Patchi’s Tassali Ramadan Variety Box Giveaway

Patchi is so generous to us- they’re giving away yet another box of their delicious {halal} chocolate variety boxes, this one is called the Tassali Ramadan Variety Box

Week 2 Giveaway:  Tassali Ramadan Variety Box

A once-a-year only treat! This gift box contains 35 pieces of Tassali chocolates–mouth watering Ramadan specialties that will bring a sweet reward to a long day. (560 g/1.23 lbs)

The box contains:

  • 7 Dates filled with Dark Gianduja and dipped in White chocolates
  • 9 Caramelized feuilletine & coffee cream coated with Milk chocolate and topped with Dark chocolate shaped like a coffee bean
  • 7 dates filled with walnut, honey and almond; sprinkled with gold powder
  • 6 balls of pistachio paste enrobed in White chocolate and topped with pistachio pieces
  • 6 Marzipan with rose water and cinnamon balls, coated with Milk chocolate and almond pieces.

Stay posted for TWO more giveaways this Ramadan and ‘Eid from Patchi!

Giveaway Details

Join me in thanking Patchi for these amazing opportunities to sample their quality halal chocolate products.

To enter, please read our  Official Giveaway Guidelines page first then add a relevant comment in order to be entered.  Entering indicates you have read them. Giveaway ends at 12:01 am on August 11, 2012.

38 thoughts on “Patchi’s Tassali Ramadan Variety Box Giveaway

  1. What a lovely box of beautiful halal chocolates! I think that dates and chocolate are a wonderful combination, and it is clear that Patchi understands this very well. 🙂 All of the sweet combinations sound delightful, and I would very much enjoying trying these and sharing them with friends and family. 🙂

  2. I was wondering what special to serve my little one’s friends for this Eid. Masha Allah, This looks like the perfect thing.. Thank you Patchi for creating such wonderful combination and variety of chocolates!! Yummy, they will enjoy this for sure..

  3. Many thanks to Patchi for A. creating these amazing products & B. their generosity in providing give-away gifts! I’d like to give these to my dearest Muslim friend for the end of Ramadan.

  4. I’m so excited for another opportunity to win this mouthwatering delight. Just reading the assortment details has me craving. I have yet to try any of the Patchi’s products. Insha’Allah this will be my opportunity. The rose water infused piece sounds like an interesting combination. But the coffee flavored one really caught my eye. Chocolate and coffee are a couple of my favorite things.

  5. What a great treat this would make! My kids aren’t allowed sweets normally so this would make them nuts!

  6. Thank you Patchi for being so gracious and sharing more delicious chocolates with us! I first tried your chocolates in Saudi Arabia and was hooked on the taste and on the lovely presentations you sell! I’m really hoping to win this box of chocolates for Eid!

  7. what a nice treat, thank you pachi for giving us the opportunity to win one of those wonderful chocolate boxes.

  8. Thank you for creating a delicious chocolate that not only looks appetizing but tastes even better! The best part is that it is halal! I hope I win this great box of chocolate!

  9. These chocolates look amazing. This would be the perfect end to a healthy meal without too much guilt

  10. Yhanx Yvonne and thanx Patchi chocolate for the giveaway. I’ve tasted Patchi before and it was an exquisite experience. Its a high quality delicious chocolate. I’ve purchased it before for myself but this box is too pretty to not share with anyone else. I am sure my friends would love it as much as I do….

  11. It’s nice of you to have such sweet giveaways. May ALLAH reward you and grant you big and beautiful blessings. AMEEN.

  12. this looks exquisite mashaAllah!! i’ll be sure to spread the word and tell my friends and family about this inshaAllah. keep up the good work and may Allah put barakah and blessings in it, ameen.

  13. These treats sound so delicious, each and every one has such a unique combination of flavors, i would be delighted to win this giveaway and share such an amazing variety of treats with my family.

  14. I just received a box of Patchi chocolates that I ordered a few days ago. Alhamdulilah it is the finest of chocolates you can come across. The ingredients are high quality and it is apparent in the first bite you take of any piece. Not only this, but the fine quality wrapping and packaging that is done to handle these masterpieces is superb! I would be excited to taste the new line of Patchi’s chocolates… I’ve used these chocolates for all my family’s celebrations: engagement/wedding, birth and now Eid.

  15. I first heard of your chocolates a few weeks ago. I went to the website and saw some amazing chocolates. I am eager to try the white chocolate with strawberries;

    I can practically taste just looking at the picture and reading the description. It was be amazing to share this lovely box of your treats.

  16. Salam-
    These look delicious. I love chocolate, but often I find that the more gourmet chocolates have ingredients that we cannot eat. So happy to hear about halal chocolate!

  17. Every night I look forward to eating one of my patchi chocolates. tonight i’ll be eating a milk chocolate bar 🙂

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