How to Make a Pizza Pie in the Toas-Tite

You may have already heard about our fun Ramadan cooking hashtag event with Toas-Tites, and if you have not and don’t know what a Toas-Tite is, or how to use one, this link will show you how and this link will tell you more about the even where you can submit your own quick, easy and tasty recipes for Suhoor and Iftar using the Toas-Titeyour way.

The Toas-Tite device is a fun vintage-inspired piece (but made brand new, right here in the U.S.) used to place over the fire or flame. You add the ingredients you want inside sandwiched between some sort of bread or tortilla…or chapati or naan, of course. Basically, you can make any type of pie you desire and it can be over the flame of your stove in the kitchen or a roaring fire in your pit outside or while camping. How neat is that? It’s great for kids, too, because they can have fun filling in the ingredients and you can supervise them ‘cooking’ it over the fire. Thinking of halal s’mores yet?


To give you another idea how to use the Toas-Tite, I’ve made a really easy recipe for my comfort food- I have it a lot for lunch or a snack because bread, cheese and sauce are some of my favorite ingredients but also because it’s so quick to make. Let me show you how.

You only need three ingredients+ a Toas-Tite device, which you buy on their website here. The ingredients are: shredded mozzarella, prepared marinara or meat sauce, and mini wheat pita rolls, all of which I found at Trader Joe’s.

Ingredients for Pizza Pie with Toas-Tite

I love these bread rounds because they fit perfectly, and I mean just about the exact size, into the Toas-Tite. What a great deal!

Mini Wheat Pitas | My Halal Kitchen

You need to spray the Toas-Tite device with oil first, to give the bread something  to adhere to when cooking. I use a mist-pump spray I found at Home Goods, but you can simply spread the oil in, too.

Olive Oil Spray Mister

Next, place the bread on each side of the opened Toas-Tite. If you have ‘regular’ pieces of bread, just lay them in and you can cut off the pieces after you close it (and nibble on those pieces as your pie cooks).


Now spread on your ingredients. Whether it’s peanut butter or tomato sauce, you should probably put the sauces on first and the more liquid or fluffy items like cheese afterwards. Or, you can do one on each side, like I did here.


Close it up and put it over the flame.


Cook on each side for about 1-2 minutes, or longer if the sauce is cold. Any longer and it might burn so either turn down the heat and keep checking by opening up the Toas-Tite.

Toas-Tite Pizza Pie | My Halal Kitchen

What comes out is this adorable little pie that everyone loves, and you will, too. 


I can think of many, many things I would make this Ramadan for Iftar and even for Suhoor with the Toas-Tite. It’s not messy, it’s quick and makes things warm so you don’t have to resort to cold sandwiches or anything like that. Think eggs, sejouk, tortilla wraps, chappati with your favorite spiced meats- the list could go on and on with ideas.

So, tell me– better yet, show me what you’ve made with your Toas-Tite and tag us on social media with #ToasTiteRamadanRecipes. We’ll pick our favorite ones and feature them this Ramadan. 

Can’t wait to see what you’re toasting!


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  1. Assalaamualaikum Yvonne, just wanted to say JazakAllah to you for introducing this on your website. I would have never found about it otherwise. I have been looking for Toas-tite for a while now and Alhamdhulillah just received my order. I have enjoyed the sandwiches as a child and wanted my children to do so, now they can!

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