Patchi’s Tassali Box Giveaway to Kickoff Ramadan 2013

Take a look at this chocolate. Wouldn’t it make a nice hostess gift? Or a gift to yourself?
Patch is giving away one Tassali Variety Box (560grams, 19.75 ounces), a once-a-year-only treat,  to a randomly-selected reader of My Halal Kitchen (see details below).  The box retails at $65.00.
This gift box contains 45 pieces of Tassali chocolates–mouth watering Ramadan specialties that will bring a sweet reward to a long day.
This box variety includes:
6 balls of pistachio paste enrobed in White chocolate and topped with pistachio pieces
6 Dates filled with Dark Gianduja and dipped in White chocolates
9 Nougat with Pistachio dipped in milk chocolate and topped with dried orange peel
15 pieces of roasted sesame brittle dipped in milk chocolate
9 pieces of Orange and Boysenberry fruit paste lightly dipped in sugar

Patchi uses all natural halal premium ingredients in all their products. 

To enter, leave a comment about what makes chocolate such a special treat- for guests, for hosts, for yourself…

All relevant comments will be entered to win. One entry per household.  Please read the Official Giveaway Guidelines page (here) before entering, as a comment entered indicates you have read it. Winners will be announced at THIS post within two hours of the giveaway ending time.

Giveaway ends at 12:01 am on July 16, 2013

Update: The winner of this giveaway is Maryam Iqbal. Please contact us with your mailing information. 


51 thoughts on “Patchi’s Tassali Box Giveaway to Kickoff Ramadan 2013

  1. Assalam O Alaikum,
    Chocolate is liked by everyone especially kids. It will be a unique and most yummiest treat on Eid, and during Ramadan. A delicious sweet dish after iftar.

  2. Assalam alaikum & Ramadan Mubarak. Chocolate is a delicious and decadent treat and I think chocolate makes everyone happy! 🙂

  3. My 8 year old fasts most days during the month of Ramadan. Her favorite Iftar treat is a date filled with cream and chocolate chips. My favorite Iftar date is filled with nuts, rolled in chocolate and coconut. There’s just something special about chocolate at the end if a fast that makes everything taste better!

  4. Assalam o Alaikum and Ramadhan Kareem!

    The taste of chocolate can be a conversation starter. Equally adored by kids and adults of all ages, it makes a special gift for any occasion (including Eids) or a heavenly treat after a tiring day. I first tried Patchi Chocolates in Saudi Arabia and fell in love with them instantly. Yummy!

  5. a research study in 2007 reported that eating chocolate helps improve negative mood. therefore, chocolate is a scientifically proven special treat for anyone! 😀

  6. Chocolate is one of my go-to’s whenever I am not sure what to give as a gift. People of all ages love chocolate and it is a wonderful way to end your evening in Ramadhan!

  7. As a confirmed chocoholic I can state that the serotonin chocolate offers is bliss. During ramadan it is a special treat. We offer it to guests upon leaving Iftar. It’s a wonderful gift if you are a guest as well. The perfect ramadan treat

  8. I pick chocolate as my go to for a silky creamy sweet “getaway” it just changes my mood and make me relieved for the time being lol! I am a chocoholic, chocolate is special to me because pretty much you can’t go wrong with it wether giving it as a gift or receiving it I can honestly say out of my 29 years of living I’ve only met 1 person that doesn’t like chocolate. Chocolate is winning!

  9. Chocolate, dark chocolate especially, contains antioxidants that are good for heart health. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are opening their hearts by reading the Quran, making dua, praying, and being kind to others. Both go hand in hand to keep the heart healthy!

  10. Masha’Allah, chocolate is always a special treat, but for me, it’s especially wonderful during Ramadan. Much of the work a mom/wife does during Ramadan… preparing suhoor and iftar each day, decorating the home and creating fun arts and crafts projects and activities, feeding the children who aren’t fasting… much of this goes unnoticed and unappreciated. People often fail to recognize how much more work Ramadan is for the mother (and sometimes father working out in the heat!) than it is for everyone else.

    A box of deluxe chocolate goodness would be a welcome reward and retreat for the hardworking mother and wife striving to make Ramadan special and successful for her family. And chocolate being one of my greatest delights, a true joy and bonafide mode booster, masha’Allah, this box would make my Ramadan just a little more special, insha’Allah.

  11. Chocolate may be the perfect food. Now you have intrigued me to find out if it’s possible to live on nothing but chocolate 😀 that may be a diet I can handle.

  12. Chocolate is such a special treat—it makes a child jump for joy, and it brings out the inner child of an adult when they see chocolate 🙂 There is a quote: “I’d give up chocolate, but Im no quitter :)”

  13. Chocolate melts the hearts of young and old and brings a sweet end to a hearty iftar. Chocolate is a gift from Allah that makes all seem right, even if it is just for the moment!

  14. Chocolate is the sweetness of our day and age. More sugar is better than less. It is the food that makes people’s eyes light up, gives them energy, and wins the hearts of kids. Look at what chocolate did for George Cadbury and an entire community – for decades! It is a treat, its the foundation of an entire community in the UK, and its sweetness just like those things loved by the Prophet salallaho alaihe wasallam were sweet.

  15. Aslamuelikum, Chocolate by Patchi is a heavenly treat to oneself and in Ramadan to share with others is energy to everything.
    Ramadan & Eid Mubarik

  16. In my family chocolate is the one food everyone loves to eat and eats together. Patchis chocolate is the perfect gift for a Ramadan party because I know everyone will enjoy these exotic flavors and tastes!

  17. Ramadan Mubarak!
    Chocolate has wonderful nutritional benefits and it also tastes amazing! Everyone loves chocolate so it makes a great gift and a wonderful reward for all of those fasting.

  18. My little sister loves chocolate. She would be so excited if I won this for her! Inshallah worth a try!

  19. “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 😉 This quote, and did I mention I LOVE chocolate? 🙂

  20. MashAllah chocolate appeals to all ages. We just bought a book that we can’t wait to begin using for our homeschooling that focuses all about chocolate using writing assignments, reading assignments, and more on a subject I’m sure my kids will love-chocolate!

  21. As salaamu alaikum, chocolate is loved around the world. It is mostly loved for the taste but it also has health benefits and can change your mood. It is versatile and can be used for desserts on to main dishes but most of all it just taste so good!

  22. Chocolate makes everything better. I personally like to eat chocolate with varying amounts of cocoa, starting with small amounts like 45% and working my way up to 75-85%. A little bit of chocolate goes a long way in satisfying a chocolate craving.

  23. Chocolate by far is one of the most decadent special treat known to man. Whether it coats fruits, nuts or other delicacie , it truly is delicious in every shape and form. This versatile ingredient can be used in both savory and sweet and never fails to live up to its expectations. I send out chocolates to my family and friends during Ramadan and Eid and there is nothing better than getting that phone call telling me how great it was!

  24. I can give all the benefits to eating chocolate but the delicious smooth and sweet flavor is reason enough!!

  25. Chocolates are a perfect sweet treat this Ramadan as the long hours of fasting sap my energy and with no urge to spend too long in the kitchen, I can count on serving different types of chocolate as the best dessert and indeed as a great energy provider!

  26. Chocolate is perfect because most everyone I know loves it! It brings people together faster than most things!

  27. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Chocolate is a perfect gift because it is loved by all and a quick and easy gift to give and EAT!

  28. Chocolate is loved by all. People may have a preference for dark, milk or white, but still everybody loves chocolate. What makes chocte special as a gift for host or for guest is it being of high quality and in our case halal. It is so hard to find good quality chocolates that are made without liqour or some other product that Muslims can’t consume.

    Patchi is my all time favorite to give as a gift especially. The receiver cannot help but fall in love with the taste of this high-end product.

    Being a chocolate lover, I would love to win this for myself and to share with friends on Eid day In sha Allah..

  29. I think that women, particularly moms deserve something as gorgeously delicious as these chocolates! Up at 3:30 am preparing suhoor, many of them working all day at a job who then come home and go back in the kitchen to cook iftar, and after isha and taraweh finally ending back in there to set up for the next “morning” that is just a few short hours away.

    The benefit of this particularly luxurious chocolate confectionary gift would be a wife and mother who felt appreciated and loved by her husband and children…hint, hint.

  30. Chocolate is a sweet treat that somehow has become a sign of affection too. In many countries its definitely used to show gratitude when invited to someone’s house and therefore is a come gift for the host family. What’s there not to love though? The flavor can be rich or milky and it compliments with many flavor combinations to produce unique treats.

  31. Assalamwalekum Ramadan Mubarak to everyone.
    Everyone loves Chocolates and when you go to someone’s house you can take chocolates , when some guests come over to your place you can serve them chocolates like little sweet treat and its good to be indulge in chocolates it feels like luxury treat for yourself. loveeeeeeeeeee chocolates.

  32. At our house everyone loves chocolate! There is just something about it that makes everyone feel better.

  33. A box of choclates is not one gift it is many little gifts enrobed in sweetness and concealing further delights. When you talk about chocolates like Patchi, the wrapping and the presentation makes it a visual joy to give and recieve. When they are opened, there are these small edible jewels that have to be choosen and eaten one by one. Which do I choose? And then of course the sharing of this perfect little treat… the box must be passed for someone else to ooh and ahh over and have the delightful dilemna of choosing too…or maybe not… I mean is it bad if I eat them all myself?

  34. Sweets are something that everyone shares. As a new Muslimah, chocolate and sweets are something that I can share with any iftar or Eid guest, whether we speak the same language or not. All of us speak the language of chocolate 🙂

  35. Who doesnt like chocolate???
    I just love love love chocolates and so do all my kids!
    Would love to win this Giveaway Insha Allah 🙂
    Happy Ramadhan!

  36. With the strenuous never ending demands of being a wife and mother, there is absolutely nothing that could brighten my day more than chocolate! Plus it could serve as a welcome ramadan or eid treat to non muslim neighbors.

  37. There is nothing like chocolate. Period. Chocolate can me feel good any time even at times of test. It’s a comfort. Something that will always take me back to my childhood and remind of memories that are hidden.

  38. Chocolate can instantly brighten your mood! In spanish we say “endulcate la vida” which means sweeten your life. Which I do, with chocolate ♥

  39. Ramadan Mubarak! Chocolate is the universal yummy! It brings everyone together and is a perfect gift!

  40. Assalam Alaikum! Chocolate makes a great gift and treat for all because it’s tantalizing to the taste buds, it can be healthy for the heart, and it surges our seratonin levels…leaving us feeling ooey-gooey happiness. 🙂

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