll help you get planning now…

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  1. Great idea! I can’t wait to read the weekly posts to prepare myself!

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I’m going to be doing the Nadoona Challenge; Ramadan edition insha Allah.

  3. Salam alaikum- looking forward to your posts in preperation for Ramadan! Thanks for the links to the other two sites :)

  4. I always gain 10 lbs during ramadan, probably because I stop exercising. I’ll be planning ways to avoid the dessert table!

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